Saturday, 31 January 2015

[New Product] Our new Folio's

We are pleased to announce our new Folio's for 2015. These folios come as a double, or triple (triple is shown) and come in different colours or sizes. This item shown is the 6x6 Triple Folio - and they do come all up to a 12x12 triple which would work well as a signing board / book keepsake.
Personalisation is included free of charge with these orders.
These are also included in our Splash Time Collections.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

[TWIA] Comments 2014 Awards

There are many different type of awards that us Wedding Photographers get nominated for, or can be voted for - but the one for me is definately The Wedding Industry Awards

The reason being, is these awards are different. Only couples who have used you within a specific time frame can vote for you - and all voting is anonymous. The feedback that the couples have given, is given to you - anonymously - you can see which couples have voted for you - but not who said what - unless there is something specific in their feedback - then you won't know which couple said it!

I love reading about what my couples have written about me, and its lovely to see that when most of the things are put together - quite a lot say the same. Thank you to all my wonderful Couples!

Thank you!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

[Info] Cake Smash Sessions

Everyone loves a good cake smash so here is some more information about our cake smash sessions if you’ve not hear about them before!

What is a Cake Smash Session?

A Cake Smash session is just how it sounds, we smash a cake. Think of a lovely cake, and a child and put them both together and what do you get? Complete devestation - but not all the time. Some children may not like the touch or texture, or are unsure if you can eat it - so we do have a wooden spoon we use too. But basically this is the concept

What is included in a Cake Smash Session?

Cake Smash sessions with myself at Blue Lights Photography, include the Cake to Smash and 4 take home cupcakes. It also includes 1 hour in the studio which I generally break down into 3 sections. Section 1 is "clean" or family photographs. Section 2 is Cake Smashing and Section 3 is Bathtub and Cleanup time.

This means that if for any reason your little one doesn't like the cake, and won't go anywhere near it - you still get a lovely gallery of pictures as a celebration.

Is it just for First Birthdays?

No, a Cake Smash can be done at ANY time you wish. Whilst a lot of people use it for first and second birthdays - it doesn't have to be so. The only stipulation is that the little one is sitting unaided. The youngest I have had in has been 8 Months.

Who gets the Cake?

The Cake is included in the price of the session and is made by a local business who makes them fresh for our sessions. We can cater to themes, colours and allergies! Please let us know of any allergies when booking a session! 

What can I buy afterwards?

You can buy anything from our price list after the session, or we have a couple of pre-made packages for you. The most popular product that people go for after a Cake Smash session is our 16x16 Montage Canvas.

When Should I book? 

I do ask that you book in advance, especially if you are wanting to book the session on your child's actual birthday (or as close as) I've already got some very well planned parents who have booked in their sessions for July and September! I do ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice - so that we can get the cake arranged.

How much does it cost?

A Cake Smash session including the Cake and take home cupcakes is £60 - and our Packages including your product and session fee start from £142 :)

How do I book?

You can book by either calling us on 01226 872491 or emailing to or alternatively, why not drop us a message on facebook :)

Monday, 26 January 2015

[Personal] CCPW & My Story

I try not to get too personal on my business page – but there is definitely one thing that I am a strong promoter of raising the awareness of – and that is Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness.

This week from 25th-31st is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – and there is the #SmearForSmear campaign which I shared on Sunday on my business page.

My Story
You see, being 30 now, I would have probably had my first smear at 25, had my GP Surgery not been on the ball and send me a letter before it changed. I remember a nurse somewhere once saying to me, “oh you’ll have not had a smear yet” and I replied stating “Oh yes I had one at 18” and she told me off – like it was me that had performed it on myself.

But with troubles with periods, and pain – it was also done as a precaution – something that doesn’t tend to happen anymore – and I was later diagnosed with Endometriosis at 22.

By the time I was 25 I had an abnormal smear and was referred to the colposcopy clinic. I was showing as having HPV too another reason that I’m “pro” the hpv-injection. They also found out that I had cervicitis they thought brought on with the mirena coil which was fitted as treatment for the endometriosis and so I began treatment. Treatment smear treatment smear etc. Every 6 months for 2 years. And again, Abnornal, Clear, Abnormal, borderline and then my next one when they expected me to “come back in a year” came back with moderate changes and I went back. I knew moderate changes meant I would need further treatment better to be safe than sorry.

