Friday, 28 February 2014

[News] Wedding Industry Expert Awards 2014

It's official! Blue Lights Photography has entered the Wedding industry Experts, 2014 Awards in the category of Most Popular  Photographer in Barnsley.  I want to send a clear message to future clients that I am proud of the level of service we deliver for every couple, and prove that those who know us are happy to support us.

About the Awards
Each year the Wedding Industry Experts Awards attract a vast array of world class wedding professionals and related businesses of all sizes, from across the globe.  
The awards are now the largest international popularity competition for Wedding Professionals worldwide and we are proud to be one of the participants.   

Our vote page shows our category, location and a description of our service.  There is no judging panel.  Past clients, peers and fans vote for their favourites.  In previous years fans could vote more than once.  This year they have limited it to one vote per email address for the duration of the month long voting period. 

The voting process is simple.  
You can cast one vote per email address at anytime during the voting period.  You can log into the new awards system via a simple sign-up form, or with ease via your twitter, facebook or linkedin accounts.  The number of votes will not be shown on the awards site - just the rank from most votes to least (once voting commences).

Saundra Hadley from Planning Forever Events sums it up best when she says:  “There is nothing more honourable and exciting to win an award for your business. It validates your efforts, your relationship with others and frankly, it's the cherry on top for your hard work.  It's comforting to know that people, besides your Mother, think you are special.” 

If you think we are worthy of 
The Most Popular Photographer in Barnsley, then from May you will be able to visit our vote page here to cast a vote for us.  I will send a reminder when the voting period starts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me to date.  It is through your support and referrals that I can continue to do what I love.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

[Newborn] Double Trouble, Seth & Lucas, Newborn Photographer Barnsley.

Well, look at these two GORGEOUS boys that came to visit me for photos. Gorgeous little Seth, and big brother Lucas! Now, we weren't sure whether or not whether Lucas would play and entertain having his photographs with his brother, because Mum was telling me that he wasn't really interested in being a big brother! I mean, babies don't do much do they? But some gentle persuasion, and a few hidden tricks, look how well behaved he was! 

After we got the shots of them both together out of the way with, then it was time to start with photographs of Seth on his own, who - decided he wasn't going to play as much as Lucas did. Personally I think its probably because he didn't get a chocolate biscuit! 

This was one of the last images I got of him, of course awake, after he was being a Monkey, I think he is saying to me "move me again, and I'm going to get you"

Because of how awake, and alert he was, and of course we had Lucas with us too - then I suggested to their mummy to bring Seth back a couple of days later for an hour just to get some more shots of him on his own. And then he was as good as gold! 

I love photographing babies, even when they wee, poo or are sick on me! 

Monday, 24 February 2014

[Information] Work Experience and Blue Lights Photography

Recently, I have seen an uptake on the amount of calls and emails that I am receiving about Work Experience especially of school-age children.

Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any work experience pupils, I have looked into it in the past, as I definitely wanted to do something – but unfortunately due to lots of rules and regulations, I am unable to take anyone on – and whilst I know that many other photographers are in the same boat, I also do not know anyone whom I can refer you to either. 

Many photographers, especially in the local area, are self employed and we work on our own. Each day-to-day and week-to-week is completely and utterly different – and similar business can also run completely different too.

Here are my top 3 reasons, why some photographers may not take work experience students.

1. Insurance.
When people enquire, about work experience, if we are self employed and we do not need employers insurance and liability – however we do for work experience students. It’s an additional expense that we need to pay yearly for, for 1-2 weeks per year.

2. Checks
Checks, Checks and more Checks! They are all needed if we have work experience students. Health and Safety, School Checks, personal safety checks, you name it – we have to take the time out from the business to have all these checks. Not only that, as children will be in our care, alone, the school/LEA will then need to pay for us to be CRB checked, as it is not something by law, that photographers need, as we are not left alone with children under the age of 18 as parents are always with us during sessions.

3. Work & timings.
Working as a photographer, and especially alone, work is so varied. Some weeks, you are working Monday-Friday 9-5 due to work, other days, you are working only a couple of hours, and then the rest is editing, or admin, and things that people need training on, which within two week we are unable to do. Then you have to think weekends, some weekends can be 10-12 hour days, especially when shooting Weddings, and then there’s a difference when you get home too! So being a “photographer” isn’t as easy as coming into work and going home at a set time. It’s blooming hard work! 

