Saturday, 30 January 2016

[List] Top 4 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are parties thrown for friends that are pregnant. It has changed over the course of the years and has gradually become more and more elaborate and planned.

You will be amazed but you are already way ahead of many people as you are seeking out information and with these simple planning tips you are bound to be a Baby Shower Success. 

So let’s get started.

Baby showers can make an expectant mother feel more secure in the fact that her friends are all pulling for her and giving moral and financial support. 

Usually the baby shower is organized by non-relatives. But today, its normal to find family members, support group members, church friends and pretty much anyone except the expecting mother organising the Baby Shower.

Inviting the Guests
Who should you invite? Usually, the guest list will only include those nearest and dearest to the expectant mother. It wouldn’t hurt if she gets a first look at the guest list so that she can suggest who should be invited. If you are planning a surprise baby shower, you will have to do a little research on who should be attending instead.

If the child is not a firstborn, you may opt to keep the number of guests down to the closest to the mother. Firstborn baby showers tend to have a larger guest list since it is, after all, the mother’s first time.

The thing to remember is that the nature of baby showers is intimacy. So, for any baby shower party, try making the gathering one of intimate friends.

You could use informal ways to invite these guests: email, phone and others. Invitation cards and other letters are the best way, however, as they provide a tangible, traceable evidence of invitation. Plus, it is the most sure and formal way to invite a person – and in many cultures – the only way.

What About the Guys
The nature of the party is probably going to tend towards the feminine side; if the organizers of the party have a provision for this, then inviting men would be fine. It also depends on the men, since the party may dwell on topics such as pregnancy, children, and other motherly topics, they might not be that excited to join. All in all, it depends on the preference of the organizers.

Anywhere! As long as it can keep with the placid and fun nature of the occasion, any place would be fine. The more usual places on baby shower lists are formal halls, restaurants, and basically any room that has the amenities to make a baby shower successful. Just make sure the venue is not crowded and stressful to the mother-to-be. It also pays to make sure the venue is set long before the actual baby shower happens.

When to Throw a Baby Shower
Usually, this is one or two months before her due. The baby shower is the perfect time to get the things your friends baby needs and stuff she may not have had time to purchase yet. It has to be well-timed though – not too close to the due date, and not to far as to whittle down the excitement.

Baby showers are a pleasant surprise to expecting mothers. It takes a lot of the stress of expecting a child off of their minds and provides a means for friends to show support and concern (and of course, baby gifts) to expecting friends.

A properly coordinated baby shower will be greatly appreciated and forever remembered by mothers long after they have delivered their children.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

[Baby] Developing Sleep Associations

Everyone who has had the experience of being a parent knows all too well the difficulties of getting your baby to sleep soundly throughout the night. The dark circles around the eyes of new parents are usually familiar to all those that have been around them. In terms of baby sleep tips, one of the most important things you must try and establish as a parent is getting your baby to learn to fall asleep on his own. The process by which your child begins to fall asleep on his own is one that involves a natural transition from falling asleep with the mother to falling asleep in an independent fashion. One of the best ways in which you can speed up this transition is to encourage your child to develop sleep associations that he or she can recreate independently.

Naturally, everyone - and babies in particular - will develop sleep associations. These are the things that you associate with bedtime, and allow you to create an environment in which it is easy to fall asleep. When your baby is at an extremely young age, he will naturally develop sleep associations involving the mother, as he will often fall asleep in her arms. As you attempt to get your baby to sleep in his own, however, it is crucial that you work to change these associations.

If you always put your child to sleep by holding him, or allowing him to use a pacifier, you create a sleep association with these things. Then, when your child wakes up in the middle of then night, he can't go back to sleep on his own because he is unable to recreate his sleeping environment without you: he needs you to feed him or rock him in order to sleep.

As you begin to try and get your child to sleep on his own, you should introduce items into his sleeping routine that he can sleep with, such as a particular blanket or a stuffed animal. What this will do is create associations for your child with these items for sleep. Then, when he awakes in the middle of the night, he will be able to recreate a sleeping environment without your assistance by grabbing his stuffed animal, etc. It can also be beneficial to introduce "transitional items" into your baby's bedtime routine: Allow him to have his stuffed animal or blanket with him during a final feeding and before-bedtime activities, and allow him to take these things with him to bed.

