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[Weddings] 2014 - A Beautiful Year - Wedding Roundup

Wow, and as 2014 comes to an end, we have a round-up of our beautiful couples, of what has made a beautiful Wedding Year.

I have photographed 22 Weddings in total, 15 Civil Ceremonies, and 7 Church Ceremonies – and all have been absolutely beautiful.

I have been to 7 NEW Venues for Blue Lights Photography, which still amuses me after being in business for 5 years!
I have been to Burntwood Court – Twice, Ringwood Hall – Twice, and Waterton Park Hotel 3 times this year. These were the most popular venues for me!

Lets look back over my wonderful couples.
Mr & Mrs Wilson leave their Ceremony, at the Earl of Doncaster Hotel, Doncaster.
The Wedding season for Blue Lights Photography started in March with Mr & MrsWilson at The Earl of Doncaster. This was the first time I had photographed this beautiful Art Deco venue (and I had a delicious pizza for my lunch!). I even stayed overnight at the venue as I was in Doncaster the day after for the I Do Wedding Exhibition at Doncaster Racecourse. I first met Nicola when I photographed Prue & Grieg’s Wedding back in November 2012, so it was lovely to see some familiar faces at the Wedding too.
Left - Mr and Mrs Brown at Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield
Right - Top: Mr & Mrs Oxley at Burntwood Court, Barnsley, Bottom: Mr & Mrs Fretwell at Whitley Hall, Sheffield 

In April came Easter and 3 beautiful Weddings!

The first Wedding was Mr and Mrs Fretwell – two police officers – and oh it was so funny when Lesley used to turn up in the Riot Van when she came to pay me some money. The wedding was held at Whitley Hall – an absolutely beautiful day!  

The second Wedding of April, was held at the first visit to a new venue at Ringwood Hall – for Mr and Mrs Brown’s Wedding Day on Easter Sunday. Even the deserts had Mini Eggs on them to celebrate! A lovely day, full of lovely light!

The third Wedding in April was the first Church wedding of 2014, at Christ Church at Brampton Brierlow, and would be visit one of two that I would photograph there this year.
Mr & Mrs Oxley had a lovely day, a few April showers but it didn’t stop us getting beautiful photographs, including myself laying down in the wet grass to make sure I “got” the shot at Burntwood Court.

Top: Mr & Mrs Higson, The Bridge Inn, Wetherby
Bottom: Mr & Mrs Wolstenholme, Burntwood Court, Barnsley
May Bank Holiday Weekend’s are always busy for Wedding Weekends, and it found me travelling between Barnsley and Wetherby.

Friday of the late May Bank Holiday Weekend saw me head to Burntwood Court Barnsley – for the Wedding of Dean & Sophie. The Groom Dean, is someone I have known throughout growing up as we both lived within the same village. I felt like I knew half the Wedding Guests (which I probably did!).

After the Wedding, I headed up the motorway to Wetherby, for the Saturday Wedding of
Mr & Mrs Higson, at The Bridge I have been to The Bridge before – so it was lovely to be back again and see the new things they have done (the outside pagoda!) which is where the string quartet played when everyone was gathered outside for drinks.

Top: Left - Mr & Mrs Whitham, Holiday Inn Barnsley. Middle - Mr & Mrs Conry, Tankersley Manor, Barnsley.
Right - Mr & Mrs Lambert, Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield.
Bottom: Left - Mr & Mrs Cassell, Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontefract, Right - Mr & Mrs Richardson, Wentworth Castle Gardens, Barnsley.

No Weddings in June headed into a busy Summer with 5 Weddings in July!

I started at Waterton Park Hotel for the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Lambert. A Civil Ceremony, and friends from Australia and even a Pork Pie Cake on the evening! Who really could ask for more?

The week after was a warm
Wedding at Tankersley Manor for Mr and Mrs Conry. One of Steve’s sisters (he’s a triplet) is a studio customer of mine, and was also at the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Wilson in March! That’s 3 Weddings she has been at now – and she’s just welcomed a gorgeous little girl into the world too! Claire on the day had a beautiful low back lace Wedding Dress, a Cathedral length veil and a beautiful button bouquet.

