Sunday, 31 July 2016

[Wedding] Simply The Best, Will & Nina at Waterton Park Hotel

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Will & Nina's Wedding. I started with Nina and her 3 bridesmaids at Nina's parents house. The sun was shining beautifully and everyone was happy and chilled! 

Nina's Wedding shoes were a gorgeous pair of Louboutins! And what about the Wedding Stationery! Nina is a Digital Designer so she made and designed it all! Absolutely Beautiful!

We headed to Woolley Church, the beautiful little church just a 5-minute drive away from Nina's parents house. The bridesmaids headed in the car with mum first, before Nina and her Dad arrived. 

The new Mr and Mrs Best left the church before we set up the confetti tunnel for them to walk through which worked great! A little bit of height on the pathway, plus a wide path for them to walk down this shot doesn't always work - but worked perfectly at this church! 

We did some more photographs within the grounds of the church before heading off to Waterton Park Hotel.

Once at Waterton, we did a few extra group photographs, room photographs and couple photographs to make the most of the beautiful Weather and grounds. The room was decorated beautifully at Waterton, the cake by Joanna Rose was simply stunning, and we have to give a shout out to Nina's Dad for spray painting all the collection of bottles for the tables over the last 12 months. It's so great when everyone can join in!

After dinner and speeches, I took Will & Nina back outside onto the decking for a few more photographs before everyone started partying the night away.

Thank you Will & Nina for allowing me to share your special day X

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A True Gift Of Love: The Wedding Gift

Giving gifts to a newly betrothed couple has been a tradition for many centuries, and is the main reason why the wedding gift business has remained profitable despite changing business conditions. A wedding gift is a tangible representation of support and love for the couple to help them start their new life on a positive note.

Wedding etiquette dictates that guests who are officially invited to the wedding ceremony and reception are required to send a gift, regardless they attend or not. However, those invited but live very far and have not been in close contact with the couple for several years have the option not to follow the tradition. 
A guest requested to attend a shower should present a gift but does not have to if he/she cannot attend the event. A close family member or friend will likely send something despite not attending.

Engagement gifts are never compulsory but have started to become a requirement in some parts of the world. A guest who is not sure whether or not to present a gift to an engagement party may consult the hosts for guidance. 

Ideal wedding gifts can range from expensive china, gift certificates, camping equipment, gardening tools and household appliances. Choosing a gift should be an enjoyable activity except for those "shopping-challenged". The gift registry is very helpful in determining what to give the couple. Starting to become popular is the move of couples registering gifts with two or more retail stores, online shops or even brokerage houses and travel agents. Registry information is informally spread to guests and should not be inserted in a wedding invitation.

Putting a gift registry in an invitation is a major turnoff for guests, as it will give more focus on the gift and less on the thought of inviting to the wedding. The guests should have the choice whether to give a gift. Sometimes the most memorable and sentimental gifts are those carefully picked surprises. 

Normally, they should be delivered to the bride’s home before the wedding addressed to her.  Gifts sent after the wedding should be addressed to the couple’s new home or the house of the bride’s parents. Some cultures require the gift to be brought to the wedding home instead of sending it ahead of the ceremony.

Guests may send the gifts immediately after they receive the invitation. Doing this gift giving practice will spare the couple from worrying about how to transport huge packages coming from the reception site.

Proper etiquette dictates that the couple should immediately write a thank-you note to the sender upon receiving the wedding gift and before the fourth month after the wedding at the most.

FAQ’s on proper wedding etiquette on gift giving 

  • When does the gift should be sent?The gift for the bride should be given before the wedding or shortly after the couple. If the gift cannot be sent anytime soon, it must be sent before three months after the ceremony. This goes against hearsay that it can be sent even shortly before the first year anniversary of the newlyweds.
  • Are the gift options limited to those listed in the registry?No, a registry only serves as a guide for the gift giver. Any wedding gift will as long as it comes from the heart. 
  • Is there an ideal budget for a wedding gift? The budget is entirely up to the gift giver. One’s love for the bride and groom should serve as the basis on how much a gift should cost.
  • Is money an appropriate gift?Money is the traditional gift in some cultures. Giving a gift certificate to their favourite store is a nice option if you are comfortable giving cash.
  • What if I did not receive a thank you note from the bride and groom?While it is an awkward thing to do, the best move is by calling the bride and groom and asking if they have received your wedding gift. If the gift came from a store, call your contact salesperson and verify if your purchase was delivered on time and to the right recipients. Become concerned only if the thank you note does not arrive within three months after the wedding.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Understanding Ectopic Pregnancy

Did you know that...  symptoms of ectopic pregnancy typically include lower back, abdominal, or pelvic pain. The pain usually gets worse before it gets better and more often than not vaginal bleeding will occur.