No matter what you do, your child is going to be creating his or her own sleep associations. Your job is to try and create associations with items that are under his or her control. By giving your child as much control over his sleeping environment as possible, you allow him to begin to achieve sleep independently. The most difficult transition in early parenting is the one towards independent sleep for your child, and if you introduce new items into your child's sleeping place, you will hasten this transition, which will soon allow both you and your child to get a good night's rest.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

[Wedding Wednesday] How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

Many brides begin dreaming about the perfect wedding dress long before they are even engaged. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is critical because it is the one day that all eyes will be on you.

A dress that is beautiful without being too ostentatious and is also flattering to your figure will ensure that you are looking your best on your wedding day.  With so many style, color and fabric options available, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a difficult task but fortunately most brides simply know when they have found the perfect wedding dress.  From the moment they put on the dress, their gut instinct tells them that this is the perfect wedding dress for them.

The most important piece of advice for shopping for the perfect wedding dress is to begin shopping for your dress at least six months before your wedding date.  Finding the perfect dress can take quite a bit of time and once you find the dress, it may take up to four months for the dress to be ordered and shipped to the store.  Then once the dress arrives in the store you may require several fittings to ensure that the dress fits you perfectly.  You will want to take your time and enjoy shopping for your wedding dress so it is important to begin the process early so that you avoid feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

Another worthwhile piece of advice for finding the perfect wedding dress is to try on many different styles of dresses.  Even though you may be convinced that you want a particular style you may find that the style that looks so appealing in magazines does not suit your body type.  You may also find that a style that you would have never chosen can be flattering to your figure.  For this reason it is important to try on a wide variety of styles before ruling out any particular style.  The old saying, “you won’t know unless you try it,” holds true for wedding dresses.  There have been countless brides who have found that their perfect wedding dress turned out to be significantly different from the one that they had pictured in their mind.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress sometimes requires reinforcements.  Having a few trusted friends or family members come dress shopping with you can help you find the dress of your dreams.  They can offer opinions on each dress that you try on and can also scour the countless racks of dresses available and choose dresses for you to try on.   Many brides instantly know that they have chosen the perfect wedding dress the moment they put on the dress but having trusted friends and family members along can confirm this feeling.  The moment you step out of the dressing room and reveal the dress you are wearing you may see instant confirmation that this is the perfect dress.  The reactions of your assistants will indicate that you have found the perfect dress.

When you have found the perfect wedding dress, you will know it so now is also the time to buy the dress.  Nothing is more important than your gut feeling and the reactions of your shopping partners so if you know you have the perfect dress in your hands, don’t risk losing the dress by opting to think about it for a few days before you make your purchase.  There is always the chance that the last available dress will be sold or that the company will discontinue the dress so do not allow yourself to miss out on buying the perfect wedding dress by not buying it the moment you realize it is the dress for you.

The wedding dress is a critical element in a wedding.  It is what makes a bride truly stand out and it is important for the bride to ensure that she has chosen the perfect wedding dress.  The minute a future bride steps into a wedding dress she will know instantly whether or not it is the perfect dress.  It’s important to trust this gut reaction and act accordingly in choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

[Baby Names] Choosing a Baby Name They Can Be Proud of

Getting ready for a new baby can be exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating all at once. One of the most challenging obstacles for new parents can be choosing a baby name. A name will identify your child throughout their life, people will form opinions about your child based solely on their name, and the name you choose will also play a role in molding your child's personality and behavior. Learning baby name meanings is a good first step in narrowing your choices.

Biblical and Hebrew Names
Biblical and Hebrew names are probably the most popular names about especially for boys. Biblical names for girls also endure consistent popularity.

Vintage Names
It is sometimes possible to "date" someone by knowing when their name was popular, especially for fad names that are used for only a short period of time due to the current popularity of a singer, movie star, or fictional character. Consider Marilyn, Jacquelyn, and Shirley, all examples of names that became popular for brief periods because of public figures. Another source of old-fashioned sounding names is classic literature.

Baby name meanings are often less important in vintage names, since usually the original meaning is secondary to the cultural associations. Girl's names seem to be more subject to trends and fads, as well, with boy's names changing less. For old fashioned names, look to your grandparents or great-grandparents, books, and movies from the era you would like a name from.

Ethnic Names
Choosing a name based on your ancestry can be a way of showing pride in your heritage and passing that on to your child. Names from other cultures can also be a way of giving your child a less common name, but without some of the negative associations that can come with making one up. You can look to other languages for different spellings of common names, too. Using a common name in a foreign language can result in a distinctive name for your child, for instance the Swedish Mattias instead of Matthew.

