Tuesday, 20 January 2015

[Newborns] Before, After and Safety First

I have a shot similar to this on the studio wall, and it does get asked for. Obviously a lot depends on the size of the baby, and the strength and width of Dad's forearm. Not only that people sometimes really do wonder how we get the picture.

Is baby safe? Will Daddy drop her? What happens if...

Having done Newborn Training, and being a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association then safety is paramount. I would never try this photograph had I not been trained, nor do I do this photograph if I feel that baby is not settled enough - or - not comfy / happy.

This image is the presented image, but to make sure baby is happy etc, it doesn't start out like this.

It isn't often I show these, but this is the true shot straight out of camera, with no editing done to it. We have our black backdrop behind, and the shiny thing underneath is the beanbag. As you can see from the shot itself - that the baby isn't that far away from the bean bag at all - and Daddy is obviously close by. The blanket underneath I normally remove, however this little lady had just wee'd all over her Daddy - so thats why it is there. I am not too far away, and neither myself, or Dad remove a hand from baby until we know that they are settled.

Afterwards, the work starts in photoshop to start sorting to deliver the final image for the client.

Please do not try this pose at home.
Please only attempt this pose if you put safety first and
are trained in newborn photography.

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