Wednesday, 28 January 2015

[Info] Cake Smash Sessions

Everyone loves a good cake smash so here is some more information about our cake smash sessions if you’ve not hear about them before!

What is a Cake Smash Session?

A Cake Smash session is just how it sounds, we smash a cake. Think of a lovely cake, and a child and put them both together and what do you get? Complete devestation - but not all the time. Some children may not like the touch or texture, or are unsure if you can eat it - so we do have a wooden spoon we use too. But basically this is the concept

What is included in a Cake Smash Session?

Cake Smash sessions with myself at Blue Lights Photography, include the Cake to Smash and 4 take home cupcakes. It also includes 1 hour in the studio which I generally break down into 3 sections. Section 1 is "clean" or family photographs. Section 2 is Cake Smashing and Section 3 is Bathtub and Cleanup time.

This means that if for any reason your little one doesn't like the cake, and won't go anywhere near it - you still get a lovely gallery of pictures as a celebration.

Is it just for First Birthdays?

No, a Cake Smash can be done at ANY time you wish. Whilst a lot of people use it for first and second birthdays - it doesn't have to be so. The only stipulation is that the little one is sitting unaided. The youngest I have had in has been 8 Months.

Who gets the Cake?

The Cake is included in the price of the session and is made by a local business who makes them fresh for our sessions. We can cater to themes, colours and allergies! Please let us know of any allergies when booking a session! 

What can I buy afterwards?

You can buy anything from our price list after the session, or we have a couple of pre-made packages for you. The most popular product that people go for after a Cake Smash session is our 16x16 Montage Canvas.

When Should I book? 

I do ask that you book in advance, especially if you are wanting to book the session on your child's actual birthday (or as close as) I've already got some very well planned parents who have booked in their sessions for July and September! I do ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice - so that we can get the cake arranged.

How much does it cost?

A Cake Smash session including the Cake and take home cupcakes is £60 - and our Packages including your product and session fee start from £142 :)

How do I book?

You can book by either calling us on 01226 872491 or emailing to or alternatively, why not drop us a message on facebook :)

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