The first thing we want to do is understand the differences between a normal pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy. Understanding these differences will not only educate us on the topic, but it will help put that nervous mind to rest.

During a normal pregnancy the fertilized egg enters the uterus. The uterine lining gives the fertilized egg plenty of room to divide and grow (and make your belly big). 

During a typical ectopic pregnancy, the egg does not actually reach the uterus, but gets hung up in the Fallopian tubes.  As the egg starts to grow this causes the tubes to stretch and get irritated.  Typically you will feel extreme pain (you know your body and you will know the difference between this pain and expected pain).

Ectopic pregnancy should not go untreated. If it’s left untreated you’re at risk of rupturing the Fallopian tube which would cause internal bleeding.

So what causes ectopic pregnancy you ask?  Is it me or something I did or did not do?  Is it my lack of exercise?  Is it my poor diet or my extremely healthy diet? No, no and more no!

There are a few causes for ectopic pregnancy and I will list them here: 

1. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) have a HIGH occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

2. Your Fallopian tubes have cilia (almost like hair)located on the surface that help carry the fertilized egg to the final resting area the uterus.  Some women have damage to this cilia or even blockage of the tubes and this can cause ectopic pregnancy.

3. Tubal ligation can cause cilia damage. The problem is that treatment for ectopic pregnancy is to use tubal surgery which increases your risk for future occurrences.

4. High levels of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can slow the egg down as it travels to the uterus. Infertility treatments can cause higher risk of ectopic pregnancies.

Can ectopic pregnancy be treated?  What are my options if I am diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy?

There are basically two types of treatment for ectopic pregnancy. Nonsurgical treatment and surgical treatment.

Nonsurgical treatment
Since 1993 the drug methotrexate has proven to help ectopic pregnancy if taken early on in the pregnancy. Methotrexate can interfere with the growth of the developing egg causing the cessation of pregnancy.

Surgical treatment
If bleeding has already occurred, surgical intervention is necessary to stop blood loss and reduce the risk of your body going into shock.  Most surgeons use laparoscopy or laparotomy for access to the pelvis and can remedy the affected Fallopian tube.

Should you worry about ectopic pregnancy?  Of course, what mother would not. Make sure you do not let every ache and pain make you think you’re having one.  Just remember the things I listed.  If you conceived from fertility drugs that does not mean you will have an ectopic pregnancy, but you should monitor and pay close attention to the symptoms.

This information is here to educate you and not scare you. Remember to enjoy your pregnancy and good luck!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

[Wedding] Shauna & Zach, a beautiful Wedding at Hazlewood Castle

Most Weddings fall on a Saturday - it is still generally the most common day to get married. So when a Wedding comes along that is not on a "weekend" for instance it means setting 20 alarms to get up in the morning and make sure you don't sleep in! And that is exactly what happened on Thursday when Shaun and Zach were to get married.

I headed over to Hazlewood Castle to start photographing Shauna and her bridesmaids, mum and her son an nephew.

Shauna was walked down the aisle by her dad whilst her groom Zach awaited at the bottom of the aisle for her. Surrounded by family and friends, love, laugh and tears it is clear to see that these two are made for each other and are fully supported.

It's crazy to think that I met Shauna and Zach through Chloe (one of Shauna's Bridesmaids) and went on to photograph their little boy Miles when he was a tiny newborn. And now I have seen them become husband and wife. 

Before Miles got too cranky we headed out and had photographs together, and I am sure you can agree they are a beautiful little family. After this, and lollipops, we headed to continue to do group shots in the courtyard of Hazlewood Castle.

The weather threatened to start to rain, so we headed off into the grounds to photograph Shauna and Zach, the new Mr and Mrs Lycett - on their own. Such a beautiful couple and also so much in love.

Afterwards, we headed inside for the Wedding Breakfast, before speeches were delivered by the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man.

Thank you Shauna & Zach, for allowing me to share your special day. I wish you all the best for the future. Xx 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Second Wedding Etiquette

People used to say that couples should not be extravagant and formal in celebrating their second wedding, most especially if the bride or the groom was divorced from his or her first spouse. Second weddings should be celebrated quietly, in a smaller and intimate party.

Nowadays, however, this is thought does not hold true to many of us. Couples who will celebrate their Second Wedding should not hide their emotions and love for each other. They could celebrate their Second Wedding in any way they want it to be celebrated. Be it an intimate or quiet one or extravagant and formal the way they have celebrated their first wedding.

