Monday, 28 February 2011

{Monday Mayhem} Wedding Invitations under £3 Each

Wedding Invitations. Make them stand out. Make them Unique. Make them to your theme. Make them personal. Make them YOU.

Here I show some of my favourite designs for under £3 each.

Dandelion Day Invitation by CardsBySophie
Personalised Pop Art Wedding Invites By Give Greetings Baroque Mounted Invitation by Dragonfly Couture StationaryFlying Hearts Wedding Invites by Cherrygorgeous

To view items in more detail and to purchase, please click on images which will take you to the designer's online store or website.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

{Supplier Spotlight} Lou Lou Belle Designs

1. In just a few sentences, could you describe your business?

Lou Lou Belle Designs is a small company based in Southampton specialising in handmade bridal and special occasion jewellery and hair accessories. The focus is on creating beautiful, wearable pieces that you can’t wait to wear!

2. When did you set Lou Lou Belle Designs up?
October 2007

3. How did Lou Lou Belle Designs start?
Once I had chosen my wedding dress, I commissioned a bespoke bridal comb. When it arrived I thought it was beautiful but I had something in the back of my head saying “you can do that, Lisa”. I’ve always been artistic and love anything crafty but had never tried my hand at jewellery making. Once I
started I was hooked! Once other brides-to-be saw pieces I had made the demand for my designs that I needed to start up business was there.

4. Why did you set up Lou Lou Belle Designs
I couldn’t possibly wear everything I had made, and wanted to make, myself!
5. How many employees are there in Lou Lou Belle Designs and who are they?
Just me, Lisa.

6. How did you decide on your business name?
“Lou Lou Belle” is my nickname but the phrase seemed to lend itself well to a wedding business.

7. What’s the best thing about your business?
Creating pieces I am proud of and receiving an email from a bride-to-be saying how pleased they are with a product and that my service has been impeccable. It means so much to me that not only my goods exceed expectations but that my advice and service do too.

8. What do you find most challenging about Lou Lou Belle Designs?
So many ideas, too little time!

9. What have been some of the greatest rewards from your business?
Again, feedback from a bride is priceless. To hear that their tiara or necklace received so many compliments on their big day is wonderful to hear and makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

10. What’s the best thing Lou Lou Belle give to its customers?
Honest, friendly advice and affordable, wearable designs.

11. Do you have any top tips for choosing jewellery?
When choosing jewellery, consider your look as a whole – don’t just focus on your dress. Start from the top - your hair style will affect the type of tiara, band or comb and the materials used may be dictated by any detailing on your dress. Your hair accessory will in turn determine the style of jewellery that will suit your bridal look best.

12. What three pieces of advice would you give to anyone who wants to run their own business?
Be prepared for long hours, Build good relationships with suppliers, and  Really, really love what you do!

13. Where can I find out more about Lou Lou Belle Designs?

{Foto Friday} Dan & Charlotte

Ok, I firstly apologise....this is a "late" {foto friday}
I had a lovely blog-post written for you yesterday showcasing Alan & Amy's Wedding, and then Blogger wouldnt save it.
So here I am at 7:30am writing yesterdays blog post, and I have Dan & Charlotte's images on this computer so today you can see these.

I have found throughout the Wedding Fayres I am standing, more people seem to be getting married abroad (its more 40% abroad 60% home)

Dan & Charlotte were married in Scotland and then had a "Wedding Party" when they returned at The Village, Leeds

I met Charlotte at a Wedding Fayre in Leeds. She was an Exhibitor.
She runs as she is a freelance Hair and Make Up Artist.

I loved the Cadbury's purple that Charlotte had chosen for her bridesmaids.
Everyone who was involved at the Wedding in Scotland, wore the same clothing so it allowed for continuity with photographs and the party!

Everything was really informal, no posed shots, just's surprising how many people try and hide from having their photographs taken!

They had a Singer and Disco, which was lovely, and their First Dance as sang to them.

They quickly invited everyone onto the dancefloor to join them, to offically mark the start of the party!d

I sloped off at approximately 10:30pm everyone was fairly drunk by this point, but also because they didnt want anymore of really drunk photographs!

It was lovely to photograph such a lovely Party, the venue is gorgeous!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

{Yorkshire Wedding Fayres} Sunday 27th Feb

We aim to keep you updated for the Yorkshire Wedding Fayres that are on in the area. In bold will be the ones which we are exhibiting at.

Come back every Thursday to find out which ones are on this weekend!

Hambleton Forum, Northallerton   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Grays Court   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Wood Hall   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

The George Hotel   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Ramada Bradford / Leeds   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

KC Stadium   
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Tankersley Manor
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Sitwell Arms
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Ardsley House Hotel & Health Club
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Sheffield Hilton
Sunday 27 February 2011   

The George Hotel
Sunday 27 February 2011   

Happy Visiting!


{Top Tip Thursday} Sticking to Supplier Budgets

To stick tight to your budget, before you meet with a supplier,
get a rough idea of their price range and don't meet with that supplier
if you know that they're out of your price range.
When you do meet with the supplier, tell them your budget up front so
they can help you pick from options that will stay within your budget.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

{Wedding Wednesday} Wedding Insurance {Guest Blog} from Adam Leyton

I get quite a lot of people who ask me about Wedding Insurance,
and I have no idea honestly. So I asked Adam Leyton from if he could share some help and information regarding Insurance for your Wedding.

Wedding Insurance: How To Prevent Being One Of The 'Other' People

Once you become engaged you tend to feel very optimistic,
which is likely to mean that wedding insurance is one of the last things on your mind. But just make sure it isn't still one of the last things you think about before the big day itself.

When the love of your life proposes or accepts your proposal,
the last thing you're likely to be thinking about is wedding insurance.
Once you become engaged you start feeling excited and optimistic.
The idea that anything can go wrong seems absurd.
To have arrived at such a happy state of things life has gone well,
and you'll almost certainly be buoyed up by feelings of euphoria.

Wedding insurance is for those people who have rather fragile lives, where things often go wrong. Wedding insurance is for those people whose life stories end up being published in gossip magazines or reported in the news. Wedding insurance is, essentially, for other people.

Not for the likes of you whose life has taken a dramatic step towards blissful perfection.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with thinking like this.
As long as you're not still thinking like this when it comes to the big day itself. Because the truth is that those people whose weddings were ruined or cancelled thought exactly the same way as everyone else -
that bad things only happen to other people.

There's no reason why anybody should consider themselves safe, and when weddings go wrong it is rarely because of anything which could have been foreseen or prevented. Weddings necessarily involve placing a great deal of faith in other people, and a great deal of money too, which makes wedding insurance a necessary safety net to guard against you becoming one of the 'other people' things happen to.

Written by Adam Leyton from
See the website for more information on wedding insurance and a comparison table of UK insurers.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

{Tuesday Trend} Wedding Colours 2011 : SUNSHINE YELLOW

There are some utterly gorgeous colours out trending for 2011. Here we look at what items are about for your wedding in SUNSHINE YELLOW

Sunshine Yellow Dresses by Alfred AngeloSunshine Yellow Wedding Cake

Spring Theme InvitationYellow Wedding Shoes

Yellow Wedding FlowersYellow Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Yellow Wedding Favour BoxesYellow Crystals

To view items in more detail and to purchase, please click on images which will take you to the online store or website.
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