Tuesday, 25 September 2012

...Newborn... Tiny Tyler

These posts should come with a warning, that if you are broody, don't look at them!

I have to say I absolutely ADORE photographing newborn babies - each one is simply so beautiful and stunning and so unique.
This is the adorable Tyler, otherwise called Tiny Tyler by his Mummy & Daddy. His Mummy came in for her maternity shoot at 32 Weeks, and less than 3 weeks later Tyler came into the world! I photographed him at 22 days old - and he was still almost a week off his due date!

He was such a tiny little bundle, and loved being curled up and on his front, so much so look at those little smiles! He's going to be a cheeky little monkey when he grows up you can just tell!

I also got to use my new suitcase prop! Amazing. The Blanket was knitted by his Grandma (anyone know where I can get one) and the sign was from Whitby and his Grandma just added the buttons.

He is just so squishy, and cute and adorable and I cannot wait to see him when his Mummy and Daddy come into the studio to discuss and choose which images they want, because they cannot decide.

Remember we are a member of the BANP and we strive to make sure that our standards, our safety of baby and conduct of sessions are of professional nature throughout the shoot.

To discuss your Newborn Session then email us on adele@bluelightsphotography.co.uk

Monday, 24 September 2012

...Changes... New Logo and Watermarks

Hello again, only me :)

So the plan of the blog is to make it a bit more friendly, rather than talking like I am speaking to the big wide world, I'm going to talk to you in the tone that you are my best friend, just without any rude words, because they are naughty.

With there being plans for a studio move in the beginning of 2013, and it coming up for Blue Lights Photography's 3rd Birthday, I decided a little re-brand was in order. The colours and the name are still the same, but just something a bit new :)

This means that when you see a photograph you like, especially on facebook, they will be watermarked with the type of design of the name of the shoot, Maternity, Newborn, Studio, Lifestyle or Weddings. This means if you see the photographs and love them and want to book, you know what to ask for! 

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome, so let me know what you think x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wedding: Charlotte & Dan

Saturday 22nd September (yes, yesterday!) saw me photograph Charlotte & Dan's Wedding. They booked me 2-years ago at Doncaster Racecourse Wedding Fayre .

Last night they should have had a slideshow, but with a silly laptop and a poorly TV - I promised them instead their own blog post, with some images taken from today.

So...here we have it, I'd love to hear your comments on the photographs :)

Starting in the morning at the Bridal Preperations, I started by photographing all the details, including the gorgeous Ian Stuart Bridal Gown, which had been custom altered for Charlotte, changing and adding things to the dress, to make this stunning one of a kind dress. 

Charlotte, being a florists daughter, was always going to have stunning flowers, and this bouquet was nothing like I've seen before. All hand wired rose petals, to create this beautifully stunning bouquet. Made by Charlotte's at Hatfield.

Then it was time to set off for the church, and before Charlotte and her Dad arrived, I photographed some on Dan and best man Jamie looking a little nervous, before the ceremony started.

The ceremony, songs and readings were lovely, and as always its lovely to see a couple so in love make the move to man and wife.

And of course a Wedding wouldnt be a Wedding without a confetti shot!

Then a couple of shots at the church before heading off to Mount Pleasant Doncaster

I always try to include as many detail shots as possible into the final slideshow disc, this is because not only are they a lasting reminder of the day, but they are things that every couple has tried to make the best, paid attention to detail and no doubt stressed over at some point.

I always stress to my couples how important it is to give me about 20 minutes to 30 minutes of time solely dedicated to bride and groom portraits, sometimes this can be longer but it all depends on the couple, the weather and of course the venue(s).

The very Yummy Ice Cream was from Bumble Vee Scoops - and was just what was needed on a lovely sunny Saturday in September.

Dan and Charlotte had me booked for the full day, which saw me stay for speeches, and into the night, including staying for some of the first spot of the live evening entertainment from the Steve Love Band!

Thank you Mr and Mrs Wigglesworth for booking me as your photographer and allowing me to share your special day with you! X

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