Friday, 30 May 2014

[Qualified] Becoming Qualified with The Guild of Photographers

Back in April, I became a Qualified Member with The Guild of Photographers.
When we join The Guild of Photographers we are "registered" members, and then we choose to put forward a panel of our work for judging to become Qualified. After this level then there is working towards Craftsman and the ultimate Master Craftsman.

Here is my Qualified Panel, along with some more information.

From The Guild of Photographers Website: Our ‘Qualified’ status is therefore aligned to standards of competence that reflect a level where the customer should be ‘pleased with the results’, when employing the services of a skilled tradesman (the photographer). In other words ‘Qualified’ indicates professional ‘competence’  to a level where the Guild is willing to recognise the photographer as an ambassador of the association , so those who achieve that level should be proud of doing so.

I had to present 3 images from 7 different customer sessions to be assessed - and then wait 3 weeks before I got a "yes" or "no" to my Qualified Status. It was lovely to receive a call from Lesley and The Guild, to tell me, especially after I had all the issues with my car being broken into the same week! 

Thank you to The Guild, as there are many many lovely members who are happy to help - as well as the mentors! (And Steve & Lesley).

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

[Newborn] Handsome little Jesse, Newborn Photography Barnsley

Handsome little Jesse came into the Studio for his Newborn Photographs done - so peaceful - and so so cute - and look at all his hair! 

What I find funny, when looking back on newborn photographs and speaking to parents when they come back at 6 or 12 months sessions - is that there is always one of two things they did as a newborn that they still do now - I reckon this little dude will sleep like this!  

Cute Sneezy Face! 

And Daddy wanted to have a shot like I have of baby laid on daddy's arm. However little Jesse wasn't fully asleep as you can see - but in the quick blink of an eye we can pretend he is! teehee

If you are interested in newborn photography then please contact us via email at or call on 01226 872491

Monday, 26 May 2014

[Newborn] Little Lady Amelia, Newborn Photographer Barnsley

  Last year I got to photograph this little lady's twin cousins, and now I got to photograph her!

Look at how beautiful and tiny she is - I love little cute babies!

Look at those tiny little bubbles! These are the little tiny things I aim to capture so that you can remember all those tiny little details which can so often be forgotten!


01226 872491

Friday, 23 May 2014

[Cake Smash] Sam Enjoying his Yummy Cake on his 1st Birthday!

Sometimes, when I do Cake Smash sessions, you get one child in who absolutely and utterly LOVES the texture, the ability to get messy - and of course, you get to eat CAKE!

Sam totally got stuck in and loved every minute of it! Just look at that gorgeous little face!

How many faces can a child have when you are dealing with a Cake? Just look at how much he is enjoying it! Some children don't like the texture as they are used to being "clean" - if you do book in for a Cake Smash session then all I can do is advise you to let them get a little bit messy and try new things beforehand.

And after that, we did some bath-tub shots - Sam was particularly "clean" for his "clean up shots - so we left his nappy on!

01226 872491

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

[Studio] A Mothers Love, Seb and his Mummy, Family Photographer Barnsley

Gorgeous little Seb came in when he was a tiny little newborn baby with his big brother and sister. However he was a tiny bit of a tinker, and mummy wanted some pictures with him but he wouldn't really sleep! So when Seb's Mummy contacted me to find out if I could do some shots of them together - even though she really doesn't like having her photographs taken - I said of course! 

Mummy also took the opportunity to get some more photographs of her gorgeous little man, now he is bigger! And I cannot believe how much he has grown myself! 

Putting hats on older babies, can be a slight nightmare, cos they don't want to wear them - lots of distraction to get this far! 

We finished with a few more shots of Seb and his Mummy - Nothing like a mother's love for her baby! 

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Monday, 19 May 2014

[Cake Smash] Cora-Mae turns 2 and has FUN! Barnsley Child Photographer

Gorgeous little Cora-Mae first came into the Blue Lights Photography Studio for our Christmas Mini Sessions as a surprise for her Daddy, so when she came back for her 2nd Birthday Cake Smash I couldn't believe just how much she had grown in such a "short" space of time! I said to her mummy, she went from being "a baby-toddler" to a proper little girl!

We did our clean photographs first, which included having some biscuits too! But Cora-Mae definately made sure she saved some room for cake! 

One of the great things about 2-year old Cake Smash Sessions is that children are more aware of directions - so if you tell them that they can touch it - they will! 

Just look HOW much fun she is having!

After we had got super-duper messy, we popped her into our tin-bath to get cleaned up! Where she proceeded to splash water EVERYWHERE - there is no denying this little girl had fun.

She even told me she was "making pretty patterns" teehee! 

Cora-Mae didn't want to leave as she was having far too much fun! I took her downstairs as she really didn't want to leave - and when I asked her whether she was going to mummy or daddy, she wanted to stay with me! 

I do try and make sure each child has a super-fun time when they come for their photo's taken! 

01226 872491

Friday, 16 May 2014

[Studio] Football Fan Harley, Newborn Photography Barnsley

Gorgeous little football fan Harley came into the studio when he was 3 months old for his photographs taken. Dressed in an Arsenal babygrow for daddy, you have to admit he looks gorgeously cute! 

Look at that cute smiley face!!!

Mummy and Daddy wanted some cute, naked baby photographs too - with some props, including the blue hat they had brought themselves.

Harley was being a bit grumpy, and Daddy liked the baby in arm shot - I managed to get him to sleep - and undress him (undressing newborns is so much easier) but as soon as we put him on Daddy's arms, he woke up! Nightmare! 

But some photographs with Mummy and Daddy we did. Not everyone wants photographs with their little ones, but if its something you want to do as part of your session - just ask! 

01226 872491

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