Another option for a distinctive name is to use family names. Find out what your grandparent's or great-grandparent's middle names are. Using a mother or grandmother's maiden name can be a way of providing a unique identity for your child while preserving family ties and heritage.

Unisex Names
Choosing a unisex name can be an easy compromise rather than coming up with a "boy name" and a "girl name", but it is rarely necessary now that most expecting parents know the gender of their child before birth. Unisex names can seem stylish and clever, but be aware that gender confusion can upset children. It's a safer choice to give a unisex name like Mackenzie, Tracy, or Morgan to a girl. It is more accepted for women to go by seemingly masculine names than for men to go by feminine sounding names.

Hollywood Names
Hollywood often sets the style for baby names, just as it does for so many other trends. The rich and famous rarely give their children common names. They range from the old-fashioned and classic to made up and unique to downright strange. Consider Frank Zappa, who named two of his children Moon Unit and Dweezil. Madonna's children are named Lourdes and Rocco. Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise named their children Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. They traverse the spectrum, but one thing almost all celebrity children have in common is that their names are not.

Creating a Name
Making up a name for your baby is becoming more popular, but it is still a choice you should consider carefully. There is some evidence of job discrimination when it comes to applicants with extremely unusual or made up names. Your child may also be subject to frequent mispronunciation by teachers and later coworkers. Creating a new name can also give your child a strong sense of identity, as with using a word not normally thought of as a name. Make sure you check dictionaries and other reference sources if you make up a name, though. It could already be an obscure word that may potentially embarrass your child.

Names and Personality
The name you give your child can go on to affect their personality, their behavior, their self-worth and their identity. Choosing a strange and unusual name can make your child a target for teasing and bullying. While using words for names, or making them up entirely, is gaining some popularity, your child will probably still encounter prejudices based on their given name. Some children may even choose to change their names as adults or to use their initials instead of given names.

Using a name that is extremely common also has its pitfalls. If you select an extremely popular name for your child, it's probable that he or she will be one of several in his or her class at school. While that may not be an issue for your child, some may feel as though it is difficult to establish an independent identity. Others may feel that they don't fit in if they are identified differently than other children, such as by last name or first name and an initial, if other children aren't also identified that way.

Tips for Choosing a Name
Try saying the name out loud. Make sure it sounds good with your last name. It may take some time for you to get used to it. Avoid names that can easily be turned into taunting nicknames. See if the name you like rhymes with any words likely to be used in an insult.

Check to see if the initials spell anything potentially embarrassing. If you are making up a name, check the dictionary first. Urban legends are rife with stories of children named something embarrassing by unwitting parents. Remember that your child's name will be with them for life. Choose something that they will be proud of.

Coming up with prospective names for your child doesn't need to be difficult and fraught with arguments. Discovering the different name origins of common monikers can be both fun and educational. Even if you have already decided to use a name that has been in your family for generations, learning baby name meanings can still be fun.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

[List] 5 Simple & Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

Baby Showers are becoming more popular here in the UK. A baby shower is an exciting event for a new mum where she and the new baby to be are the centre of attention. Even if you are not attending the baby shower it is still a good idea to pick up at least a small gift for the baby.

The new mum may have made a list of some general things that the baby will need, and if she has a list like this, you can check it out.  However, frequently you will have to pick a gift without a list especially if it is being thrown as a surprise. So here are some pretty 'safe bets' as far as baby shower gifts go

1. Clothing
All babies need clothing, and they grow very fast! If you have ever shopped for baby clothes you may be amazed to see that there are several different sizes of clothes needed for the baby just during the first year! Therefore, there are plenty of types of clothing that will be needed in plenty of different sizes.  Just remember to keep in mind how old the baby currently is, because baby clothing sizes change rapidly, and you would not want to buy a gift that is already too small by the time you present it to the parents!

2. Teething toys
All babies 'teeth' and will need little chew toys of sorts. These may become dirty quickly and it is probably smart to replace them often, so a number of these teething toys may be useful.  You might find ones with rattles or bells.

3. Stuffed animals
A cute stuffed animal may make a nice gift. The softest kind available may be liked the most for snuggly comfort. Additionally, some of these stuffed animals may have sounds built in. You may want one that makes sounds, or you may want an old fashioned one without noise. A good example is Winnie-The-Pooh or Eyeore.

