Saturday, 31 July 2010

Top 100 UK Wedding Tweeters

Since we have been using Twitter more here at Blue Lights Photography, we heard about the Top 100 UK Wedding Tweeters, and decided it was our aim to try and get on the Top 100 List.

The list is updated weekly, and suppliers are ranked by influence rather than the amount of followers they have.

Blue Lights Photography is currently at No 35 out of 100! After debuting last week at No 49!

It is on which is a UK wedding services directory. You can search over 3500 local and national wedding services to find all you need for your wedding and much more.

I wonder where we'll be next week.....Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Something Borrowed....Something Blue....

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

We all know the tradition above.

Something borrowed is to represent to the bride that her family and friends will be there for her throughout her day and the future.

“Borrowing” has to come from a happily married woman, or so tradition says.

It’s normal to borrow jewellery as long as it’s returned afterwards.

However one of my brides went borrowing in a different way – and borrowed her wedding dress.

And why not?

There seems to be a mixed review on whether or not to borrow or buy.

Borrow – make sure you are the same size as the bridal dress you are borrowing as most brides won’t allow their dress to be altered.

Buy – many alterations can be costly and you want something in style. What suits your friend may not suit you. Buy a dress to suit you!

You have to decide if you would borrow a dress, and know that it comes from a happy wedding couple – you wouldn’t want to borrow a dress from someone who divorced 6 months later.

If borrowing is not for you and you’re on a budget – why not remember that many places do “off the rack” wedding dresses such as BHS, and Debenhams to name a couple.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Wedding Shoes

"Stiletto, I look at it more as an attidue as opposed to a high-heeled shoe" - Lita Ford

One thing that seems to be equal to my love of Photography is my love of shoes. And this means when I'm photographing the bride getting ready I get to woo over the shoes with the bride - rather than wonder why she's spent a ridiculous amount on shoes she'll probably only wear once.

When i photographed Donna & Carl's Wedding, I instantly fell in love with her Wedding Shoes. Even more so because they were my size. Believe me pretty size 8 shoes are hard to find. And if you need them to compliment an outfit then its nigh on impossible.

I however definately know where I should go to borrow shoes. I could start a new trend of the photographer breaking in the brides shoes! Not sure many of the male photographers would appreciate it though.

Donna made the mistake many brides do. Gorgeous shoes hardly anyone see's and higher than you normally wear. This means your feet really hurt on one of the most important days of your life.
Its not a good place to be so check out these handy hints...
  • Buy your shoes early on: This means you can take them to dress fittings, meaning less alternations.
  • Buy your shoes in an afternoon: This is when your feet are normally their most swollen. If they're comfy like this - they will be on the day.
  • Break in your shoes: Try several minutes a day upto several hours. Even in the house will help you get used to how they will feel on the day.
  • Matching Colour or Complete Contrast? Are you having a long dress? Is anyone going to see your shoes? Do they really need to match? If not then let them be your something blue.
  • Do you wear heels on a daily basis? This is your comfort heel height - try and get your Wedding Shoes like this - you'll find it easier on your feet in the long run.
  • A Spare Pair: If you plan on having flat "dancing shoes" to change into or will "kick off" during the speeches. Remember this will alter your dress length and how it falls.
  • Consider your grooms height: If you always wear heels and are always taller than him then fine - if not - consider him when buying your shoes.
  • Have plasters to hand! At Blue Lights Photography we always have plaster to hand. It helps to have a female photographer who comes prepared with her emergency "save the day" bag.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wedding Suppliers: Do You Visit Clients?

They had seen me at a Wedding Fayre I had stood in Doncaster, and I do make sure if they cannot come to me, then I will go to them. This is if they have small children, commitments etc., and sometimes reasons that visiting the supplier is just not viable.

After chatting for a little while, and towards the end of the meeting, I was little shocked to hear that not one of the other vendors that they had been looking at – had offered to pay them a visit to their own, each time stating their opening hours that they could visit in.

So the question is – do you visit your clients? If not – why not?

I have office premises which are set out with a little seating area, and is informal and the ability to sit and chat with people and for them to view my work, and everything is to hand.

If they ask me something that I don’t quickly have to hand I can generally have it to hand within moments. This however doesn’t mean that I won’t visit clients in their own homes that ask me to, it just takes a little more preparation as to when I visit them.

And I have to agree not everyone wants to be visited in their homes, they don’t want to feel that they have to have a “tidy” home and play the hostess to someone that they may not decide is right to share their special day with them – but to not even offer this choice – is it bad customer service?
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