Saturday, 10 January 2015

[Launch] Splash time with Blue Lights Photography

What Child doesn't love splashing around in water? I've yet to meet one who doesn't.

Our Bathtub comes out after our Cake Smash Sessions to help get cleaned up - but not everyone likes Cake (yes really!) and some kids are just not messy kids - so I decided to introduce Splash time - the dedicated session to having fun without getting messy!

Our Splash time Sessions are for any age where your little one is sitting unaided, and steady. Some children this will be around 6 months - some a little older. Please do not book a session if your little one isn't sitting unaided, as safety is obviously paramount.

Some children will make more mess than others - and some may not make as much mess. The water is warm (but not too hot!) and if you require bubbles, as I know that children can have sensitive skin, please bring your own to the session. We will not be providing bubble bath.

The Splash time sessions will be held on one of our coloured paper rolls that we have lots of choice of - and will be 30 minutes long which is more than long enough to get a choice of images for you of your little one having lots of fun! 

Splash Time Sessions £45.00
30 Minute Session
Complimentary 9x6 Print
Please bring your own Bubbles and Towel

Bathtub Collection £110
A Splash Time Session
A 6x6 Triple Folio with upto 6 images

Rubber Ducky Collection £149
A Splash Time Session
A 20x16 Alumimount Wall Art

Splish Splash Collection £225
A Splash Time Session
A 6x6 Triple Folio with upto 6 images
A 20x16 Alumimount Wall Art

Please contact us if you would like to book a session!

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