4. Nappies
Parents always need these and they are a very practical and useful gift.  Just remember to look at the sizes correctly, considering how old the baby is - and buy a size bigger is always good.

5. Baby books
It is great to read to young children and really helps there little minds grow. While a very young baby won't be able to understand stories yet, parents are always looking to build a nice little library of quality books to read to their children.

There you have 5 simple baby shower gift ideas! Hopefully you will be able to find a nice gift or even a shopping bag full of little gifts to bring the baby and the parents enjoyment.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

[Baby] Discovering The World of Babies

How dull this world would be had we no babies to tend!
Imagine the monotony of sounds without their contagious giggles, pitiful cries, and puzzling babbles.
Oh how awful it would be without their incredible innocence or their charming naughtiness, what with their ways that can open a whole new world of perspective for us adults.

But whether for you babies are powerful tiny persons or cherubs sent from above, there is a wealth of things to know about these little humans (just when you thought you knew them all!).

Do you know that daily naps are vital not only to aid their physical growth? Daily naps are recommended, for without them babies will become hyperactive or fussier as the day wears on. Babies are indeed energetic but they do need breaks, you know.  So send them to snooze, regularly!  Oh, you know that already?

How about the reason why toys come in attractive colors?  Why playpens have soft, dangling items on them that infants can’t help but stare at for long?  What’s going on as they see these bright colors and hear these chimes?

Speaking of toys, what does the Lion Mark symbol that you see attached to some toys signify?  How are these different from the ones without the mark?  There are toys that are specified for 0 to 6 months babies only and toys for 6 to 12 months, but would you know which is for which if there weren’t any age advice stamped on them?  Why bother to care when they grow to reach that age sooner than you’d realize, anyway?

Do you know how to make bath time fun for them, instead of torture?  What bathing strategies should you employ for the newborn?  How about for a toddler who can easily jump out of the tub and splash water all over!

What should you feed these babies?  What should you have them wear?  These topics seem basic but would you not like to know the recent findings about nutrition?  The recent trends and developments in baby clothing to give them ultimate comfort and protection?

In traveling, when is it safe to have a baby on the front passenger seat?  Is it okay to use an infant carrier as a car seat?  What tests should you do to make certain a baby will be secure in the car, whether on front or on the rear seat?

How can you avoid baby bottle tooth decay?  Why do babies pull their ears – could it be related to teething or to ear infection?  When and how should you toilet-train them?  What novelty gift ideas are available so you can have something truly helpful for your mom-to-be friend?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, or know only a little, or would want to know more apart from the above topics, it’s time to discover these babies’ info!  Parents, parents-to-be, nannies, those whose careers are related to babies and practically anyone can benefit from the knowledge about babies. For the love of them, for the love from them… discover babies now!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

[Wedding Wednesday] A Guide to Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you want to set for your day. After all, if the purpose were to solely inform the guests of the details of the event, then you could just send an email or postcard. However, the invitation also serves as a souvenir of a special occasion, and an announcement of a couple’s love. Like the wedding ceremony itself, it must be beautiful and personal.

Selecting the Wedding Invitation’s Design 

There are thousands of ready-made wedding invitations to choose from; simply select a design, send the details, and the printer can have it ready within weeks. With such a wide selection, it may be difficult to pick which one is best. Here are the things to consider:

Formal or casual. 
You want a wedding invitation to complement the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Is your wedding formal or casual? A formal wedding may need classic script fonts, formal wording, and the traditional double envelope. A more casual invitation may use more modern fonts and more natural wording (i.e., instead of “we cordially invite you”, say “please join us…”), but care must be taken to retain the solemnity of the occasion.

You should always choose a subdued color. If you are using a rather bright color for your motif, like turquoise, opt for a delicate ribbon trim or small accents at the sides or corners rather than applying it to the whole invitation. This makes the invitation look more classy, and again, is in keeping with the nature of the event. It’s a wedding, not a night dancing at a trendy club.

Personal Touches.
You can add a short poem, a photo of the couple, or a song lyric from the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Inserts 

Most wedding invitation companies can provide a selection of templates where you just have to fill in the specific names, places and dates. However, many couples prefer to make their own, to make the invitation less stiff and more personalized. If so, here are a few guidelines:

It is not necessary to put the entourage in the invitation. However, you can have a separate piece of paper listing the members that can be inserted in select invitations—specifically those that go to the entourage themselves, and to the more immediate family and friends. They would appreciate the souvenir; plus, it is a way of thanking them for their participation.

