Friday, 22 February 2013

[Love] TWIA Comments

I know in the next month or so the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards will be coming up. So here we have the 2013 Comments we received from our couples. The good thing about this....they're all anonymous. So whilst I know which of my amazing couples did vote for me - I do not actually know who said what.

Here is the amazing feedback I received.

Friday, 8 February 2013

[Personal] Temple Spa

Today I thought I would write kind of a personal blog post. I am not a girly girl in the slightest, being a tom-boy growing up, always generally in jeans and football tops, I never really bothered with make-up and all the other stuff. I was happy to keep my head down - and just get on with things. It was only when I got to college really that things started to change - and now I'm in dresses almost as much as I’m in jeans - but I still wouldn’t class myself as a girly girl.

Now most of you whom know me, know I’m a workaholic, but only a little bit, but it takes me a lot to switch off and be able to calm down, chill out and relax. All those who are self employed will definitely know how hard it is to switch off from work!

Last night my friend Amy, had invited me to her Temple Spa party, now I knew temple spa was about “pampering stuff” and I didn’t really know much else. I had this idea that the products that would be there, would be things that I wouldn’t really use, I’d not feel or see any benefit, and I’d just stick to my non-existing skin-care routine.

Now, when I think of the word [insert business] with party on the end. I think of things such as Ann Summers Parties, Bodyshop parties, pampered chef etc to name a few. This was a totally and utterly different experience.

Nikki, our temple spa consultant, told us all about the products, we got to try them, and apply them ourselves - meaning that we knew how they worked, and how a very little went a long-long way!

By the end of the night, and knowing how amazing my skin felt - I was converted, and purchased my favourite bits from the night - which I am waiting a delivery of and I cannot wait. (Not only that they get delivered direct to you instead of to the hostess) and I will do a couple of photographs for my journey from non-skin routine me - to my skin feels awesome me.

I will be hosting my own Temple Spa class on Monday 18th Feb 2013 if anyone would wish to come please just drop me a message or email to as spaces are limited.

If you are looking for something different to do for a girls night - or a hen night - then why not contact Nikki for your own temple spa class at

And last but not least….I actually relaxed last night!

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