Thursday, 27 December 2012

2013 News From Blue Lights Photography

Look at the length of those lashes!

Hello! Only Me. I cannot believe that 2013 Is almost here! And it will mean one big change for Blue Lights Photography - The New Studio!!! 

I’m very excited and looking forward to the move. I am moving nearer to the town centre, free parking, and a beautiful natural light studio and adjoining office.

A lot of my Clients know that I’ve not had a fantastic 2012, with health and relationship issues, but the support from my clients and knowing that I had so many shoots and weddings booked in, kept me going definitely! 

Selection from some of the Weddings I have photographed this year
The main thing that is changing is that I will no longer be photographing against a white background, but adding more personality, styling and a bit more boutique. Family shoots can be more lifestyle, and fit in with your family home.
Different types of backgrounds make your shoot a little more personal to you
So…What’s changing?

The way I work is changing a little to make the business flow better and to give you better customer service and photo session experiences..

Gorgeous newborn baby girl and big brother
Prices:          The prices will be going up. All shoots will be £45.00 for up to 1 hour time in the studio. This does not include Newborns & Cakey Baby which will stay the same prices they are currently.

All our Cakey Baby shoots start with a "normal" shoot and then we get the cake out

Payment:      Payment for the shoot will now be due up front before the shoot takes place. This is payable within 7 days of booking your shoot, and bookings will not be classed as a confirmed booking until the fee is paid. If you are booking your shoot and it is taking place within 7 days - then the money is due upon booking.

Night time shots at Weddings are great if the couple are happy to do them

Contract:       A contract will be sent to you via email for you to read before the shoot - and a paper copy will need to be signed in the studio before the shoot takes place. This is to keep both of us safe and covered.

Lets go outside and run about with your little ones. Taken at Newmillerdam

Viewing:        One of the things I have been trialling are in person studio viewings to view your images. This isn’t a high pressure selling technique - this is to help you make an informed and helpful choice of the images that you will hang on your wall. The clients which have already been for viewings told me that they didn’t feel pressured to spend any more than they had planned to and were glad they had me on hand to discuss the choices which fell within their budget.

Cute nude baby shots are something that we often get asked for, but don't worry you can't see anything!

Contact:       Whilst I use face book both personally and for business, the best way to contact me is still via email, or via the contact form on the website. Alternatively you can also use the message function via the Blue Lights Photography page. The reason for this is that I do have people who message me regarding shoots and orders on my personal page, and to make the business flow a little better, I will be stopping this and asking people to please message me via one of the other above methods.

Don't forget out squishy newborn shoots, we are a member of

Hours:           After a testing 2012, both health wise and personal issues, I need more “me time” (Please read more as some!) So I will be having set days/times on a general rule of thumb. For instance, the current plan is I will not be in the office beyond 6pm on Monday’s and Tuesdays. And Tuesdays will be a half day 12-6. Sunday’s will only be worked with request where no other date is possible. I need to make sure I am both mentally and physically fit to give all my wonderful clients all that I have. I will also not be responding to face book messages / email after 7pm in the evening or before 9am on the morning.

Outdoor shots - even when raining and drizzling we can still have fun

Inspiration:    When you book Blue Lights Photography I will work closely with you to give you the best service possible. We will work together for ideas for your photo shoot and each shoot will have an inspiration board set up on my Pinterest account which I will link for you. This can be used for poses, or outfit and prop choices - but to aim to get more out of your shoot - and work as a visual aide for children too.

Our Cakes are made by Twinkel Cakes based in Wombwell

Launching:     I shall be launching a few new things throughout the next year so keep an eye out! Our first launch will be …. BOUDOIR, contact for more information!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Real Wedding: Prue and Greig

Yesterday I got to shoot Prue & Greig's Wedding at The Stables, High Melton.

I first met Prue, when she contacted me regarding her Wedding Photography, we discussed her venue, and the weather in November - and of course, finding out exactly what she wanted when Greig and herself went on to book me.

We started yesterday morning at Salon 10, Doncaster, where the hair was being done, and then the make-up artist came and started working on the finishing touches.

Throughout their wedding planning, I loved hearing how Prue and Greig met in Australia, whilst he was over there on his 6 months cricket tour, and how love literally made her travel and live half way around the world. 

Prue and Greig's Wedding was full of personalisation, from the Apron's with "Mother of the Bride" and "Amazeballs Hairdresser" to the Bride and Bridesmaids personalised dressing gowns. However, Prue was a bit gutted that she couldn't get the little bridesmaid Ugg boots embroidered!