Back at my appointment I had LLETZ  treatment – and they got rid of all the nasty CIN3 cells. They’re not cancer cells – they’re classed as “if left they could lead to” more a “pre-cancerous” words instead. The most fastenating things I found was learning that your cervix grows back – isn’t it amazing what the body does?

This year marks 3 years in August since I got my clear smear – and I will be due again for my next one – and if it doesn’t get mentioned before my “anniversary” I will be beating down their door to make sure I get my next one done.

Over to you

Are you 25 and had your Smear Letter? Did you go to your last smear? Are you late for your smear? If so – what’s your excuse? Yes, I know its not great, and I know it can sometimes be uncomfortable especially if you are nervous. I also know that sometimes people being that close to your downstairs is a bit off-putting – but its their job – they do this day in day out – and like boobs – we’ve all got them! (unless your a man obviously!)

And there are so many stories, of girls younger than 25 being diagnosed with cervical cancer – and it has been caught too late – don’t become one of those people.
And for those that are under 25 – and are worried then demand, demand, demand – if they are testing you for other things (STDs or BV then a smear isn’t going to take any more time to do!) If they wont – ask for a second opinion from a different gp in your surgery.

Moving forward

So what are my thoughts on the guidelines of 25-64 being the age range? I personally think that the 25 is “too old” for the first smear. However, I think that maybe it needs to be done slightly differently. Obviously Pregnancy and Sexual Partners can also attribute to the risk of cervical cancers – so why not call a mum for a smear 6-12 months after the birth of her first child? Therefore – if someone has a baby at 20 – then they have their first smear at 21 – but if someone presents for reasons for an STD clinic, then i think it would be advisable to get them in earlier as they have the possibility of more chance of getting hpv.

All everyone can keep doing is campaigning currently to get the smear lowered in age again – but not only that – please make sure you go for your smear when you are called no matter what your sexual orientation either ladies!

Stay safe!


For more information then why not head over to Jo's Trust 

Friday, 23 January 2015

[Spotlight] CalonB makes the cutest things.

I'll be honest, I don't use twitter as much as I should, however after a fabulous webinar ran by Baby and Newborn Photography Association on Monday 19th, my day was mainly filled with lists, and hastags and I came across the hastag #bizhour which is a daily (Mon-Fri) hashtag in use between 2pm-3pm - so I decided to partake and found this tweeter - who makes something I thought that people would LOVE so here they are!

Calon B was set up by Nicola who has always had a passion for things handmade for people to love and enjoy. Calon means Heart in Welsh, and B stands for Bethan, her little girl.

Nicola loves to sew, but she has also learnt the art of screen printing which means it can add an extra special and unique element to her product.

Every item from Calon B is individual and special to each customer due to personalisation and not only that, but she can create items using your children’s drawings! How amazing is that!

This personalised Mini Cushion, was the first thing that I saw, and fell in love. How many times are you looking for a personalised gift for a new baby, yet everything is so same-y - not anymore! 

These cushions are 20x20cm (8”x8”) and are handmade with 100% organic cotton. When you are looking for something personalised then just contact Calon B with your custom details for your personalised information and they can do all the rest. Also a great idea for a Wedding too! (And Gifts for bridesmaids etc). These are £12.50 – amazing price and an totally unique gift!

The larger cushion again is just a beautiful personalised gift. The cushion measures 30x30cm (12x12”) and is again handmade with 100% organic cotton. Calon B just asks for all information to be supplied for the cushion and she will do the rest. The larger cushions are £27.50 Cushions can be made quicker if required, however normal turnaround time is: 1-2 Weeks plus delivery time.

And last but not least - do you have lots and lots of your kids paintings or want to turn their first school masterpiece into something to keep forever - then you can!

It is something that Calon B can do - contact her, send her the picture and let her do the rest! 
That definately is something to keep forever. I love the cushion with the footprints! You could totally have small bridesmaids & pageboys do that for a Wedding Gift!

