Thursday, 25 April 2013

[Ideas] Table Names [Series 4/21]

Do you have a specific colour theme for your Wedding? Then why not name your tables after the different shades of the colour!

If your main theme for instance is Purple, then why not think of table names such as: Violet, Lilac, Mulberry, Hazel, Egg plant, Amethyst, Thistle and Mauve.

You could also look at what Gemstones are available in your certain colour. Lets stick with the purple theme: Your main two are Tanzanite and Amethyst but there are many more which can be sourced.

Or...if you don't fancy gemstones - how about precious metals?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

[Information] When Looking for a Photographer...

Booking a Photographer for your special day, is a daunting task, you’ve heard bad stories about people booking photographers and getting bad photographs, you’ve seen amazing photographs but didn’t think they’d cost as much as they do, but you need to be able to find the photographer that is right for you.

So here are a few tips for you when you start looking for your Photographer:

Ask: Ask recently married friends, or work colleagues about who they used for their photographer, ask if you can look at their wedding images (if you’ve not already seen them) and ask for both good and constructive feedback, were they 100% happy with the service, and do they wish they had got something else that they didn’t get…

Also, ask your venue for recommendations and if you have other suppliers booked - ask them. A lot of people will have worked with photographers, but once you have a list of photographers you are then able to start going through your list, looking on websites and then able to have a list of your favourites - the ones that you would like to meet.

Research: Do not just look at google, you will be better looking at some of the Wedding Magazines, websites and Wedding blogs, rather than relying on the ones with the best search rankings doesn’t mean they’re the best photographers. Also, try and go to Wedding Fayres, once you know what style of photography you like - then you are able to research a little better and make a better choice.

Meet: Meet the photographer you are thinking about booking before you book them. It is important to make sure that they know who you are as people, and that they understand you. Use this to look at more of their work, and not only that but get a feel for them as a person. Trust your gut instinct. I always say, when you find the one you know, and it goes for your venue, your dress and even your photographer!

Book: Do not leave it too late to book! Some people leave it to chance to see if they can get a better deal by booking closer to their date, but this could leave you disappointed and unable to find a photographer you like. Most good and great photographers can get booked up more than a year in advance, especially for key dates.

Remember: Ask. Research. Meet and Book! And trust your gut instinct! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

[Information] Remember to be a guest...

Sometimes, I have blog post idea’s pop into my head, and its ages before I get around to writing the actual posts. But whilst the computer is whirring and sorting some images, and I am feeling sorry for myself with tonsillitis, I thought I would share a few words, and feelings regarding a couple of posts which are going around.

It seems to have all started with this blog where some wedding couples are asking you to turn off your devices, leave your camera’s at home - and focus on being a Wedding Guest. This then led to this blog post  and I suppose now it leads to mine.

When I am a guest at a Wedding, I leave my “proper” camera at home. Always. Whether it’s a good friend, or family member - the camera is at home. I either take my point and shoot compact camera - mainly to take photographs of myself and friends I’ve not seen for ages. Or I use my phone. In fact, the last wedding I went to as a guest, I didn’t even take a picture of the bride and groom, and only came away with 3 pictures - and one of those was the cake!

But are too many guests turning photographer, and spoiling the couples day? Some brides think so, but interestingly enough the second article is from the Photographer point of view.

When I photograph Weddings I photograph using available light where necessary. Most vicars and registrars ask for flash not to be used during the ceremony - as this puts the couple off their vows, so with respect, I use available light, a decent camera and be able to follow the wishes.

But what happens, more so with both the bride walking in, and the bride and groom walking out - is that everyone wants to take photographs - and using flash - this can ruin many professional photographers photographs of the bride and groom.

These 3 shots were taken one after another (they are straight out of the camera)- and shot 2 could have been the most perfect shot, the bride’s father could have looked at her with such a knowing smile, a squeeze of the hand, or even a quick kiss on her cheek, he could have done anything - but it wouldn’t have mattered because a guests flash ruined the photograph.

I understand that guests want to take their own photographs, but sometimes I think that because we have an expensive camera, we can “Photoshop” them out of images, or especially for group shots - we can make everyone’s eyes and heads turn the same way in one shot - and unfortunately that really isn’t the case.