The Ceremony took place at the Old Hall at The Stables, High Melton. Where a beautiful string quartet played whilst guests awaited Prue to arrive, and then played her down the aisle, to her husband to be. 

So towards the end of November, we were expecting torrential rain, like we have been experiencing, but no, the sunshine came out, and although it dropped a little cold, we were able to get some lovely shots outside, of the guests - and then the Bride and Groom on their own.

Prue's Mum and Sister had travelled over from Australia, and have been over almost a month, helping Prue with the final preparations for her Wedding. 

Prue's veil, was amazing, and she definitely knew she wanted a "veil toss" shot, and we didn't need much help with the November breeze. 

And everyone loves a good Confetti shot! 

By this point the sun was setting, and it was definitely getting a little cold, so we all headed inside, to where the meal was about to start.

The details that Prue and Greig had put into the Wedding was truly amazing.
Every seat had a preserve, a personalised shot glass, and a shot for the final toast of speeches.
But not only that - the children had "suitcases" with toys and things in, and personalised bags with colouring books in - and the little babies had personalised bibs!

But my favourite one, was each seat-place was a photograph of that guest. From "normal" to downright silly.

The speeches drew plenty of laughs, and tears - but there are no words to express how much the two families have come together, for a love that came from separate ends of the world.

We popped outside for some after dark photographs - and it was warmer than it was that afternoon. Before going back inside to watch the fun of the night commence!

I want to say a massive thank-you to Sarah Riley Photography, for second shooting with me on the day.
I want to wish a fabulous time to Prue and Greig on their trip to Australia, their Cliffe-Top Ribbon tying ceremony, and their honeymoon in New York.

And I want to thank you for booking Blue Lights Photography for their special day.

I normally don't do a blog post with this many images, especially the day after the Wedding, however with Mr and Mrs Batty not returning to the UK until 2013, then I said I would do a blog post so they were able to show their family and friends some of their images from their Big Day in the UK.

Voting Closes at 23:59 at 27.11.12 for the Wedding Idea's Magazine Awards. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Newborn: Louie

I was excited to photograph little Louie when he had arrived, after all, I love the Newborn Sessions that I offer and it means lots of baby cuddles!

They are a great way to capture all the little bits and pieces and details of their little ones.
Just look at how adorable he is. Fast asleep, and all those little details change so quickly!

The joy of newborn shoots and being a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers is the love of being specially trained to pose newborns, and use some tips and tricks to get them sleeping soundly.

Not all babies will do all poses, and it all depends on the baby, if they are unhappy, and start murmering for whatever reason, then I move on from that pose - and try something else. The reason some little ones may not like certain poses, are for many things, sore fronts from the surge of hormones making their chest tender, trapped wind, or even the belly button cord still being on. 

Visit the BANP website for more details of specialist newborn photographers in your area.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cakey Baby: Evie

I love when I get to celebrate someones birthday, especially with a Cakey Baby shoot.
Yes they may be messy, but they are pretty awesome! 

All our Cakey Baby shoots start with "normal" photoshoot - this can be a family shoot, pictures of the little one on their own, or as this mummy had decided, she wanted Evie dressed in our gorgeous Pink Ruffle tutu, and fairy wings and wand (Mum supplied)

We then unleashed the cake made my Twinkel Cakes, for Evie to devour! 

Evie decided she didn't want to play with it where she was so we moved her onto the white backdrop, and put her in our little cupcake ruffle bottom nappy cover! 

The good thing with cake, is when it is played with, and when it is squished, cake just dissolves, it crumbles into little bits, and makes the little ones look like they've eaten a lot more than they actually have.

In fact - Evie didn't eat much cake at all!!! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Product: Madrid

One of the other popular albums that I offer is the Madrid, this is our next cheapest album. It reminds people of a traditional album, with the idea of a more contemporary feel inside.

The difference with this album is the "black" gutter that runs down the middle of the page, which means when I am designing it, I have to be careful as to what images that work. And one thing for you guys to remember, is if you love the idea of having big pictures over two pages in your album - its very tricky to do it in this album! 

But these things do not stop it being a very popular product, and the 10x10 30 page album is included in our Classic Album collection and it is a very solid and heavy album. This is also available in 12x12 and 8x8 Parent Albums.

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