You can contact Calon B via: Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Email and Website

Thursday, 22 January 2015

[Personal] I may not be a mummy...

I am seeing more articles and requests on twitter for hints and tips of not isolating non-mummy friends after you’ve had a baby, than finding tips for finding mummy friends.

So I thought that I would write this blog, from my point of view, as a non-mummy ‘friend’ to lots of mummies. - because whether you are a non-mummy, or a mummy-to-be you probably have a friend who’s like me. Don’t push them away.

I may not be a mummy: but I have been around d children a lot, people comment on how children seem to be at ease around me - especially as my friends have been having children over the last 13 years.

Just because I’m not a mummy doesn’t mean that I wont sit with you for hours on end in soft play. - and I might even come with jeans covered in Wee and Sick on my top - the joys of being a newborn photographer - whilst you may be wearing the same - as a mummy.

I may not be a mummy, but your child finds me for hugs, and knows how much I love them.

I may not be a mummy but I have witnessed a baby being born - and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I may not be a mummy, but I help out with childcare when you are stuck. Or the car has broken down and you need to do the school run.

I may not be a mummy but I know about colic, reflux and baby led weaning. I also know about baby wearing, co-sleeping and breastfeeding. And I also know that as long as mummy is happy baby will be too. Don’t worry whether bottle or breast is best!

I may not be a mummy - but I am your friend. Whether that was before or after you had kids. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know about their first word, see their first picture or know about their first wee on the potty.

I may not be a mummy - but just because you are - it doesn’t mean that things are different. I am still your friend. Our friendship isn’t based on who has or hasn’t got a child. Please remember not to push your non-mummy friends away, because they “don’t know” or “don’t understand”.

But someday. I may be a mummy - and I will be looking for my friends to help and support me. Whether they are mummies or not.

Just remember - I may not be a mummy right now - but I’ve always been your friend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

[For Photographers] Light Training with Kasia Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Chorley for training with Kasia from Kasia Photography.

I was joined by Sarah from Sarah Riley Photography and we were both looking forward to our learning light journey with Kasia at her new studio. 

I looked at a few people when I knew that one of the things that I wanted to do in 2015 was training with light. I have been shooting natural light for a couple of years, but sometimes it doesn’t give me enough to work with on afternoon shoots and dark winter mornings, and although I have used flash many times before - I wanted to do my training with someone that would show how versatile flash is, the softness and most importantly someone who’s teaching style would suit me.

I know Sarah had done training with Kasia and Natalie Leech at another training day, and she had nothing but good things to say about Kasia’s teaching style.

After looking at work, and researching a couple of other trainers, I made my decision - Kasia was the trainer for me!

I contacted Kasia, and luckily, she had someone who needed to re-arrange their training which meant I could jump at the chance of the session in January rather than waiting until March because when I decide to do something, most people will tell you I’m impatient! 

Sarah and I started with Kasia at 8:15am at her studio, where we did different lighting techniques before in the afternoon we had two gorgeous little models - Olivia and Finn it was lovely to work with two different models, Olivia sitting on her own and Finn who was not yet sitting. The only different one we could have done with is a pesky moving and running around toddler, and then we would have photographed the entire set! Ha!

We didn’t get finished until just gone 5pm - after touching on a little bit about editing. Sarah and I went for tea before we both set off on our journeys home - no point in sitting in rush hour traffic! 

I was excited when I got back home - and looking forward to taking my own tests shots with my own equipment! So I was very thankful when gorgeous little Jesse came in to pose for me. And pose he did! 

I would highly recommend Kasia and her training for everyone who is wanting to learn about light (only) and how you can make studio light look like beautiful natural light rather than too fake!


[Newborns] Before, After and Safety First

I have a shot similar to this on the studio wall, and it does get asked for. Obviously a lot depends on the size of the baby, and the strength and width of Dad's forearm. Not only that people sometimes really do wonder how we get the picture.

Is baby safe? Will Daddy drop her? What happens if...

