Monday, 31 August 2015

[Wedding] Waterton Park and Vivienne Westwood Shoes, Emma & Tom's special day

The lovely Tom & Emma got married at Waterton Park Hotel on 30th August. A lovely Bank Holiday Sunday. We all know what the British Bank Holiday Weather can be like, so teamed with an umbrella I went armed to photograph the nuptials. But I shouldn't have worried, as the sun burst through the clouds to give a lovely, but warm humid August Day.

I started in the morning with Emma getting ready at her Mum & Dads before popping over to see Tom and then back to Emma. Emma's dress was absolutely beautiful, with the lace and tulle, with buttons down the back and finished off with a gorgeous crystal belt. And of course, not to mention the Vivienne Westwood Shoes!

The Vintage Bus that the couple had hired, took the Groom, Groomsmen and partners, and also parents and some family before popping to collect the bridesmaids and then onto the venue. With 11 Groomsmen then it was the more sensible option, as Tom couldn't leave any of his good friends out.

Emma travelled to the ceremony in a beautiful Beauford car with her step-dad, or as she refers to him - Dad. He also walked down the aisle and gave her away to Tom too. They definitely have a special relationship. 

The Bridesmaids looked fabulous in their Grey Dresses and Red Rose Bouquets

The Civil Ceremony was lovely, and tears were shed by the family (and the groom). Especially when everyone saw how radiant Emma looked.

Oh I do love a good Confetti Shot!

We took some shots of the couple and the bus before we headed over to the Island at Waterton Park where the reception and evening reception were to take place. First however, was family photographs before we went upstairs to see the room laid out with each of the tables named after different places in New York where Emma and Tom were engaged.

The Black and White cake also featured a New York theme with the NY Skyline around the top tier

After Dinner and Speeches, we headed out to take some additional portraits of the gorgeous new Mr and Mrs Walker, it was a little bit cooler now - but not by much before they went to freshen up and party with the rest of their Evening Guests.

I would just like to wish a Massive Congratulations to Emma and Tom, and I hope they have an amazing Honeymoon. I cannot wait to go on to designing their album and seeing what the future holds for the new Mr & Mrs Walker.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

[Newborn] Double the Trouble - Henry & George

Please be aware if you are reading this blog and feeling super broody - then unfortunately this blog post will not help. It may make your ovaries want to burst with the super cuteness that are these gorgeous twin boys - Henry & George.

Protective brotherly kisses! Adorable!

It's double the giggles and double the grins,
and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins.
~Author Unknown

These twin boys were so well behaved. Even better than some of the single babies I've had in. Sometimes twins can be really hard work - but not these two - these were gorgeous well behaved little boys. I am sure it probably won't always be like that for their poor Mummy & Daddy! 

I love baby details - and with twins, I get to photograph the details of them both together, those little noses, those little hands and toes. How cute. I wanted to keep them!

I love that I have props like the bowl these two boys are laid in, as when babies grow up and parents bring them back for new photographs I can say "Remember when they fitted in this" and its so strange to see how much they change.

Thank you to Mummy & Daddy for choosing me to photograph your two precious boys!

Monday, 24 August 2015

[Newborn] Bright & Beautiful Evelyn

 Little Evelyn belongs to Leanne & Patrick who's Wedding I photographed in October 2014!
And wasn't too long before I knew that this little lady was on her way!

Mummy & Daddy wanted bright and bold colours for Evelyn, so that's what they got! However, Evelyn didn't really want to play on the day and decided that she must come back for another visit and some more cuddles - so that is what we did.

I work at baby pace, after all they are only little for so long, and whilst they are "only" babies and should listen to us adults - I can clearly state that these babies actually rule the roost!

I love this multi coloured blanket and I don't use it often enough at all! 

Meaning of Evelyn: "wished for child"

Bucket shots are one of my most requested and used props, I mean who doesn't love a cute little baby in a bucket. Bucket shots are great for babies who settle on their tummy. Especially if babies are snuffly and have cold or still a little bit of mucus left.

Thank you to Evelyn's Mummy & Daddy for bringing her in to see me - look at her hair! She was so gorgeous and a fab cuddler!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

[Advice] Church Weddings: A Word of Advice

I love photographing Church Weddings. I love the history, the architecture and all the beautiful stained glass. It absolutely makes for beautiful Wedding Photography.

However, not all of the clergy share the enthusiasm that Churchs make beautiful Wedding Photography. Some believe that photographers are there to get in the way and that the service is a detailed and religious ceremony that does not need to be photographed.

Not all Churchs have a resident Vicar, so you may deal with the churchwarden whilst planning your Wedding. Sometimes the churchwarden may tell you that there are to be no photographs during the service, some may tell you that there is an additional charge to allow photography, and some may tell you that photography is always welcome.

