Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rose Gold Nursery Accents

Rose Gold is one of those colours that is making a comeback. I am seeing it more and more about places and I have to admit I do really like it! I'm seeing it in Weddings, as well as in other day to day places so here we have a look at how you can use Rose Gold as an accent in your little ones Nursery.

This Rose Gold Foil Print from Coulson Macleod on Etsy is only £10 (unframed) and how cute is this Rose Gold & Blush felt Ball Garland from Sheep Farm Felt also on Etsy starting from £18.32 depending on the lengths required. Different colours also available.

Thse beautiful Rose Gold String LED Lights are a bargin at £3.49 from The Range. Or what about these fab arrow drawer handles! You can find them over on Etsy!

This Pink Metallic Cushion is £8 from ASDA, with a smaller one also on offer for £5. And don't forget to dot some of your favourite images about in these lovely £3 photo frames, also from Asda!


Sometimes Rose Gold and Copper can be found together and under the same heading, meaning the same colour - but sometimes so different. This beautiful wallpaper is £15 from Argos, and this lampshade just £10 from Wilkinsons!

These beautiful Mason Jars are available from Etsy, but if you fancy getting your craft on then you could DIY them yourself.


Add a bit of fun into the nursery with this Balloon Dog Ornament from Etsy or this Geometric Wall Clock for an eye catching design.

What other colour accessories would you like to see?

Monday, 29 August 2016

The Importance of Bonding, and Touch; Advice for First-Time Parents

Fist time parents are in for the experience of a lifetime!

After surviving 9 months of pregnancy, a wardrobe of maternity clothes, baby showers, and decorating the nursery with care, you have gone through the exciting, heroic experiences of labour and delivery.  You are ready to leave the hospital to begin your new life as first-time parents!

Handling the First-Time Parent Jitters
For many first-time parents, bringing a baby home from the hospital is an exciting experience mixed with apprehension.  Silent questions such as “How will I know…,” “How will I cope…,” and “But, what if…” mingle with exuberant joy as you look down at the precious bundle sleeping in your arms.  You’ve got the first-time parent jitters!

Not to worry!  Siblings and friends with children, parents, and in-laws have been waiting for this moment, too.  They will offer expert advice on feeding, nappies, and proper baby care.  Books galore are also available, written by baby doctors and psychologists offering guidance on parenting, and the latest in child development research.

When it comes to reading material, be prudent about book selection.  And, don’t be afraid to set down boundaries on visiting times for over-eager friends and relatives. While you can learn proper baby care from the expertise of others, you and your partner also need time alone with your baby, to bond. 

Bonding with Baby
More frequently than not, bonding with baby will include touch. This is important because it is through touch your baby will come to know you.
Cradling your baby in your lap, and gently stroking him or her is the most basic form of bonding between baby and parent.  Nestling the newborn at your neck is another bonding-touch that provides baby with a sense of security.  Support the baby’s head and neck with one hand, and his or her bottom with the other.
Forget the old wives’ tale that holding a baby too much will spoil the child.  Yes, it is true a baby should not be picked up each and every time they cry.  As long as they have been adequately fed, are clean and dry, warm and comfortable, a baby does need to learn there are times when they should rest, or entertain themselves.

However, quiet moments alone with baby without distractions are necessary to form the emotional connection between parent and child, essential to a healthy attachment.  An important bonding process noted by pediatricians in the late 1970s.  This process has been proved vital for both parent and child.

Parents who form this type attachment with their newborn make better parents. They are better equipped and more willing to make the necessary sacrifices to care for their child; during infancy as well as through childhood.

Newborns provided the benefit of gentle contact and tender touch by parents feel loved and secure.  This sense of well-being impacts both their emotional growth and physical development.

The Importance of Touch
The importance of touch - gentle, loving contact when holding your baby, cannot be emphasized enough.  Rough handing and harsh jostling, especially with a newborn, can not only frighten your baby, but be life-threatening, as well.

Always be careful to support your newborn’s head and neck when you pick them up, or lay them down.  If you need to wake up your newborn, don’t startle them by jostling or shaking them.  Instead, gently tickle their feet, softly blow on their cheek, or tenderly rub the side of their head while speaking softly and saying their name.

Relish time with your baby.  Gently cradle him or her in your arms, and tenderly rub his or her back using slow, wide circles.  Or, caress your baby soothingly as you rock them.

Talk in a low, comforting tone, or quietly sing to them.  When eye contact is made smile, even if you aren’t sure whether or not their eyesight has developed enough yet to see clearly.

While it is true the importance of proper baby care (bathing, adequate nutrition, a safe, clean environment, play and nap time, and comfortable, warm clothing) cannot be over emphasized, neither can the healthy-bonding process between parent and child and the importance of touch.