You’d never forget to put the date and the venue, but many couples forget to put a map to the church and/.or reception area. A map would be very helpful, and would save many guests any inconvenience especially if the wedding is located in a place they are unfamiliar with.

If you are trying to control the number of guests, insert a small card that says, “We have reserved __ seats for you.” This is a subtle and polite way of minimizing the headcount.

If you are moving to a new home after the wedding, you can include another small insert announcing your new address.

Happy Choosing!

Monday, 18 January 2016

[Maternity Monday] Announcing Your Pregnancy

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant it becomes difficult to think of something else. This results in the woman being anxious to announce the exciting news with other people especially the partner. There has been a lot of controversy on the best time to make an announcement about pregnancy. While choosing how and when to make an announcement of pregnancy, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of proper timing.

Sharing news early

If one shares the news early the main advantage is that there is a lot of support from near and dear ones. One can share ones joy with others. While making decisions a lot of people comes foreword to help the pregnant mother. A lot of time is available for advice. There is overwhelming support in case of miscarriage.

The main disadvantage of breaking the news early is that there may be overwhelming advice. A lot of explanation needs to be done in case of miscarriage. The news of miscarriage may reach friends and other family members before even the nearest and dearest have been told.

Announcement decisions

It is the decision of the mother to whom else to announce the big news apart from spouse, parents and siblings. One should be careful of whom one tells. Telling ones partner is the first brings a sense of belonging and a bond with the child. After the spouse the other people who should know are the parents. They can help in future planning, offer advice and rejoice like no other person.

Choosing the way one shares the news matters a lot. It is fun to share the good news in a more creative and memorable way. Arranging for a romantic dinner is the best way to surprise and make the news memorable. Even in case of the delicacies baby food can be served. Another way is to go out for a movie and watch a baby movie like Nine month and Junior. The good news can be written in a piece of paper and inserted in the DVD. A t-shirt with Daddy written can be provided apart from a baby keychain, baby book and other baby items.

Telling family and friends

The good news can be sent in a card with a name chosen and a sonogram. This depends on how close the friends are. Another way of showing is a photograph of the woman and the husband without showing the belly.

Friday, 15 January 2016

[List] 5 Tips On Looking After Newborn Babies

Caring for a new baby is one of the most important things you need to consider. There are many things you need to take into account in order to make sure your baby gets all the attention they need.

1. Make sure that you feed your baby right. 

Deciding on whether you should breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby greatly depends on your personal decision. However, it has been shown that breastfeeding is still the best way to nourish newborn babies.  But remember its personal choice.

2. Practical sleep tips for infants. 

Sleep is crucial for babies because it has a direct effect on the child’s mental and physical growth. Newborn babies sleep for up to 17 and 18 hours a day. Parents should understand that babies sleep cycle could be pretty erratic. You may notice for a few weeks, your baby’s sleep may only last from approximately 30 minutes to 3 hours, and this can vary throughout a 24 period. But by the sixth week, you should see some signs of improvement as your baby’s sleep pattern becomes more structured. Newborns show signs of sleepiness by crying or rubbing their eyes. Newborns should be put down to sleep as soon as they feel sleepy. If you are not getting much sleep at night it may be a good idea to sleep when your baby does during the day if possible.

3. The proper way of bathing your newborn. 

Newborn babies need not be bathed on a daily basis. Bathing them two to three times a week is enough. Bathe your baby using sponge baths.

4. Maintaining your baby’s optimal skin care. 
Newborn babies have smooth and delicate skin. For this reason, it is necessary that you use products that are especially made for babies. But before buying any baby product, it is best to consult your midwife or health visitor. Most babies develop rashes from time to time and this is perfectly normal. However, if your baby seems irritated by a rash or has a fever, you should immediately seek advice from your doctor.

5. When to give the baby medicine. 
Like anyone else, newborn babies sometimes have special needs that require attention. When giving your baby medicine, it is important that you follow the advice of your midwife, health visitor and doctor. You need to know how to give the right dose prescribed by the doctor. It can sometimes be advised to start the baby with a small dose to ensure there is no adverse reaction to the medication.

The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only and is not meant in any way to replace advice given by healthcare professionals.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

[Baby] Colicky Baby: What You Can Do To Help

Colic is a puzzle which has not been worked out as yet. No one in fact is familiar with what generates it, and there is no "single size fits everyone" treatment for it also. The meaning of all this is that if your baby is colicky, the absence of belief in relation to what is incorrect and how to rectify it can make you go mad!

