Wednesday, 7 January 2015

[Newborns] 2014 a Year in Squishyness

Well what a year 2014 was for all these gorgeous babies which came to visit the Blue Lights Photography Studio.

In total I got to snuggle 57 babies, 29 Girls and 28 Boys. I got wee'd, poo'd and sicked on - but that is just the perk of being a Newborn Photographer! ha!

But just look at all these cute babies! 

When people who've not had a Newborn Session, they look at pictures like these and just think that as the babies are so tiny - that they obviously just sleep all the time. Let me tell you - it's definately not like that at all and I am sure the parents of these babies will tell you!

Posing these little one takes time and patience, and teaming that with safety and the demands of baby means it is not unusual for Newborn sessions to last between 2-4 hours.

Most of the props that I use I have in the studio for us at every session. How the baby is during the session depends on what props I use - I will not use certain props if your baby is a bit "jumpy" or not in a deep sleep. Safety comes first. If you do see a prop on the Website, Facebook or whilst you are in the Studio, please let me know if you would like to try and incorporate it into your session.

And as you can see, sometimes people bring their own props into the studio for us to use.

Older brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come along to the session and I will try and capture some lovely shots of them. Depending on the age of the child (under 3) they tend to get bored easily, so if possible have someone on hand who can come and collect them, or take them out of the room. Shots including yourselves as parents, and either baby, or other siblings can be taken too - please let me know upon arranging your session date that this is something that you would like to include.

I absolutely LOVE my job, there really isn't any denying that.

Sleep is Highly Over-Rated!
Newborn sessions are £75 and includes a complimentary 9x6 print.

It also includes time spent preparing for your session, editing and cleaning up after the session, including washing after some of those little accidents which may happen.

Furthermore it also includes your viewing and ordering session and then a private online gallery for any family or friends to order from if they so wish.

Thank you for looking at all these gorgeous little babies! 

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