A wet Weekend the following weekend for
Mr and Mrs Whitham’s Wedding was a Church Wedding (where it didn’t rain) and then onto Holiday Inn Barnsley, where unfortunately it did. It was such a humid day with a few thunderstorms too – before we managed to head outside after dinner when the rain had stopped.

The weekend after saw two beautiful Weddings as well! The first was on the hottest day of the year, with a Wedding in Silkstone Church before heading to my first ever Wedding at Wentworth Castle Gardens, in a beautiful Marquee. The Wedding will be forever ingrained into my memory for the Video that Kelly made for Adam – and the Jagerbombs during the grooms speech! It was lovely that everyone fell away from the Marquee into little groups sat along the grass. I think everyone loved
Mr and Mrs Richardson’s Wedding! 

The day after it was off to
Wentbridge House for Mr and Mrs Cassell’s Wedding. A few people had been at a Wedding I had done back in 2011, so it was lovely to see a lot of the guests again – including the Best Men (well one of them!) Chloe made such a beautiful and effortless bride. 

Top: Left - Mr & Mrs Prouse, Northorpe Hall, Mirfield Right - Mr & Mrs Whiteway, Kenwood Hall, Sheffield
Bottom: Left - Mr & Mrs Bailey, Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield, Right - Mr & Mrs Hanson, Rutland Hotel, Sheffield
And into August things didn’t slow down! With four beautiful Weddings.

I started the month with
Mr & Mrs Whiteway’s Wedding at St John’s Church, Ranmoor before heading off to Kenwood Hall Sheffield – we had a few August downpours but that didn’t stop us getting the photographs we needed! It was such a pleasure to photograph their Wedding. I had met them the previous year at I Do Wedding Exhibition at Ice Sheffield, and they must have talked to me 3 or 4 times, so I asked them, jokingly, if they were going to book me already! And they did!

The following Week and I was back in Chesterfield for
Mr and Mrs Bailey’s Wedding at Ringwood Hall. Another warm, and beautiful Wedding. Both Matt & Lisa didn’t really like having their photographs taking, but we managed to get some beautiful photographs of course – to show them enjoying their day! Luckily, the weather was good to us, after I think all the rain had fallen the day previously (my granddad got flooded!).

The 22
nd of August saw us head to Birkenshaw for the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Prouse with their two gorgeous little children too! I first met Helen and James at Mr and Mrs Fahy’s Wedding in 2013, which they attended, as Helen and Graham are cousins! It really is a small world, but it is lovely to be able to see many people time and time again. The had their reception at the beautiful Northorpe Hall, which is such a beautiful little venue that you can decorate yourself!

The 23
rd brought in the last Wedding of August and for Mr and Mrs Hanson. Leanne and Craig booked me if I think early 2012 - I know they definitely booked me when I was at Redbrook Business Park! This Wedding saw me head to Rutland Hotel, Sheffield – where I have been previously. A beautiful little venue which sometimes feels hidden away but central too! We did have some showers – typical English Weather but it meant we had to just pop in and out to get the photographs that we wanted. Leanne’s Dad sang a little to her during his speech, and there were plenty of tears when her little brother gave a surprise one too!

Left: Mr & Mrs Wiley, Wood Hall Hotel & Spa, Wetherby
Right Top - Mr & Mrs Taylor, Fairway, Barnsley. Bottom - Mr & Mrs Turton, Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield

After a busy Summer, I didn’t want to slow down any! I mean – Two Weddings and the big I Do Wedding Exhibition at Ice Sheffield in the same week!? Of course!

The first Wedding was a mid-week Wedding for Mr and Mrs Taylor-Roberts, which was a lovely intimate Wedding at the Town Hall, Barnsley, before they continued their celebrations at The Fairway Barnsley. Kelly booked me at the beginning of 2014, and we have a mutual friend in common who had recommended me.

The second Wedding two days later, was back in Wetherby at Wood Hall Hotel & Spa. A venue I have wanted to photograph since my cousin got married there a few years ago. And not only did I get to share Mr and MrsWiley’s Wedding there, they also celebrated their Wedding on my 30
th Birthday! It was lovely too to see some people I knew. One of the best men, and his partner had been to the studio to have their little girl photographed as a newborn – and the other best man and his wife were booked in for newborn photographs! This too was the Wedding that showed me how small the world is – especially as the house I live in used to belong to the Bride & Groom!