The positive information is that the baby’s wailing does sooner or later come to an end, and also the colic stops in due course. But having a wailing baby is hard to deal with at the finest of times, and whilst you are by now exhausted and perhaps a little stressed out from a demanding day, it is extremely tough without a doubt.

Given below are a few points that several parents have discovered to be of use in either making a colicky baby sleep, or at the most it is of use in lessening the intensity of wailing.

1. Take your baby for a walk.

Both clasping your baby either above alongside your shoulder and resting on your chest are proper stances. To a certain extent crying over and over again leads to formation of gas, so if not anything besides you might assist in releasing the gas and as a result decrease a little of your baby's uneasiness. For especially infantile babies, the thud of your heart thumping is frequently to a certain extent comforting, and can assist in relaxing them.

2. Rocking

It does not amount to what you make use of, whether it is a rocking chair on which you sit jointly, or gently sway your baby's cradle, or thump your baby's bouncer seat. The periodic movement is good for comforting a colicky baby. Yet again, clasping baby next to your chest whilst you sway to and fro in a chair assists as baby can listen to your heart beating.

3. Music

Babies are keen on music, so begin singing, or you can also switch on a TV or radio. Music time and again comforts a wailing baby, above all lullabies. A few babies illustrate a noticeable fondness for a certain melodic manner, and although it does not make them go off to sleep, it might aid to divert them sufficiently to discontinue with wailing.

Probably out of every one of these tips, you will come across 1 or 2 that will facilitate to either make your baby sleep or comfort your baby. And keep in mind - colic goes away in due course. Be certain that you continue to inform your health care practitioner in relation to the colic, as if it continues to go on for an excessively long time, then it might be essential to make sure of additional causes.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

[Wedding Wednesday] A Brief History Of The Bridal Veil

Since medieval times, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman women’s attire included veils. The tradition of wearing a veil was part of most married women. Historically unmarried girls wore no veils. The veil had a practical purpose for it had covered the woman’s hair, their neck and the chins. Veils had served a functional purpose, protecting women’s skin from wind and sun damage. By the 15th century, hoods become prevalent, and veils became less widespread.

Historically, brides wore their hair flowing down their back on their wedding day to symbolize their virginity, now the white veil is often said to symbolize purity.

The bridal veil may have a place in mythology. Ishtar, ancient Goddess of Love, came from the depths to marry her betrothed; the vapors of the earth and sea covering her "like a veil". According to folklore, the tradition of the veil changed to include a blusher after Jacob was tricked into marrying his beloved Rachel's sister, Leah, who was distinguished under the full veiling. It seems there is much to be said for scrutinizing the bride before it is too late!

The development of the wide loom and silk tulle in the 19th century gave women a sheer covering that enhanced their attractiveness. The wedding veil signifies modesty, privacy, youth and virginity. That way of thinking still has significance on bridal etiquette, as only a first-time bride wears a veil.

Remember, your bridal veil supposed to complement your bridal gown. The most popular colours are white, diamond white, and ivory. Diamond white is an excellent choice if your bridal gown has a sheen. The lifting of the veil at the end of the ceremony symbolizes male dominance. If the bride takes the initiative in lifting it, thereby presenting herself to him, she is showing more independence.

White bridal veils symbolize the bride’s purity and modesty. Moreover, veils are used to add to the final touches of a wedding dress and to frame the bride's face.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

[Baby Names] Consider Your Last Name

It's overwhelming enough to decide on a perfect first name for your baby, but if you're not considering its effects on your baby's last name you may be setting him up for future disaster. It's easy to overlook how the combination of your baby's first name and last name will work together.

Let's look at a few pointers in this area.

Perhaps the most obvious place to start is using a duplicate name for your baby's first and last names. William Williams or John Johnson for example. These names may cause some flack for your child going through school or they may provide a way to really set them apart. Mitch Mitchell, for example, was a famous drummer with Jimi Hendrix.

Common words as last names can present problems. My last name is Haywood and I have to think twice about names so my baby doesn't end up with a silly name. Be especially aware if your last name is slang for something vulgar. You can be sure your child will never live down a name like Richard Johnson once they hit high school.

Next, make sure the first name you pick doesn't end with the same sound that your last name begins with. For example, when saying Mark Kogan aloud, it sounds like Mark Ogan or Mar Kogan. And John Nolan becomes Jaw Nolan or John Olan. Just a small point to check for once you're pretty certain on a name.