For work experience pupils, rather than just look at photographers in general, look at what type of photography you want to get into, as there are so so so many different types of photography, and each one has different ways of getting into it properly.

Running a successful photography business isn’t mainly about taking pretty pictures.

Friday, 21 February 2014

[Newborn] Little Doll Katelyn, Newborn Photographer Barnsley

Tiny little Katelyn came to see me with her Mummy and Daddy, and oh my goodness just look at all her hair! 

I've known Katelyn's Dad for almost 15 years! So it is always nice to see people who I have known, grow their families, and become parents.

Katelyn, was so good for her session, so teeny tiny, but so so so good and sleepy. Tiny babies like Katelyn really make me broody! 

With beautiful colouring, and all that hair, I think every colour she wears will suit her - and I think her daddy will be beating away all those boys too! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

[News] Wedding Industry Experts - Honour Roll 2014

I am happy to announce that Blue Lights Photography been selected for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll.

The team asked Wedding Professionals around the world - "Who has inspired you in your local wedding community?" After reviewing email referrals from across the globe, they put together their first annual list of Honour Roll members and I'm happy to announce that I am one of them.

It's because of my wonderful clients that I get to do what I love and to meet so many other wedding industry professionals.  I appreciate this recognition and want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Here is some more information about the Honour Roll:

"Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll member businesses are a mixed bunch.  Much like wedding rings, each one sparkles in its own way. No matter how you count their differences, members have a few things in common – they love the wedding business, they are committed to their clients and their testimonials from both peers and happy clients speak volumes about their commitment to their fields. 

Being on the Honour Roll is not an endorsement of a businesses service or products. It is simply a way to say thank you - you did some awesome work in 2013, that inspired others and we want to recognize you."

You can see the full list of Honour Roll Members here

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

[Idea] Something Blue, Wedding Idea's

When I was on Pinterest, where many of us Photographers must hang out, I saw this picture and it made me swoon, especially when I clicked through to find the source of the image and found this blog post.

"Something Blue"- heart sewn into your dress over your heart. Use one of your dads old shirts.

When at home, I tend to watch, or listen to a lot of TV, whether it is Wedding related or not. On TLC (on sky) they have some programmes American of course, called "Say Yes to the Dress" and "I Found the Gown" and one of the brides had taken one of her dad's work shirts in blue, to have something similar done to her gown so that her dad was close to her heart on her Wedding day.

I think its a lovely way to remember someone who cannot be there on your special day. And no one needs to know. It can be your little secret.

Monday, 17 February 2014

[Newborn] Smiley little Edie, Newborn Photographer Barnsley

Gorgeous little Edie came to see me for her photo shoot, and was full of smiles for her pictures even though she is so little.

Look at all those tiny little details, so so so adorable.

When photographing baby girls, I try and photograph them in many colours, no matter what. I will always ask parents what colours that they would prefer, but if I am given free reign, I try and pick out items that suit the little ones skin-tones and colouring.

Look at gorgeous little Edie, just resting lowly, on our swing!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

[Cake Smash] Lacey Turns Two, Cake Smash Photography,

Lacey came to see me for her Cakey Baby Photoshoot on her 2nd Birthday. Lacey's mummy had pre-warned me that she can be a little shy, and they had taken her elsewhere when she was little and she didn't like it, they think because it was a male photographer. However, Lacey was a little shy, but due to how I plan my photo sessions, I was able to spend the first 5 minutes of the session playing peek-a-boo with Lacey, and getting her to come around. I try and just make the photos sessions FUN!

How ADORABLE does she look! I always do some "clean" photographs before the cake is brought out - mainly because if the little one doesn't like cake, be it the feel, the texture, or just don't like getting messy (it happens!) then we definately know that we have some lovely pictures to show you.

Lacey, didn't like it getting too gloopy on her hands, so kept coming to me for me to wipe it off, good job we have lots of baby wipes!

In the end she absolutely LOVED it, and loved seeing herself on the TV during her viewing! 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

[Newborn] Baby Pearl with her Big Brother, Newborn photography

Pearl came for her photographs on the 30th December 2013, and did not want to play our game at all - a couple of sleepy photos with her brother, who also fell asleep for a nap - worked well but after that she was super duper alert so we had to re arrange to get some sleepy photographs.

It is lovely to see a family grow, I photographed Mummy & Daddy's Wedding - and I also photographed Tate's newborn photographs in Feb 2013! Mummy did good, giving birth twice in 2013!

