Wednesday, 30 December 2015

[2015] Lots of Gorgeous Babies

Oh my goodness, 2015 is almost at an end
and just look at all the gorgeous squishy babies I've got to photograph.

It felt at one point that I had nothing but a run of baby boys, and it normally evens out but not this year. I have photographed 23 gorgeous girls, and 33 handsome boys - including two in one session!

I love being a newborn photographer because I get to capture all these new moments with the most precious little thing ever. And you trust me to do that.

And I may get wee'd and poo'd on more than a normal day in the office - but I wouldn't swap it!

2015 saw me not just be a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association - but to also be a Regional Ambassador too - promoting Baby Safety at every corner.

With customers from local and from as far as Derby and York - I really do want to thank each and every one of my clients who bring their gorgeous bundles to me to photograph these forever memories.

Are you due in 2016? You could have photographs like these too! You can book in from your 12 or 20 Week Scan and a £30 booking fee secures your Due Date and a guaranteed session when your little one arrives!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Guide to Gift Shopping - throughout the year...

Now, I'm going to share with you some secrets but you need to promise not to laugh.

I've already started present shopping for 2016. Not just for Christmas of course, but for birthdays too.

You see, being self-employed I need to be planned, especially when it comes to Wedding Fairs and mad Wedding Season. And then add in the baby booms and Christmas and before you know it there is little time to get things planned really.

And I do come from a small family - there is just myself, mum, dad and grandad that I buy gifts for - oh and 10 of my friends Children.

Yes. I buy for 10 Kids for both Christmas and Birthdays. Now this normally isn't too bad when people budget to spend £10-£15 for each child for each occasion. But when most of the 10 kids' birthdays fall between August and November - you kind of have to decide that enough is enough.

So - I thought I'd share with you - my structure on buying gifts.

1. Write a List of everyone you buy for and when.
Ok for me this isn't everyone - this is just the children that I buy for. I also note down whether its Birthday and Christmas and how old they will be at that time. I do this on a spreadsheet / google docs.

2. Bulk Buy.

I'm lucky that I have friends who have kids of the same ages. And same ages means they're into same or similar things. I buy for 2 lots of girls at the same age and 3 boys at the same / similar age. I might also see something and buy it in 2 or 3 different sizes or multiples so I can give it to children at either Christmas or Birthdays.

3. Keep a Spreadsheet.

Yes I'm that person who has a spreadsheet. It relates back to number 1. But because I buy throughout the year, I keep a good track of what I've purchased and who for. And then I can concentrate on who needs more and go from there.

4. Clothes.

Seasonal Sales are great for purchasing in the size above (or two) especially if you know that they will be seasonal appropriate when birthdays or Christmas come around. For instance, I bought an item in JULY for a birthday in February because I know it will be PERFECT but it wasn't a Christmas Suitable item.

5. Toys.

If buying toys, try and make them educational. Buy a little bit in advance of what they need because then they'll get more used to it. Things for imaginative play work really well too. And WOOD Toys never go out of fashion!

6. Books. 

Books are brilliant as a "top up" to add a couple of extra gifts. The Works occasionally do 10 books for £10 on children books - PERFECT Stocking fillers!

7. Sign Up.

Sign up to newsletters from the places you buy more often. Sometimes you get a heads up before discounts go online for anyone else - giving you quick pickings of some of the best sale items. I always look from low-high unless I'm looking for a specific high-priced normal item I know that is going to be more than likely in the sale.

8. Cashback.

Check out Cashback websites too. You may only get a small percentage but they soon add up. I've been lazy not using Quidco for a while and signed in and realised I had £48 waiting to be paid - which in turn paid for my Dad's  
Christmas Gift! Even better!

So there you have it - I may spend £10-£15 on each child still but because I do it this way they get more for the money. They get a selection of gifts and I get told off for spoiling the kids - but I didn't....honest!

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