Also make sure that shortened first names don't clash with your baby's last name. Edward Jed will most likely shorten to Ed Jed which has a silly sound to it. The classic prank phone call name Ben Dover is the result of a shortened first name as well.

Any name you choose can be made fun of somehow, but these are just some ways to make sure you avoid the most obvious mistakes. Above all, be sure to say your baby's whole name out loud so that you can evaluate its entire sound.

Good luck finding that perfect name for your baby!

Friday, 8 January 2016

[List] Top 5 Gifts that Mums-To-Be will Love

Everyone knows someone who is having a baby if you aren't having a baby yourself. Here are 5 gift ideas for any mum will be appreciative of. These ideas are great baby shower gift ideas if you are not sure what to get.

1. Nappies. Nappies and more nappies.
It may be a boring gift - but its much needed. I don't know any parent who will complain of having too many of these items when at home. To make it more snazzy you can find Nappy Cakes at gift events and on facebook groups - these normally include bibs and booties too!

2. Blankets, socks and burp cloths.
Chances are they are going to get tons of these. However, these gifts tend to come in newborn or 3 months sizes which after a few weeks probably won’t serve its purpose anymore. Making this a great gift is if you buy them in larger sizes. After a few months there are still brand new gifts for the baby to enjoy.

3. Pamper products for Mum.
The last few weeks of pregnancy are very uncomfortable and can be hard on Mum. Let her have the star treatment, and treat HER too. Once the baby is here - there is no time anymore!

4. Savings Bonds.

A savings bond is a great way to help invest in the child’s future. While everyone is thinking of now you are thinking ahead. It may also help jumpstart parents to jumpstart on baby’s future if they haven’t already.

5. Gift Certificates.

You can never go wrong with a gift certificate. Parents get to choose what they want and you gave them that satisfaction.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

[Baby] A New Baby Can Be Expensive!

A new baby brings a lot of joy and hope to a family. It also brings some uncertainty. You may be concerned that your home is too small, or that you need a larger car, among others. Whether you are expecting your first or your fifth child, chances are that you need baby gear! There are hundreds of different items that you need when the baby arrives, and it is important to remember that stocking up doesn’t mean you have to clean out the bank account. If you do a little bit of research beforehand, you can get almost everything a little bit cheaper by giving yourself time and shopping around.

The first question that a new parent-to-be asks is “what gear do I need?” There are many things that are convenient to have, and many things that are a “must have.” Once you distinguish between the two, you can start stocking up on the “must haves”. I recommend that you start shopping for bargains early on in your pregnancy. You will save more money, and eliminate the last minute rush that many parents undergo. Most baby sites will provide you with a checklist of the baby “must haves.” Print this list out, and then begin to compare prices and makes and models.

Every parent-to-be is on a budget. The trick is to make the most out of that budget. First consider looking at local selling sites and NCT Fairs for various baby gear. You can often get some cheap deals, on things that are in good shape. If you are looking for some really good deals, go online. There are hundreds of different baby sites, which offer many products at deep discounts. You may also try an auction site like EBay. I have found some great deals on items that you need everyday, like bottles and bibs.

Shopping for baby on a budget can be a lot of fun, if you approach it correctly. Create a list of the items that you want to shop for, and stick to it. Look for discounts and deals both locally and online. In no time, you will have a nursery full of baby gear ready and waiting for your new little bundle of joy! Congratulations and happy shopping!"

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

[2015] A Beautiful Year of Weddings

So here is the 2015 Roundup of all the beautiful Weddings I got to photograph in 2015. From a beautiful Valentines Wedding to a Wedding two days after a car accident, another year and another Birthday Wedding with my season finishing in September.

2015 was a strange year for me for Weddings. Photographing only a dozen, it was one of my quietest years since starting out in the business - the studio kept me busy enough! But they were blooming beautiful so there is definitely no complaints from me!

With almost half of the Weddings I photographed being at Waterton Park Hotel being one of their recommended photographers is lovely for me. I know the venue, the staff and I love photographing Weddings at such a beautiful Venue. My last Wedding of 2014, my first Wedding of 2015, and my last wedding of 2015 were all there.

2015 also saw me back to venues I've photographed in the past such as Cubley Hall, 315 at Lepton, Kings Croft and Aston Hall.

The one Wedding I photographed the furthest away was on my Birthday in September in Linton, North Yorkshire - a couple I actually met at a Waterton Park Wedding Fayre too!

