Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[Newborn] Tiny little Katie, Newborn Photography Barnsley

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing beautiful little Katie, after her mummy had called when she was up visiting family to see if I could squeeze them in for a newborn session. Luckily, the day after she called I was available - so she was lucky! And I was lucky then to get snuggles from this gorgeous little lady! 

Katie, was an absolute dream, and whilst she did do some wee's on my props, she more than made up for it with how sleepy she was! And just look at all that hair! <3 p="">

Grandma knitted the above blanket which I had to use for a shot - afterall, it is something that means something, and I dare you not to smile at the image below! 

Gorgeous little lady - much loved by all of her family! I love creating precious little memories! <3 p="">

Monday, 24 March 2014

[Studio] Happy Birthday Erin, Studio Photographer Barnsley

It was lovely to have Erin in to celebrate her turning one with a photoshoot, I have photographed Erin 3 times within the year and it is always great to see how children develop and grow as little people - and big personalities! 

I always try and start the session with some "clean" shots before we bring out the cake, as not all children like the touch and feel of the cake. If your little one isnt a "messy" person, they may not like a Cake Smash session.

After the cake, we managed to get a few more of Erin, just enjoying herself! Isn't she a cutie!! 

Friday, 21 March 2014

[IOM] Image of the Month, Creating the Image.

When I first started entering images in the Image of the Month via the Guild of Photographers, I entered images that I loved, that I knew that parents loved of their little ones. The ones that would sell.

However, as the months went on and it got harder and harder, you would question the judges choice, and it becomes very frustrating, I looked into it more.

I never thought, or even wished to enter Photographer of the Year, or come within the top 10 as I didn’t think it was possible with the amount of talent around (and I didn’t get in the top 10 so at least I knew!) but after my mentoring and joining buddy groups for Image of the Month – then it became clear, that the images you enter into the competition, are completely different almost to the ones that you photograph for customers.

Most photographers  “Shoot for dough, not for show” when taking client commissions, and sometimes you may have one or two images that jump out at you that you think may do well for the judges, then that is only really part of the process.

Images are entered by the end of the month, this image shown was entered for February – we wait until the following month, 21st, where we get our results.

Images are scored, depending your score depends if you get a bar, bronze, silver, gold, or the elusive platinum (that no one has got yet!) And then each bar is awarded a different “point” scheme, that works for Photographer of the Year, top 10, and the new Photographers Bar, where you have to get 27 points minimum throughout the year (for example a bronze image is 1pt).

This year, my aim, is to get the Photographers Bar, and maybe even another Gold image like I did last year!

But this is the process, that I went through for just ONE image (I enter 3) for Image of the Month.

My process always starts with picking an image that I think has some potential, and then make my edits, adding texture to some images, cropping and thinking of all the little things that the judges could pick up on, I joke that trying to figure out what the judges want, is just like trying to find out if there is life on mars, almost impossible but it doesnt stop us trying! 

Subtle changes start being made, border or more border, how close to crop, don't crop that close, make sure it looks ok, were are the leading lines.

Then a few more subtle changes, before you settle on your final image (the one on the right) before you then start asking your photographer friends, and the people in the Image of the Month Buddy Groups...And then sometimes its easier to start the editing right from the beginning.

This is the image I start with. The crop is straight out of camera, you can see her hand clipped, and a bit of her knee, and the chair behind her, but look at that little face! (and coldsore) doesn't she just look adorable?!

Next, I have already decided on my square(ish) crop from the origional time I posted it, cropping it closer to her hand and skirt, and making a bit more space for her head to tilt into, before adding a texture that I feel helps enhance the image (some textures don't work on images I personally find!)

Now, this is where the fine tuning of the image really starts, the whispy bits of her hair from her forehead are edited out, her cold sore has been removed, and the silver clip of the flower has been removed to make it flow better and nicer. Then, the background has been lightened up a little bit more too...

Before.... ta da! The final image to be submitted to Image of the Month.
This scored 75 Points in February IOM scoring me a Silver Bar.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

[Maternity] Jacqueline's beautiful bump, Maternity Photography Barnsley

After photographing Jacqueline and Steven's Wedding last year, I was delighted when it was announced that they were expecting a little bundle of joy - and even more when they asked me to photograph their Maternity Session. Now we are just waiting for the little one to make his appearance.

I always try and photograph Bump and Partner together, and include other children if requested, and then work on photographing some images of Mummy-to-be on her own.

I'm sure you'll agree that she looks absolutely stunning! Pregnancy definitely suits her! Now come on little man and make your appearance!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

[Behind The Scenes] Blue Lights Photography and Wedding Exhibitions!

As our first big Wedding Exhibition was on Sunday, I decided to take some behind the scene photographs, to show what kind of work goes into setting up - or at least from start to finish.

The Show run from 10am-5pm, so my day started at 6:30am, getting up, showered and making myself look ready to take on the world! 

The first Job when we got to the Racecourse at just after 8am was to unload the car of everything and then move it to exhibitor only parking, so other people could start unloading their vehicles too. And then the job began of making our empty plain shell scheme, turn into something wonderful! 

The first job was to put up the new Backboards for our stand which we had got from AdelaRosa - this was the first fayre they had an outing at. Each one had to be velcro'd before being attached to the shell scheme walls. 

My job was to cut the Velcro and make sure that the boards were in order whilst Mum put them up, and I made sure they were straight and happy with them. Mum calls me a control freak - but I just like to make sure things are done properly!

After that the top vinyl's were put into place (but we had to take them down as they wouldn't stay in place - need new ones for next year!) and the rest of the stall is set up. Firstly the TV is set up with a slideshow playing constantly, before the albums are split into our Classic and Prestige albums - along with other items including Wedding Ideas' Magazine's with our Real Life Weddings that we have had published in them. 

Branding, Branding Branding, is key. We were giving out "Bride to Be" Stickers to make sure we knew which brides we had spoken to, and had our branded Pens, and DVD Cases on show. It was lovely for all the comments that we got from our stand! It makes it all worth while! 

And then its home time - and the devastation it leaves behind! All packing up ready to go home, after a fabulous show! 

Just booked the next Doncaster Show for 2015! 

See you on the 8th March 2015 10-4:30! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

[Wedding] Nicola & Matthew's Beautiful Wedding at Earl of Doncaster Hotel,

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing my first Wedding on 2014 at the Earl of Doncaster Hotel. I first met bride Nicola, back in 2012, at the Wedding of Prue and Greig - Nicola was Prue's hairdresser, so it is always lovely to be able to see people that I've previously met. 

I started with Nicola at 10:30am, for the bridal preparations for her 1:30pm Wedding. Nicola was very emotional on the day, and as long as no-one was nice to her, then she was fine. We had to pretend to insult her all morning, to make her laugh - and to make sure she didn't cry! 

Nicola was walked down the aisle by her Dad, to meet her Groom-to-be in the beautiful Ballroom at the Earl of Doncaster.

After the Ceremony, we headed to the nearby Park for group and couple photographs. 

Nicola & Matthew, really do not like their photographs taking - but I have to say they did really well on the day itself! 

We finished the couple photographs, upstairs in the Ballroom, with the beautiful Earl Sign. The venue is so beautiful. These images were on the Evening Slideshow at Nicola & Matthew's reception - where I was until around 9:30pm - photographing the guests, the band, and of course the first dance! 

I absolutely loved my first Wedding on 2014! I cannot wait for the rest!

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your special day! xx

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