Tuesday, 20 January 2015

[For Photographers] Light Training with Kasia Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Chorley for training with Kasia from Kasia Photography.

I was joined by Sarah from Sarah Riley Photography and we were both looking forward to our learning light journey with Kasia at her new studio. 

I looked at a few people when I knew that one of the things that I wanted to do in 2015 was training with light. I have been shooting natural light for a couple of years, but sometimes it doesn’t give me enough to work with on afternoon shoots and dark winter mornings, and although I have used flash many times before - I wanted to do my training with someone that would show how versatile flash is, the softness and most importantly someone who’s teaching style would suit me.

I know Sarah had done training with Kasia and Natalie Leech at another training day, and she had nothing but good things to say about Kasia’s teaching style.

After looking at work, and researching a couple of other trainers, I made my decision - Kasia was the trainer for me!

I contacted Kasia, and luckily, she had someone who needed to re-arrange their training which meant I could jump at the chance of the session in January rather than waiting until March because when I decide to do something, most people will tell you I’m impatient! 

Sarah and I started with Kasia at 8:15am at her studio, where we did different lighting techniques before in the afternoon we had two gorgeous little models - Olivia and Finn it was lovely to work with two different models, Olivia sitting on her own and Finn who was not yet sitting. The only different one we could have done with is a pesky moving and running around toddler, and then we would have photographed the entire set! Ha!

We didn’t get finished until just gone 5pm - after touching on a little bit about editing. Sarah and I went for tea before we both set off on our journeys home - no point in sitting in rush hour traffic! 

I was excited when I got back home - and looking forward to taking my own tests shots with my own equipment! So I was very thankful when gorgeous little Jesse came in to pose for me. And pose he did! 

I would highly recommend Kasia and her training for everyone who is wanting to learn about light (only) and how you can make studio light look like beautiful natural light rather than too fake!


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