With 2/3's of the couples opting for a Civil Ceremony instead of a Church Wedding I love seeing how each and every single Wedding is different to the next.

2015 also saw me nominated for Best Photographer for The Wedding Industry Awards. And coming within the Top 20 in the UK for the Wedding Industry Expert Awards.

I want to thank each and every couple that I had the pleasure of photographing this year. For allowing me to share your special day. Your intimate moments - and the best day of your lives! 

2016 Brings more Weddings, more awesome couples, babies for some of my 2015 couples too! Every year I always say I love my job but I truly do. If I ever stopped loving my job and it became a chore I would hang up my camera.

But whilst I continue to get lovely couples, and great venues - its effortless! 

So I really do want to say thank you for all the support that I’ve had in 2015, from my beautiful wonderful couples, the venues I’ve photographed at, family and friends.  It's been a funny old year, but it’s been a good one.

From couples who get me to stand in a lake for their photographs (totally worth it), to the ones who don’t go into a panic when you tell them about the car accident (painkillers for the win). 

2015 also saw me do my first “first look” which made the day flow lovely - and my first argument with a stand-in vicar who said no photographs in church (even though the other one did). Its not something I make a habit of, but I am fiercely protective of my clients. Once you become a Blue Lights Bride I want to protect you for life and make sure your Wedding Day is as perfect as can be.

Thank you for making 2015 a great year.
From the bottom of my heart.

[Wedding Wednesday] Creating a Wedding Time Capsule

You think back to time Capsules, how many of you have been involved in one back at school, for the Millennium, or something else of a big event - so why not do one from your Wedding.

You can place in photos, videos and predictions for the future seal it up and then wait. Decide ahead of time how long you'll wait until you open it again -- your 10th anniversary? 25th anniversary?

Although most people equate "time capsule" with "something you bury in the ground," burying your wedding time capsule isn't a great idea. Not only does that subject the contents to extreme temperature variations, chances of you leaving behind a buried capsule before the hoped-for anniversary rolls around are high indeed. Instead, keep yours out of the elements and somewhere relatively kind -- avoid damp attics, but a climate-controlled closet would be just perfect.

Why not also get close friends and relatives in on the fun. Have them scribble up some predictions -- or perhaps marital advice. Take advantage of a pre-wedding party to snap photos of them and tuck the photos into the capsule.

While you're letting others in on the action, there are number of ways to go about it. One is to compose a list of predictions for everyone to guess at. For example, ask participants to predict:

How many children you'll have,
what kind of household robots you'll have,
how many career changes you've gone through,
what major nation we're closest to, and which one we're mad at,
what animal is the trendiest pet,

... and so on.

Another is to ask your wedding party and close friends to compose short letters to you. Give them each envelopes, and instruct them to tell you on the outside when it's time to open the envelope. Some will simply say "fifth anniversary," "10th anniversary," or "when your first child is born." Others will get more creative -- and you'll probably find it's terrific fun to stretch out the time capsule concept in this inventive, unpredictable way.

Monday, 4 January 2016

[Maternity Monday] Acid Reflux & Heartburn Tips

Being a Newborn Photographer I hear a lot of people who do struggle with different types of acid reflux especially during pregnancy. No matter the underlying factors to your own personal struggle - a change in diet can help.

The saying is that heartburn means a full head of hair, but it isn't always the case.  There are some foods that seem to encourage heartburn in many people. Among these are general categories such as spicy, high fat and dairy foods. Chocolate, tomatoes and herbal supplements are also known to bring about heartburn like symptoms, particularly if ingested shortly before bedtime.

If you recognize particular foods that seem to effect heartburn, you may find that eating them in the morning instead of closer to bedtime will alleviate your symptoms of heartburn. When eaten during time of wakefulness and activity, the body is better able to contain stomach acids used to digest the food we have eaten.

Many people suffer from heartburn primarily at night time and have found relief by raising the level of the head of their bed. Though simply adding layers of pillows doesn’t have the same effect, raising the entire head end of a bed by at least twelve inches has been shown to lessen heartburn symptoms.
If you still are suffering from acid reflux and diet modification doesn’t seem to help, you should consider seeing a doctor in order to rule out the possibility of structural abnormality or other factors contributing to your acid reflux symptoms.

Even if you end up trying a prescription medicine prescribed by your doctor, it is a very good idea to try and eliminate foods that make heartburn worse, and increase fresh, raw foods.
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