Thursday, 22 January 2015

[Personal] I may not be a mummy...

I am seeing more articles and requests on twitter for hints and tips of not isolating non-mummy friends after you’ve had a baby, than finding tips for finding mummy friends.

So I thought that I would write this blog, from my point of view, as a non-mummy ‘friend’ to lots of mummies. - because whether you are a non-mummy, or a mummy-to-be you probably have a friend who’s like me. Don’t push them away.

I may not be a mummy: but I have been around d children a lot, people comment on how children seem to be at ease around me - especially as my friends have been having children over the last 13 years.

Just because I’m not a mummy doesn’t mean that I wont sit with you for hours on end in soft play. - and I might even come with jeans covered in Wee and Sick on my top - the joys of being a newborn photographer - whilst you may be wearing the same - as a mummy.

I may not be a mummy, but your child finds me for hugs, and knows how much I love them.

I may not be a mummy but I have witnessed a baby being born - and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I may not be a mummy, but I help out with childcare when you are stuck. Or the car has broken down and you need to do the school run.

I may not be a mummy but I know about colic, reflux and baby led weaning. I also know about baby wearing, co-sleeping and breastfeeding. And I also know that as long as mummy is happy baby will be too. Don’t worry whether bottle or breast is best!

I may not be a mummy - but I am your friend. Whether that was before or after you had kids. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know about their first word, see their first picture or know about their first wee on the potty.

I may not be a mummy - but just because you are - it doesn’t mean that things are different. I am still your friend. Our friendship isn’t based on who has or hasn’t got a child. Please remember not to push your non-mummy friends away, because they “don’t know” or “don’t understand”.

But someday. I may be a mummy - and I will be looking for my friends to help and support me. Whether they are mummies or not.

Just remember - I may not be a mummy right now - but I’ve always been your friend.


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    1. Thanks Jade. Its hard being one of the only "non-mummy" friends in my group X


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