So the next time you are at a Wedding, and you are insistent on taking photographs - please wait until the professional have their photographs first. Please don’t interrupt the formal shots - or try and photograph over the photographers shoulder, and don’t get upset if the photographer asks you to kindly  move away. And more importantly - remember you are there to enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

[Ideas] Table Names [Series 3/21]

Another good table name, is flowers.

Not only could you list your favourite flowers, and especially if they are in-fitting with your colour scheme (visit here to find more flowers in your colour scheme) but also, you could have a small jar of these flowers on each table also - meaning you have your table centrepieces sorted also!

Some of my personal favourite flowers are:

Gerbera's, Peonies, Tulips, Calla Lillies - and I even love gypsophila!

What are your favourite flowers? 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

[Ideas] Table Names [Series 2/21]

Following on the Table Name Idea's series, how about things related to travel?

Have you two travelled much as a couple, either in the UK, or abroad? Why not have the table names as cities you have visited.

You could have famous landmarks, places you wish to visit or even London tube stations or lines depending on the theme of your Wedding also.

Alternatively, did you both grow up in different area's? Why not have table names for where you both grew up, where you met, and where you now live.

Your imagination is your only stopping point - but sometimes it can be hard to come up with an idea you both love!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

[Wedding] Wedding 100! Jacqs and Steve

Yesterday was my 100th Wedding, and here we are with their very own blog post. Jacqs Grandad couldn't make it to the Wedding as he was poorly - but this blog post is so that he can at least share in the joy of the day :)

They were married at Harthill All Saints Church - and the reception was held at Carr Farm - the family farm of the Skepper Family.

The Marquee was glorious of white and Duck Egg Blue, and the centre pieces were names of the fields that the family farm, and the cake was made by the Groom's mum.

And a wedding on a farm, wouldn't be a wedding, without Tractors, and Hay Bales!

The Wedding was a truly beautiful day, we had gorgeous weather, and lots of laughs and good times.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Skepper!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

[Ideas] Table Names [Series 1/21]

Want to name your tables, rather than just number them? Then why not look at the range of idea’s we have coming over the next few weeks…

Firstly, who said tables have to be names, why not have a sequence of numbers.

Use dates from your relationship - to form the table numbers:

Some Ideas:
First Date
Date you got engaged
First moved in together
Date you booked the venue
Wedding Date

And if you have children together, why not incorporate these too:
Date you found out you were expecting
Birthday of children

Another idea is some of  the best dates you’ve been on together - or some of the most memorable.

Did you have your first date at a bowling alley, or did he spill a drink over you in your local pub. Think of things that are meaningful to you - and you will be able to get guests talking about why the table names are named such as they are.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

[Information] Copyright Free vs High Resolution Images

When I attend wedding fayres, or even online, I see and hear a lot of people asking if they get copyright of all the pictures on the disc.

The answer is no. No photographer gives copyright, but its one of those words that people understand. In theory - people who sell you “copyright free images” are generally miss selling to you.

Copyright, always stays with the photographer. This is because we are the artist’s of the work we produce - this is in camera, photo shop etc. This also means that we can use the images for promotional use, and on websites etc. 

When people get “Copyright free” it basically means, you have a license to reproduce, and print as many of the images as you like. You can make your own album, get them printed as big as you like. Some photographers also class this as “High Resolution images” and “Print Licensed images”. They are all the same thing.

The photographers that offer “copyright free” are really giving you high resolution images that you can go and print from. 

If a photographer was to give you “copyright free” images, by rights, you could sell them on for a profit - and you could even set up business using the images they have taken as your own work. I don’t really think this is what they mean by “copyright free” and I am very sure that they would challenge you on it if you did that!

So remember when comparing two photographers, and one is giving you “high resolution images” and one is giving “copyright free images” remember that they are both the same thing!

Other terms you may also come across:

Low Resolution: These images are unsuitable for printing, and are for online use only. Social Media such as face book, emails, personal blogs, and websites. These images will likely be watermarked from the photographer.
Facebook Images: As above. Low resolution, watermarked images for you to use online.

I hope that helps to clear a few things up when you are looking for your photographer! 

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