Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Celebrate VE Day at home 2020

When there was the announcement that the May Bank Holiday was moved from Monday 4th to Friday 8th to celebrate 75 Years of VE Day none of us ever expected a lockdown VE Day celebration.

But throw in a global pandemic and that is what we have. All those well planned big events have gone out of the window, and we are wondering how we can plan for it ourselves.

So VE Day 2020 is something now to do at home - but not only that we can use it as lessons and activities for homeschooling too.

Teaching Resources

The BBC have online videos for teaching about WW2 this short 5 minute video explains to children what VE & VJ day are but there are other videos also available in a 10-video schedule all about WW2.

You can also find teaching resources from the British Legion too! I've also found a couple of comprehension activities for children too which you can access here and here

Celebrating at Home

You may have seen this poster circulating around social media on how we can celebrate the entire day with a full breakdown of activities. Whether you do them as a house, or your entire street gets involved! :) You could even knock up some War-time Recipies too!

Activities & Decorations
At the minute we cannot run around purchasing things to decorate our streets with, but we can turn resourceful!

Colouring Hero's have some great VE Day templates on their Facebook page. Or you could download your own bunting template to either colour in, or use to make a material bunting!

You can sit and chill with a cup of tea and a VE Day wordsearch too! Theres plenty on this link including different age ranges!

Baker Ross have some amazing free downloads, with posters, Thank Yous, and colour in bunting! Will definitely keep you all busy for an hour or two!

And last but not least head over to the RBLI VEDAY75 Web Section where there are sing along lyrics, things for kids & adult activity packs, dance steps and lots more!

We may be safe at home, but we can still celebrate!

The Royal British Legion has created a colour-in poster to display in the window.

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