Both vital ingredients that say, “You are loved!” 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wedding Favours under £2.50

Wedding favours are one of those things that a lot of people question over. I mean do people really need Wedding Favours and how much should you typically spend on them? Most people try and keep Wedding Favour prices as low as possible, after all, if you are having a wedding of 50-100 guests it soon adds up when you are looking for something to pay per-person.

"Wedding favours are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The tradition of distributing wedding favours is a very old one."

I had a look around to see if I could find out what was out there for Wedding Favours - but not only that - what else you could use as favours - thinking outside the box!

These Bottle Openers work out from 93p Each - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets!

These Rose Pillar Candles are unscented and have a choice of 11 colours - not only that they are only £1 each from Lindsay Lucas Candles at Etsy!

These lovely Seed Packets (including Seeds) are only 85p! Perfect for a floral themed Wedding!

Manta Makes LTD on Etsy has these two beautiful Wooden Wedding Favours, Personalised for your Guests to keep! You could even get a split ring and turn them into keyrings! The Bunting ones are £24.99 for 100! Or the Heart ones are £29.99 for 100! Absolute Bargain!

Personalised Chocolates to celebrate your Wedding are £1.80 from Morse Toad the more you buy the cheaper it gets too!
What about some personalised tea! Each Jar includes tea of your choice, plus you get to choose the saying and the tag and twine! Personalising it to your theme. These are from Spiced Kitchen on NOTHS at £2 each.

These beautiful wood blocks can be a forever reminder of your big day to your friends and family for £2.15 each. From Edge Inspired on NOTHS.

These Chalkboard Hearts are in a pack of two. Write your guests name on them and use them as your Wedding Favours too! Not only that they're only £1 for a pack of two meaning you could have these as favours for only 50p! Available from The Works! Thinking outside the box!

This set of 4 Coasts from Lisa Angel are currently in the sale at £4.50 per set. You could use these as your Wedding Favours so each set would do 4 people meaning they're just over £1 each!

I hope you've found some inspiration!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

[Wedding] Lots of Sunshine on a Rainy Day, Charlotte & Shaun, Fishlake Mill Doncaster

On Friday 19th August, I embarked on my trip to Doncaster to meet Charlotte at Fishlake Mill to photograph her Wedding. I first met Charlotte & Shaun when they visited Blue Lights Photography with their gorgeous boys Cohen & Logan as Newborn Babies. I've photographed them yearly since so it was lovely to be able to capture another life moment of theirs. Outside the Mill was a crate with everything that had gone on - the important dates and their life moments - within the 13 years that they had been together. They really are Childhood Sweethearts!

When I arrived, Charlotte was getting ready, with hair and makeup underway and parents, bridesmaids and flower girls all around. It was a very calm morning - I don't think anyone expected it least of all Charlotte.

August, being August meant that the forecast was unpredictable. The forecast was rainy all day, however, with an outdoor ceremony, it was a case of what was going to happen! The decision was made! Umbrella's a plenty we were heading outside. It wasn't windy which meant that as long as the registrar was happy to conduct the ceremony - then it could go ahead. And it's what Charlotte wanted. I occasionally meet brides who would be completely and utterly devastated if it rained on their big day - and not only that - would have not got married outside - so I have to take my hat off to Charlotte for not letting a big of rain ruin her plans!

The rain started getting a little heavier before the ceremony was finished, so the main bits were done and the guests were ushered inside the beautifully decorated Marquee, before Charlotte, Shaun and their gorgeous boys walked down the aisle, into an aisle inside the marquee!

Whilst it was still showering with rain, we headed into the Mill to be able to step outside to use the willow trees to offer some small extra coverage. Everyone was a good sport, despite the rocks and sleepers being slippy - and we have to say - WHAT RAIN! ha!

Whilst the rain was still light, we headed to do some couple photographs whilst the guests were inside the marquee before dinner and we had a little break in the rain! Yay!

During the meal there were singing waiters, and then speeches, before it was turnaround for the evening and there was a little bit of sunshine - so I took that to get a few more photographs of the gorgeous happy couple - before doing a few more group shots we were unable to do whilst it was raining.

The evening then erupted with lots of dancing - the groomsmen doing a surprise dance for Charlotte and the first dance. I can guarantee lots of beautiful and happy memories have been made.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you to capture another life moment of yours! Xx 

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are becoming more and more popular to host in the UK. I mean who doesn't want a reason to gather friends together for a celebration of some kind!

A lot of people, however, don't know where to start, or what theme's to have - your imagination and budget are the only things that will stop you so I have put together some idea's for you!

I absolutely adore the idea of a fingerprint design for a baby shower guestbook depending on the amount of guests attending. Not only that, this then works as a great decoration for your little ones nursery!

I love this design from PSXODesign on Etsy which is a personalised download digital file for you to print yourself for only £4.62. Howeve,r if you didn't know the sex of the baby you could also use rainbow colours for your ink to make it bright and beautiful for either a boy or girl!