The last Wedding of September saw me head back to
WatertonPark Hotel for the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Turton. A Church Wedding before we headed off to Waterton Park where it was a little cool for the kiddies – but albeit it was a beautiful September day with the leaves already starting to turn and fall from the trees.  

Top: Mr & Mrs Gibson, Wortley Hall, Sheffield.
Bottom: Left - Mr and Mrs Garforth, The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield Right - Mr and Mrs Dalton, Cannon Hall, Barnsley

Next thing I knew we were already into October and quickly coming towards the end of the Year.

The first Wedding was held at The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield for Mr and Mrs Garforth. I used to go to secondary school with Leanne, the bride, and knew one of her bridesmaids and a couple of the guests too. It’s always lovely to be a part of someone’s Wedding – but even more when it is someone you know. Leanne is also a police officer, taking my current police total to two this year – and yes, she’s turned up in uniform, in the police car parked straight outside the studio (more than once). I think the one thing I will remember from this Wedding, is laying in the middle of the road to get a photograph – and almost getting run over by the Chef!

A beautiful Ceremony at Cannon Hall and then off for the first time to 315 Lepton was next on the cards for Mr and Mrs Dalton! It is so funny how many times I go to Weddings and know people. This time one of the guests was a friend from school – and one of the evening guests was too (and a customer!).  The Navy and Yellow on the Grooms Suits were beautiful, with the dusky pinks and purples of the bridal bouquet everything was beautiful, and a little vintagey. The Autumnal colours of Cannon Hall were just absolutely BEAUTIFUL! One little girl was there with her mum, and she told her mum that the Bride looked like Elsa. Was too cute!

The last Wedding of October was back to Christ Church at Brampton Brierlow – and they were married on the Bride’s parents anniversary at the same Church! After the Ceremony, we headed off to Wortley Hall which is such a lovely venue with lots of places for photographs! Each place name had different quotations on them – which was just lovely! Sometimes its just the little things that stand out. It was lovely to be able to share Mr & Mrs Gibson’s Wedding day, and what’s even funnier they only live on the next street from my house!

The last Wedding of 2014 saw us back at Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield and my 3rd Police Officer Bride for Mrs & Mrs Cook-Roy’sWedding. Sarah & Nicola’s big day was my first same-sex Marriage since the laws have been changed – and it was the first one for the hotel too. Not that it makes any difference to me – afterall a Wedding is all about two people being in love!

As you can see both Sarah and Nicola both wore dresses, neither of them knew what the other one was wearing which was amazing. It was such a beautiful day, for two lovely girls. And I was so happy to photograph their special day. I first met them at one of the Wedding Exhibitons at Waterton Park hotel.

And so that rounds up my 2014 Weddings. An amazing year, beautiful venues, and 22 absolute fabulous couples. I am so lucky to have been able to share the special days of such great couples.

This year we also finished as a Regional Finalist for the North East in TheWedding Industry Awards. The 3rd time we have managed it with some great comments from the couples I have met.

I think 2014 has been a great year – don’t you?

Lets see what 2015 has to bring!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

[Wedding] A Wedding with Two Dresses, Mrs and Mrs Cook-Roy, Waterton Park Hotel

On Satuday 20th I had the pleasure of photographing Nicola & Sarah’s beautiful Wedding at Waterton Park. My last Wedding of the year.

I first met both Sarah & Nicola at one of the Wedding Exhibitions at Waterton Park, so I was happy when they wanted to meet up again, and go on to book me.

Both girls were getting ready in the rooms next door to each other, both with their 3 bridesmaids and 1 flowergirl. Teaming up to make two gorgeous flower girls and 6 bridesmaids who wore some beautiful Navy dresses.

Neither of them knew what the other one was wearing either which was fab, although, I did get lots of questions asked when I was popping between both rooms! 

Both Sarah, and Nic, were given away by their Dads – and it was lovely to be part of one of mine, and Waterton Parks first same-sex marriage. I have photographed a Civil Partnership before – but it was nice to hear the same words being used this time.

It was bitterly cold, so we headed over the Island before we started with group photographs. We did a big group shot infront of Walton Hall before we headed around the side of the building for smaller shots – especially as it wasn’t half as windy there!