Sometimes, the covering Vicar may have his own rules and regulations that they follow in their church regarding photography, and unless you have it definitely signed that photographs are allowed - please make sure the covering Vicar is also aware of this as they may not allow photographs during their own Wedding Ceremonies.

I always try and go to a church rehearsal so I can ask any photography related questions and then we all know what is fully happening and allowed on the day. And if the Vicar says no to photography in its total - then it can be discussed in further depth.

So, why am I bringing this up? 

Well at one of the last church Weddings I photographed, they didn't have a church rehearsal as the covering Vicar didn't believe in them. The couple had told me all along about how they were allowed photographs in church and if I wanted to see the church beforehand I just had to contact the Church Warden or the Canon. I respected that like most churches, there would only be one or two places I could be, and weather dependant there wasn't anything I needed to see in Church.

On the day of the Wedding, I found the Vicar (with 5 minutes to go, he was hiding in the back) and he told me "No photography at all during the service" I personally knew this to be incorrect as they had already discussed it with me at length, I had no option but to inform the Groom (who thought I was joking) and ask the Best Man to join me in a chat with the Vicar about 2 minutes before the bride was to walk down the aisle.

I wouldn't normally "argue" with a Vicar, however the couple had been so insistent that photography during the service was fine, that they didn't have any problems, wouldn't have booked there if they had said no to photographs as they want them to remember their Wedding by, that I knew I had to do something.

The Vicar told me that no "sneaky" ones either, and if he saw me he would ask me to leave. After myself, and the best man pleading - he decided to let me do what was decided between myself and the Clergy who was at the back of the church.

So I took photographs from the back. I was unobtrusive and I have a super thankful bride and groom (and brides mummy too), but I shouldn't have been in that situation - and neither should the Best Man - and it's not something I should have had to pass on to an already nervous Groom.

I know the Bride is going to make a complaint as she is unhappy as what she was told - but it's sad that such an amazing part of most services can be spoilt by different Vicars rules.

So please, if you are planning a Church Wedding, make sure if you want Photography in church, you ask the questions before you book, you get it in writing, and you make sure that everyone knows what has been said - including any stand in Clergy.

I hope my last Church Wedding in September is a better - but we should be fine - there will be a church rehearsal! 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

[Studio] Josie turns one!

I love when I get new clients in who have been recommended by another client, it is lovely and fab. And this is how I met gorgeous little Josie and her Mummy!

Josie was just so adorable, she has the most beautifully long eyelashes, that I normally only see on little boys who will never really get to use them to their best advantage, and she was such a cute little poser!

Mummy wanted to celebrate Josie's first birthday but didn't want a cake smash. She purchased one of the personalised bears that you can order via the studio - and it arrived in time as planned for Josie's shoot. Isn't her little lamb just cute!

Next Josie was changed, I wonder if you can tell what her favourite colour is!? PURPLE! Those cute little angel wings that mummy had brought with her made for a little prop for Josie before she got her hands on my green wooden camera definitely a little photographer in the making!

Thank you Mummy & Daddy for bringing Josie to Blue Lights Photography for her 1st Birthday Photoshoot, it was such a pleasure to meet you all! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

[Wedding] A Church, A Campervan and Mr & Mrs Williams, Kings Croft Hotel

Leanne and Keith booked me for their Wedding at Royston Church and Kings Croft hotel. I haven't photographed a Wedding at Kings Croft for a while - and in my entire 6 years this was my first Wedding as Photographer at Royston Church too!

I started with Leanne at their house in Royston, where she was getting ready with her Mum, Brother, Daughter and Son, whilst Keith was getting ready and I was meeting him at church.

I started with Leanne at their house in Royston, where she was getting ready with her Mum, Brother, Daughter and Son, whilst Keith was getting ready and I was meeting him at church.

It was lovely to see that even after 25 years together and two kids, Leanne & Keith stuck with tradition and didn't see each other on the morning of their Wedding.

Leanne arrived at the church in Lilly the campervan and inside was a little nervous Keith, but not too nervous, I mean they have been together forever as it is - as a lot of people said it was "about time!"

Isn't Royston church just so pretty - I also love black and white church photographs I think they really show the detail and make you really look into a story.

Majority of the group shots were done at the church. We had a lovely day for the Wedding, so there was no reason not to. Plus I knew by the time we got to Kings Croft we really were pushing it for time to do everything we would have needed to do. Luckily the new Mr & Mrs Williams knew that I would have it all under control, they were so laid back!

When we arrived at Kings Croft Hotel, we had some time with the VW's, the campervan and Leanne's white VW Beetle "Engagement Ring"

A few more photographs of the happy couple took place before we went inside, on time for the Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Williams for allowing me to share your special day.

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