Friday, 23 January 2015

[Spotlight] CalonB makes the cutest things.

I'll be honest, I don't use twitter as much as I should, however after a fabulous webinar ran by Baby and Newborn Photography Association on Monday 19th, my day was mainly filled with lists, and hastags and I came across the hastag #bizhour which is a daily (Mon-Fri) hashtag in use between 2pm-3pm - so I decided to partake and found this tweeter - who makes something I thought that people would LOVE so here they are!

Calon B was set up by Nicola who has always had a passion for things handmade for people to love and enjoy. Calon means Heart in Welsh, and B stands for Bethan, her little girl.

Nicola loves to sew, but she has also learnt the art of screen printing which means it can add an extra special and unique element to her product.

Every item from Calon B is individual and special to each customer due to personalisation and not only that, but she can create items using your children’s drawings! How amazing is that!

This personalised Mini Cushion, was the first thing that I saw, and fell in love. How many times are you looking for a personalised gift for a new baby, yet everything is so same-y - not anymore! 

These cushions are 20x20cm (8”x8”) and are handmade with 100% organic cotton. When you are looking for something personalised then just contact Calon B with your custom details for your personalised information and they can do all the rest. Also a great idea for a Wedding too! (And Gifts for bridesmaids etc). These are £12.50 – amazing price and an totally unique gift!

The larger cushion again is just a beautiful personalised gift. The cushion measures 30x30cm (12x12”) and is again handmade with 100% organic cotton. Calon B just asks for all information to be supplied for the cushion and she will do the rest. The larger cushions are £27.50 Cushions can be made quicker if required, however normal turnaround time is: 1-2 Weeks plus delivery time.

And last but not least - do you have lots and lots of your kids paintings or want to turn their first school masterpiece into something to keep forever - then you can!

It is something that Calon B can do - contact her, send her the picture and let her do the rest! 
That definately is something to keep forever. I love the cushion with the footprints! You could totally have small bridesmaids & pageboys do that for a Wedding Gift!

You can contact Calon B via: Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Email and Website

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