Don't think what other people would say about you being too extravagant for a Second Wedding. If you and your groom have the budget to finance a feast wedding, then do as you please! It is not every day that you will find a person who would make your heart beat the second time. But do you know that Second Wedding also has its list of Etiquette? So, if you want to avoid seeing raised eyebrows on your wedding day, try to know some basic Second Wedding Etiquette and avoid committing Second Wedding Etiquette blunders. 

Second Wedding Etiquette - How to Announce Your Engagement
If you have children from your first marriage, getting married for the second time will be a bit hard for them. So, even before you announce your Second Wedding to people that you know, take the time to sit down and talk to your children first about your plans to remarry. This is the most important Second Wedding Etiquette that you must remember. If you failed to tell your kids in advance about your plans of remarrying, you are taking your second marriage in an uneven road even before you, your second husband, his kids and your kids may live under one roof.

Second Wedding Etiquette requires you tell your parents of your engagement before you inform your ex-spouse. If you don't have any children with your ex-spouse, you would not violate second wedding etiquette if you won't inform you ex-spouse about your engagement.

Second Wedding Etiquette - Wedding Dress Issue
Lilac or lavender is the color of wedding dress for widow brides who are getting married for the second time. But this Second Wedding Etiquette is not obligatory; widow brides may wear any color of wedding dress that they wish to wear.

This fact holds true to divorced brides who will be having her second wedding. Divorced brides can wear a white wedding gown. But it would be best if they would leave out the veil and tiara. A flower headdress would be the best alternative.

Second Wedding Etiquette - Should You Invite Your Ex?
When planning for your second wedding, you should list the people who you would like to invite. Your groom should have his own list too. Then you and the groom should sit down to talk about who should and should not be on the list of guests. This is the proper Etiquette for Second Wedding.

For Second Wedding Etiquette, it is advised that former in-laws and ex-spouses should not be written on the guest list even if you are on good terms with them. Your guests may feel a bit awkward around them.

Even if your groom agrees on the idea of inviting your ex-in-laws and ex-spouse (just to show that he hasn't any bad blood for his ex), you should not agree in to it. You won't know what would happen if the former and current in-laws and spouses meet. It's better to be safe than sorry. The proper Second Wedding Etiquette for this scenario is to invite your ex-spouse instead for a dinner after the wedding and honeymoon.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Anxiety and Pregnancy

Women and babies have been interrelated since the very beginning. It is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing unusual about it. Almost all young women want to bear a child or in other words become a mother. There are several expectant mothers who suffer from severe stress and emotional turmoil and now the question arises that can pregnancy and the anxiety related to becoming a mother can bring her joy and contentment, equally?

The answer to this question varies from woman to woman. A part of the past life of the expecting mother is always to be brought to light especially when she is going to give birth to a new life. 

What things might make it more stressful?

During pregnancy, a woman spends most of her time thinking and being drowned in her thoughts most of the times. The common thoughts during this time are will her newborn be normal? will she fail as a mother? Will her baby have to go through the same problems as she had to go in her adolescence? etc. This is quite expected as this is a preparatory stage for the mother to love the baby who is growing inside her womb and also her body is preparing to adapt to the changes to meet the demand of the new life which is growing inside of her.

It is seen in most cases that the anxiety during pregnancy triggers stress in the woman. The other factors that might lead to rigorous stress during pregnancy are: 

  • A current miscarriage: This shakes the woman’s confidence and the woman tends to wonder whether she will ever experience the joy of becoming a mother and see her baby cry for the first time.
  • A uncertain income during the pregnancy
  • An inconsistent relationship with the baby’s father
  • No emotional and moral support
  • Unexpected and unwanted pregnancy that might mess up other plans of life.

It is essential to be mentally stable during pregnancy and settle all the worries and doubts with her close friends, family members, and doctors. It is not impossible to deal with anxiety and pregnancy. Like other crisis of life, pregnancy and anxiety can be very easily dealt with. The pregnant woman is the right person to determine what is best for her baby. No matter what all expecting mothers want to emerge as the best mother and would always want to do the best for the welfare of her child. 

However, note that anxiety and pregnancy do not bear good results for the child. Several studies reveal the fact that if the mother is stressful and over anxious during her pregnancy then her baby is bound to develop stressful behavior later in life. Between the 12th and 23rd weeks the baby in the mother’s womb is mostly likely to be affected by its mother’s stress and anxiety. 

What good can come out of it?

