Sunday, 4 January 2015

[Tips] Looking for a Wedding Photographer, Help & Advice on where to start.

The first weekend of January and the first two Wedding Consultation has already taken place. Planning your Wedding isn’t the easiest of things for a lot of people – its like marmite – some people love it and some people hate it.

There is lots of things to look about booking in for the wedding, and it can be overwhelming – especially looking for a photographer – so I thought I would share some tips with you for choosing a Wedding Photographer – or at least helping you try and choose your Wedding Photographer.

This is the thing that definitely confuses people. You may know people who’s photographer charged them £500 – or £2000, and knowing roughly the averages of what people spend.

According to Brides Magazine from 2013 the average spent on photography was £1399
And not only that, this fab blog post by Boho Weddings found that over 50% of their readers would be spending over £1000 on their Wedding Photography.

Look Online, Wedding Fayres and ask for Recommendations. When you have your budget in mind, then you can look at people who fall in your budget, and then also make a list of people who fall under or over your budget too but who’s work that you like.  You could go on forever – but don’t!

Now that you have your “shortlist” of Wedding Photographers, the next thing is to check if they are available on your Wedding Day! The last thing you want to do is decide on one photographer, then they are booked when you enquire about your date – by checking your dates first you can then possibly narrow your short list a little bit more.

You have now a definite list of photographers whose work you like – and are available on your Wedding date. If you’ve not already met these photographers, now this is the best time to arrange a meeting to discuss your Wedding date more in depth with them, and look at Wedding Albums and other examples of their work – this means you will get a feel for their work as a whole – and them as a person, because booking a wedding photographer isn’t just about their photographs, but about their personality too.

If you are meeting more than one photographer, try not to space the meetings out too much. As you may decide photographer 1 is your choice, but they’ve booked someone else by the time photographer 3’s meeting has happened. Ask each photographer about their booking terms and conditions and booking fee too.

Once you have decided, contact your photographer about booking them for your Wedding. They may request another meeting to fill in the paperwork, or you may wish to pay them in person to secure the booking. Alternatively, it can happen over the telephone too. And then its done!!

I know...I made it sound SO simple! x

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