There are some very messy, and a bit questionable games when it comes to baby showers, but a lot depends on what YOU want from a baby shower. What you know mum would like? Is it a full on party mode or a more civilised event?

These type of advice cards always go down well for mums-to-be especially if it is their first baby and guests are attending who already have children. Alternatively, you can also get prediction cards which create great fun for everyone to see who can get the closest to the babies arrival date, time, weight etc.

There are so many themes that you can run away with for a Baby Shower. Even if you know the sex of the baby it doesn't have to be a defined pink or blue party! What would the mum-to-be like?

Neutral colours work well if mum-to-be doesn't know the sex of the baby. This "Little One" theme for a baby shower has a full range of items on the website. Or alternatively, look at colour mixing with this beautiful Chevron Bunting with other items to match too! 

If buying gifts, look for things that can be useful. Babies will get a LOT of clothes and may grow out of them before they get to wear them all. Look at getting things which are useful, and those things that parents need but don't always know about. Nappy Cakes are a popular gift, and work as a centrepiece for any Baby Shower Table too!

And last but not least - lets not forget Dad! Many people buy a little something for Dad, or all guests bring something to pop in a "Dad Survival Bucket" I have to say personally I love this book of Baby Tips for Dads!

Whatever you decide to do for your Baby Shower -  I am sure it will be a wonderful time - and of course, be celebrating the impending arrival of a much loved little one.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Pregnancy Ultrasound– a Gateway to Your Baby

Pregnancy ultrasound is an awesome technology. With ultrasound, you get to see your baby even before he is a baby. There is no known risk to you or your baby from ultrasound during pregnancy.

Ultrasound machines use high-pitched sound waves (250 times higher-pitched than can be heard by the human ear), transmitted through the abdominal wall to produce an echo image of your pelvis. By moving the transducer (the ultrasound transmitter) appropriately, different areas of anatomy, along with your baby, in the pelvis can be seen during pregnancy. 

If it is very early in your pregnancy, the ultrasound technician may use a slender transducer in the vagina to visualize the uterus more easily. When you are further along in your pregnancy, ultrasound conducting gel will be placed on the lower abdomen for your ultrasound. 

The amount of useful information gained from a pregnancy ultrasound examination depends on several factors. For instance, during fetal scans, the gestational age, maternal size and amount of amniotic fluid can limit the detail of an exam. During a pregnancy ultrasound examination, you can see if you are having twins or multiples, which way the baby is positioned in the uterus, the location of the placenta, fetal heart and limb motion, and the amount of amniotic fluid. In addition, measurement of various fetal parts can be made in order to estimate the age of your baby and to assure that fetal growth is normal. 

The most amazing parts of the pregnancy ultrasound are seeing your little baby’s heart beat, the individual hair on her head, her rapid movements or kicks, and her profile. If you want to know the sex of your baby, you can see that too, usually at 18-20 weeks.

Over the past few years, a new ultrasound technology has emerged. 3D ultrasound (often referred to as 4D Scan), often used in pregnancy, actually generates 3D pictures of your baby. Now, you can see exactly what he looks like before he’s even born!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

[Wedding] Some Things Are Meant To Be - Karen & Lee, Waterton Park Hotel

On Friday I had the pleasure of heading over to Waterton Park Hotel for the Wedding of Karen & Lee. I first met Karen & Lee at one of the Waterton Park Hotel Wedding Fayres, after they had travelled from Karen's home of Liverpool to look around the venue and then choosing it to get married at.

Karen had chosen a gorgeous Cobolt Blue for her bridesmaid dresses, with her something borrowed shoes now she was going to be a Wife of the RAF, and her stunning lace dress. Everything would work together with Lee's Number One's on what felt like the hottest day that had ever graced Waterton Park!

The room where Karen was getting ready was a hive of activity. Hair and make-up taking place in a couple of different corners with people coming and going - but was such a lovely calm atmosphere.

Karen was walked down the aisle by her brother, but not before her bridesmaids had all gone down the aisle before her. Awaiting at the bottom of the Aisle was Lee, who practically crumpled on seeing his beautiful bride walking towards him.

Their ceremony was perfectly them, little quips, a reading by Karen's daughter Elle and lots of smiles and laughter.

After Confetti, the new Mr and Mrs Maude were piped over the bridge by their Best Man before reception drinks and group photographs started.

We had to get some photographs of the lovely new couple before we headed inside for food and speeches too!

After speeches, we headed outside again for a very special moment for Karen, Lee and Karen's side of the family. The had organised a butterfly release to mark Karen's Late Father. This meant we not only got to get some beautiful poignant photographs, but the butterflies played ball which meant we were able to get some photographs that will be forever special reminders of Karen's Dad being with her on her Wedding Day.

After this, we headed off downstairs to party the night away! 

Thank you Karen & Lee for allowing me to share in your Special Day xXx

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