Other than harboring some negative thoughts the expecting mother makes preparations to deal with anxiety and pregnancy. Several bodily changes take place during pregnancy. 

One of the major concerns during this time is that whether their anxiety disorders will affect the unborn and worsen the pregnancy conditions and also after the baby is born whether they will be able to take care of the baby properly or not. Obviously, a great concern is whether or not the symptoms of their anxiety disorder will worsen during the pregnancy, and if they will be able to care for the baby after it is born.  Whether intake of different medicines will affect the baby or not is also a cause of concern. All these thoughts however, can elevate the levels of stress in the expecting mother. 

The following facts can offer some hope for anxiety and pregnancy:

  • During the pregnancy period and breast feeding period the medicines for anxiety disorders are quite safe for the baby.
  • About 40% of women experience a precise decrease of the anxiety pattern during pregnancy. However during postpartum the set of anxiety symptoms may return.
  • The intake of medicines for anxiety disorders by the expecting mother can actually help in preventing the development of anxiety disorders in the baby later in life. 

If the mother’s symptoms are not treated properly then however it may result in lower birth weight of the baby. 

What can be done during pregnancy to deal with anxiety?

About 10% of women develop anxiety symptoms during pregnancy. Following the steps below will definitely help them to deal with the situation in a better way.

  • Seek advice from your doctor about your plans to either become pregnant or that you already are. The doctor’s instructions and medications will help you to deal with your anxiety and pregnancy strategically.
  • Bond with your partner in a more strong and intimate way. This would ensure support and love which would help in dealing with the situations in a better way. 
  • Relax. Pursue hobbies according to your liking. Talk to your friends, go for walks, practice gardening. All these activities will divert you mind and keep your stress under control. 
  • Open up to your husband or partner and close friends and discuss your causes of stress. This will definitely help.

This article is detailed for guidance only, if you are dealing with anxiety during your pregnancy please speak with your doctor or midwife.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

[Wedding] A Beautiful Day Full Of Love, Hayley & Jonathan, The Old Deanery, Ripon

On Friday, I headed up to Ripon to photograph the Wedding of Hayley & Jonathan who were getting married on the Saturday. Poor Hayley had a little bit of a stressful evening as her b&b that she was staying in had double booked her, but luckily she was able to stay in a room a family member had booked who was not attending at her venue.

I expected to start with a very stressed out Hayley, at The Old Deanery, but she was surprisingly calm! In fact, she surprised everyone with how calm she was.

The room Hayley was getting ready in had beautiful sash windows that opened up to overlook the hidden garden that surprises most people who visit The Old Deanery. Hair and Make-up were underway with her bridesmaids and mum and dad flitting in and out of the room. 

Whilst I was with Hayley, I had Natalie as my lovely Second Shooter as Hayley & Jonathan wanted groom preparations photographed too. 

Hayley and Jonathan had a Civil Ceremony with a reading delivered by her friend in the middle of the ceremony. Hayley was wearing a Cathedral Length Veil was so fitting being in a venue where they could look outside and see Ripon Cathedral. 

Hayley and Jonathan are so happy together, and so excited to be with each other, it is so lovely to see, and it's important for me to capture the little quirks that make each couple so unique.

It had been raining the entire previous day -  so we headed outside just as it was starting to dry off. It threatened to rain a little but then the beautiful sunshine came out. We did group shots on the lawn as its such a beautiful spot not to take.

Then we headed for bride & groom portraits. Because Hayley got ready at the venue instead of where was originally planned she didn't get to go for a drive in the car - however, this didn't matter as it was still parked up for us to have some photographs with it - after all it belongs to Dad! 

I am sure you agree that you can tell just how very much in love they both are with each other. And so beautifully happy on their Wedding Day which is what it is all about.

Thank you to you both for allowing me to share your special day with you. 

Fast forward to Tuesday and I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley & Jonathan again to photograph the blessing of their Wedding at their local church.

I headed off to their house where this time it was Jonathan's turn to get Hayley into her dress, before they both walked along to church which is literally about 5 minutes maximum away! 

At the church, Hayley & Jonathan walked down the aisle together, as Mr and Mrs to have their Marriage blessed. With hymns and the choir singing, it was such a lovely intimate Wedding shared by a handful of family and friends.

They left the church, hand in hand to "Any Dream Will Do" a reference to the Best Man's speech from Saturday - and from Jonathan's Childhood. I love the recognition on his face as he realizes what the organist was playing.

We headed outside for some photographs, before heading downstairs for tea and cake. It was such a pleasure to be able to spend a second day with you! 

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