When Pearl came back without her brother, she slept like a dream and definately enjoyed having the spotlight all to herself and not having to share it! 

I cannot wait to see these two little cuties grow up! 

Monday, 10 February 2014

[Personal] If I ever get married...

Being a Wedding Photographer, one of the things that many people, friends (and brides) as me – is “who is going to take your photos when you get married” and I will be honest, I have absolutely no idea! I know that I want my photographs to be beautiful – so that’s helpful, and I know that I will find a photographer whose style I absolutely LOVE – but right now – I have absolutely no idea. Not that I am planning on getting married anytime soon – there is one thing I don’t have – a Groom!

I do however, have in mind a style that I want, and a colour scheme I totally love.

I have always said that I would have a short dress and an AWESOME pair of shoes – I mean, really – what girl doesn’t want an awesome pair of shoes – and if everyone would see them then they would need to be extra awesome.

I wouldn’t want a strapless dress, I am probably like a million and more other women who hate their arms or at least the tops of them, so I would look at having something feminine and delicate with sleeves, with either a sweetheart neckline or very Audrey Hepburn so at least I can wear a decent bra! (Ladies we need to think practical a lot of the time!)

But the one thing I would definitely want, is a teal petticoat underneath – a lovely big frilly soft tulle petticoat!

Dress 1:  Kitty & Dulchie Baroness Pearl ,  Top Right Dress 2: As seen online here, Right Middle Sourced here, Bottom Right Dress 3: Dolly Couture USA

My favourite colour is teal! Considering the business is Blue Lights Photography, I couldn’t really have teal as a logo colour so chose the blue I have instead (Pure Cyan if anyone is interested) and teal would have to be the main colour of choice throughout the wedding. I have discussed teal & orange (after all Sheffield Steelers wore it together) – but Teal is a must – there are so many different shades – look at these two beautiful Bridesmaid and Flower Girl dresses!

Flower Girl Dress available here from Wonderful Dress, Adult Bridesmaid Dress available here from Dessy

The top shoes, from the Rachel Simpson shoe collection, were my “to go” Wedding Shoes which I loved. I even contemplated buying before they were removed from the collection – I love them, and I know that I will have to find some from somewhere (or something equally as beautiful) – unfortunately I am unsure whether or not if I begged Rachel she’d be able to find or make me another pair!

But no matter what - the shoes have to be amazing, people will notice the shoes if I have a short dress, and they will need to be able to stand on their own. Nothing too high though!

Top Shoes: Rachel Simpson Shoes Noir Collection discontinued.
Bottom Left: No Link, Middle: Shown here, Bottom Right: First Seen here

Yummy Yummy! Who doesn’t love cake! I really do not like fruit cake, so it would definitely have to be sponge, just vanilla, or some yummy chocolate cake! The best part of being a Wedding Photographer is the Wedding Fayres and knowing some fabulous cake makers!

I love the idea of little cakes as favours in clear boxes – lovely! 

Left Top: Cake 1 from Whipt Cream, Left Top Middle Cake 2 Available here, Middle Bottom House of Clarendon , Left Bottom: First seen here, Right, lots of little cakes first seen here

And last but not least flowers!

I remember photographing Mr and Mrs Moran’s Wedding and seeing how beautiful and simplistic the wedding looked decorated with gypsophila (baby’s breath) is so delicate and beautiful. It is normally used as a filler flower, so isn’t expensive, but it just looks so absolutely beautiful as a bouquet, whether to mix it in with other flowers, or to have purely on their own!

Left Image Source here, Right Top Image Source here, Right Bottom Image Source here

So whilst I may not have an idea of who I would use as  Wedding Photographer, or really what I want from a Groom, I have idea’s what I would like for my Wedding, not set in stone, but at least they are ideas.

I find pinterest is so wonderful for collating ideas! What idea’s have you got for your Wedding?

Friday, 7 February 2014

[Newborn] Peaceful Emily, Newborn Photography Barnsley

In 2013, one of my 2012 Brides purchased a gift voucher for her friend who was expecting, and she is god-mummy to little Emily. When little Emily arrived before Christmas, she came in for her photo session and was as good as gold!

She was just so peaceful throughout the photo session, giving us smiles, and just looking so adorable! Doesn't she look cute!

Thank you to Victoria, and Mummy Hayley, for brining in Emily for her newborn photographs, she was such a pleasure to photograph!

Would you like to know more about having newborn photographs taken - then please drop an email to

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