Having done Newborn Training, and being a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association then safety is paramount. I would never try this photograph had I not been trained, nor do I do this photograph if I feel that baby is not settled enough - or - not comfy / happy.

This image is the presented image, but to make sure baby is happy etc, it doesn't start out like this.

It isn't often I show these, but this is the true shot straight out of camera, with no editing done to it. We have our black backdrop behind, and the shiny thing underneath is the beanbag. As you can see from the shot itself - that the baby isn't that far away from the bean bag at all - and Daddy is obviously close by. The blanket underneath I normally remove, however this little lady had just wee'd all over her Daddy - so thats why it is there. I am not too far away, and neither myself, or Dad remove a hand from baby until we know that they are settled.

Afterwards, the work starts in photoshop to start sorting to deliver the final image for the client.

Please do not try this pose at home.
Please only attempt this pose if you put safety first and
are trained in newborn photography.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

[Launch] Splash time with Blue Lights Photography

What Child doesn't love splashing around in water? I've yet to meet one who doesn't.

Our Bathtub comes out after our Cake Smash Sessions to help get cleaned up - but not everyone likes Cake (yes really!) and some kids are just not messy kids - so I decided to introduce Splash time - the dedicated session to having fun without getting messy!

Our Splash time Sessions are for any age where your little one is sitting unaided, and steady. Some children this will be around 6 months - some a little older. Please do not book a session if your little one isn't sitting unaided, as safety is obviously paramount.

Some children will make more mess than others - and some may not make as much mess. The water is warm (but not too hot!) and if you require bubbles, as I know that children can have sensitive skin, please bring your own to the session. We will not be providing bubble bath.

The Splash time sessions will be held on one of our coloured paper rolls that we have lots of choice of - and will be 30 minutes long which is more than long enough to get a choice of images for you of your little one having lots of fun! 

Splash Time Sessions £45.00
30 Minute Session
Complimentary 9x6 Print
Please bring your own Bubbles and Towel

Bathtub Collection £110
A Splash Time Session
A 6x6 Triple Folio with upto 6 images

Rubber Ducky Collection £149
A Splash Time Session
A 20x16 Alumimount Wall Art

Splish Splash Collection £225
A Splash Time Session
A 6x6 Triple Folio with upto 6 images
A 20x16 Alumimount Wall Art

Please contact us if you would like to book a session!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

[Newborns] 2014 a Year in Squishyness

Well what a year 2014 was for all these gorgeous babies which came to visit the Blue Lights Photography Studio.

In total I got to snuggle 57 babies, 29 Girls and 28 Boys. I got wee'd, poo'd and sicked on - but that is just the perk of being a Newborn Photographer! ha!

But just look at all these cute babies! 

When people who've not had a Newborn Session, they look at pictures like these and just think that as the babies are so tiny - that they obviously just sleep all the time. Let me tell you - it's definately not like that at all and I am sure the parents of these babies will tell you!

Posing these little one takes time and patience, and teaming that with safety and the demands of baby means it is not unusual for Newborn sessions to last between 2-4 hours.

Most of the props that I use I have in the studio for us at every session. How the baby is during the session depends on what props I use - I will not use certain props if your baby is a bit "jumpy" or not in a deep sleep. Safety comes first. If you do see a prop on the Website, Facebook or whilst you are in the Studio, please let me know if you would like to try and incorporate it into your session.

And as you can see, sometimes people bring their own props into the studio for us to use.

Older brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come along to the session and I will try and capture some lovely shots of them. Depending on the age of the child (under 3) they tend to get bored easily, so if possible have someone on hand who can come and collect them, or take them out of the room. Shots including yourselves as parents, and either baby, or other siblings can be taken too - please let me know upon arranging your session date that this is something that you would like to include.

I absolutely LOVE my job, there really isn't any denying that.

Sleep is Highly Over-Rated!
Newborn sessions are £75 and includes a complimentary 9x6 print.

It also includes time spent preparing for your session, editing and cleaning up after the session, including washing after some of those little accidents which may happen.

Furthermore it also includes your viewing and ordering session and then a private online gallery for any family or friends to order from if they so wish.

Thank you for looking at all these gorgeous little babies! 

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