Thursday, 27 December 2012

2013 News From Blue Lights Photography

Look at the length of those lashes!

Hello! Only Me. I cannot believe that 2013 Is almost here! And it will mean one big change for Blue Lights Photography - The New Studio!!! 

I’m very excited and looking forward to the move. I am moving nearer to the town centre, free parking, and a beautiful natural light studio and adjoining office.

A lot of my Clients know that I’ve not had a fantastic 2012, with health and relationship issues, but the support from my clients and knowing that I had so many shoots and weddings booked in, kept me going definitely! 

Selection from some of the Weddings I have photographed this year
The main thing that is changing is that I will no longer be photographing against a white background, but adding more personality, styling and a bit more boutique. Family shoots can be more lifestyle, and fit in with your family home.
Different types of backgrounds make your shoot a little more personal to you
So…What’s changing?

The way I work is changing a little to make the business flow better and to give you better customer service and photo session experiences..

Gorgeous newborn baby girl and big brother
Prices:          The prices will be going up. All shoots will be £45.00 for up to 1 hour time in the studio. This does not include Newborns & Cakey Baby which will stay the same prices they are currently.

All our Cakey Baby shoots start with a "normal" shoot and then we get the cake out

Payment:      Payment for the shoot will now be due up front before the shoot takes place. This is payable within 7 days of booking your shoot, and bookings will not be classed as a confirmed booking until the fee is paid. If you are booking your shoot and it is taking place within 7 days - then the money is due upon booking.

Night time shots at Weddings are great if the couple are happy to do them

Contract:       A contract will be sent to you via email for you to read before the shoot - and a paper copy will need to be signed in the studio before the shoot takes place. This is to keep both of us safe and covered.

Lets go outside and run about with your little ones. Taken at Newmillerdam

Viewing:        One of the things I have been trialling are in person studio viewings to view your images. This isn’t a high pressure selling technique - this is to help you make an informed and helpful choice of the images that you will hang on your wall. The clients which have already been for viewings told me that they didn’t feel pressured to spend any more than they had planned to and were glad they had me on hand to discuss the choices which fell within their budget.

Cute nude baby shots are something that we often get asked for, but don't worry you can't see anything!

Contact:       Whilst I use face book both personally and for business, the best way to contact me is still via email, or via the contact form on the website. Alternatively you can also use the message function via the Blue Lights Photography page. The reason for this is that I do have people who message me regarding shoots and orders on my personal page, and to make the business flow a little better, I will be stopping this and asking people to please message me via one of the other above methods.

Don't forget out squishy newborn shoots, we are a member of

Hours:           After a testing 2012, both health wise and personal issues, I need more “me time” (Please read more as some!) So I will be having set days/times on a general rule of thumb. For instance, the current plan is I will not be in the office beyond 6pm on Monday’s and Tuesdays. And Tuesdays will be a half day 12-6. Sunday’s will only be worked with request where no other date is possible. I need to make sure I am both mentally and physically fit to give all my wonderful clients all that I have. I will also not be responding to face book messages / email after 7pm in the evening or before 9am on the morning.

Outdoor shots - even when raining and drizzling we can still have fun

Inspiration:    When you book Blue Lights Photography I will work closely with you to give you the best service possible. We will work together for ideas for your photo shoot and each shoot will have an inspiration board set up on my Pinterest account which I will link for you. This can be used for poses, or outfit and prop choices - but to aim to get more out of your shoot - and work as a visual aide for children too.

Our Cakes are made by Twinkel Cakes based in Wombwell

Launching:     I shall be launching a few new things throughout the next year so keep an eye out! Our first launch will be …. BOUDOIR, contact for more information!

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