I am sure you will admit that both of the girls looked absolutely stunning, and their dresses complimented each other.

We headed back over the bridge to the Waterton Park Hotel side for the Wedding Reception and speeches. Nicola gave a speech, along with both Dads and Sarah’s twin sister (although she cried like she thought she would!)

These girls are both lovely dearly by their families and Nicola’s dad made me laugh during his speech. But he jokingly reminded people that they’d not been to a “Gay Wedding” they’d just simply been to a Wedding – where two people who are in love – committed themselves to each other.

I am so glad that I was able to share their special day, especially for my last Wedding of 2014. Its been a blast! x

Friday, 26 December 2014

[Sale] Shoes for Brides & Bridesmaids

Shopping for your Wedding doesn't need to be expensive, it can be done - especially at this time of the year. So if you want a beautiful (and normally expensive) pair of Bridal shoes, or the bridesmaids are arguing over what they want - then have a look through some of the shoes I have found in the sale! These ones have been chosen based on what type of "brands" people seem to be wearing and ranging from £10 to £59 - Shoes for EVER budget!
Left to Right: Beaulah 22, Kerry, Able 23

One of the places I had to look at first was the Kurt Geiger website. The amount of people who want, or wear KG shoes on the Wedding day is higher than most.

Beulah 22 is by Nine West in Nude and would make a great Bridal Shoe - and for only £19 an absolute Bargin!

Kerry is by Carvela Kurt Geiger, and is classed as Nude / Salmon - these shoes would be great for bride or bridesmaid. And could be worn again and for £29 you know you are getting a great shoe brand!

Able 23 is another shoe by Nine West and is White Satin which is a more typical bridal colour/shoe. Available for only £29 this is the perfect time to get shopping for your bridal shoes! 

Left: Shae by Miss KG
Right Top to Bottom: Lottie, Glory and Guest

The gold Shae shoe by Miss KG is definately a shoe that you could wear over and over again. Only £39 in the Kurt Geiger Sale! Bargin! And perfect for Bride, or Bridesmaids!

Lottie is a Nude Court Shoe by Carvela Kurt Geiger coming in at £39. With the detailed heel it adds a little bit of bling to your Wedding shoe choice.

Now, Glory by Carvela Kurt Geiger, is a little bit of something different - but would make a different bridal shoe. and is £59!

Everyone loves a little bit of Bling, and thats exactly what you get with Guest by Carvela Kurt Geiger. A Nude open toe with a jewelled heel which is great for bride or bridesmaids and they are currently £59!
Next Product Code: 670 868
If you are wanting something a little less pricey, then what about these Ivory Lace Peep Toes from Next. Coming in at only £16 in the sale! Bridal, or   Bridesmaid shoes - great for every budget!

Top to Bottom: Cream Bow Front, Gold Glitter Platform, Silver Glitter Ribbon Front, Stone Lace Platform.
I am finding more and more of the Bridal Party, are heading towards the High Street, and more importantly New Look for their shoes. So I've found some of the more "Wedding" Sale shoes!

Most shoes tend to be more round toe (which I personally prefer) but if you like your pointed toes then check out the Cream Bow Fronted ones that are available at New Look for only £10! 

Wanting some Sparkle?! Gold Glitter Platforms are only £13! They'd be great for Bridesmaids too!

I personally love the Glitter Ribbon Shoe! They are almost like a boot/shoe and would also look great with short dresses! and only £13. I love a bargin!

If you are wanting Lace, then check out the Stone Lace Platforms in New Look for only £16! 

Left: Top Amelia Lace Court, Bottom: Cecile Oval Trim Slingback
Right: Colette Vintage Bow Shoe.

And last but not least some beautiful shoes from Monsoon

The Amelia Lace Bridal Court Shoe's are perfect for anyone not wanting something fussy and are wanting a full shoe. £27.50 from the Monsoon Sale! 

Cecile, have some sparkle and are a Bridal Slingback with open toes. Great if you wish to shoe off a little bit of sparkle under your dress and only £34.50

The Collette Vintage Bow Shoe - are so cute and girly - perfect if you are having a vinage theme for your Wedding - or if you want something a little different. Only £44.50!

As you can see now is a great time to start getting together items for your Wedding! Shop the Sale - no one needs to know! 
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