Monday, 2 April 2018

[April] Newborn Early Bird Booking

Are you due your new little bundle in June, July or August then we have a fabulous Early Bird Booking Offer for you!

Book a Newborn Session with us and receive a voucher for Baby Massage with Baby & Me Do. Terms & Conditions apply.

Baby Massage is one of the most popular classes that a lot of parents take their new baby to and classes with Sasha are fabulous and I know plenty of people who have used her. Your voucher will get you access to a five-week programme to learn baby massage and socialise with your little ones too. 

To book then please fill in our booking form here
Read more about our newborn session here
View our full price list here

Terms & Conditions.
1. Newborn Session of £75 must be paid in full at the time of booking
2. Spend £200 or over at your Newborn Session Ordering appointment to claim your 5-Week Baby Massage Course Voucher
3. Vouchers will be available to collect with your order.
4. Vouchers will be subject to Baby & Me Do terms and conditions for booking classes
5. No purchase of photographs is necessary from your Newborn Session, but you will not receive your voucher.
6. Vouchers are non-refundable and hold no other monetary value.
7. Vouchers only available for Baby & Me Do.

Friday, 30 March 2018

[Wedding] A love that reaches around the world, Charlotte & Damian, Old Swan Harrogate

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my 185th Wedding in the form of Charlotte & Damian at Old Swan, Harrogate, a brand new venue for me!

With potential bad weather forecasted (that didn't appear), I stayed the night before at the hotel so I could have a good look round and be there just in case.

I started with Charlotte, her bridesmaids, mum and step mum, where a hive of hair and make-up was taking place, all very calmly! Damian's mum joined us after a little while too. Lots of laughter and stories ensured!

When Damian arrived at the hotel I popped downstairs to photograph him and his son Ben, before heading back upstairs to photograph Charlotte getting into her dress.

Charlotte was given away by her Dad and Step-Dad who both were there to see how beautiful she looked all dressed up and both walked her down the aisle to meet her groom.

The ceremony was full of beautiful words including a poem from the Brides Mum, tears and laughter were had too. Exactly what a ceremony should include!

We headed outside for a confetti photograph despite a tiny bit of rain trying to spoil it for us but it soon blew over.

Family photographs then ensured before I was able to photograph the new Mr & Mrs on their own before they went to mingle with their guests before the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches!

After Speeches, they even had a Pub Quiz whilst raising money for Martin House Hospice! Never seen a pub quiz at a Wedding before! :D

Lots of laughter and dancing continued into the night and I snook the happy couple outside for a couple more after dark photographs before heading home.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your special day with you!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

[BLP] What is a Sitter Session?

You may hear some people talking about “Sitter Sessions” but do you really know what they are? Is the term of “Sitter Sessions” just professional photography jargon?

So what is a “Sitter Session”

Basically, a sitter session is a photography session for when the baby is approximately aged 6-8 months old, they must be sitting securely on their own and its before they are walking.

Sitter sessions are great because it is another milestone that your little one has achieved! 

It also means that we have a variety of what they can wear and the poses and sometimes props we can place them in.

Sitter Sessions are scheduled for 1-Hour in the studio, however, most of them are done within 30-45 minutes and you’ll still have a variety of poses! 

I love this age! They’re so cute and their little personalities are shining through! With little chubby arms and legs, how could you not wish to capture it forever?

If you are interested in booking a sitter session then please drop us an email! :)

Thursday, 22 February 2018

12 Costume ideas for World Book Day

World Book Day will be here soon! Now it's not a day that's just sprung on us by the schools at the last minute, World Book Day that is on 1st March every year has been around for over 20 years! 

So here are 12 fab ideas from £10-£20 to get you ahead of the game!



Friday, 16 February 2018

[Wedding] Andrew & Collette: True Love Wins, at Waterton Park Hotel

On Monday, I had the pleasure of photography Andrew and Collette's Wedding at Waterton Park Hotel. The first Wedding of 2018!

So after setting what felt like a hundred alarms as not only am I worried about sleeping in on a Wedding, this is then tenfold when it's a mid-week wedding! I headed to Waterton Park Hotel to meet Collette and her bridesmaids where hair and makeup prep were underway. 

After I little while I headed over the bridge onto the island to meet Andrew and his Best Man Gary to photograph them getting ready. It's also a good time to make sure they know how to tie-ties, put on cufflinks and know which side button holes go on!

When the boys were dressed it was back over the bridge an back to Collette and her bridesmaids who were starting to get dressed. Camera down and a few helping hands for lacing up dresses and fastening buttons it was now time for Collette to go and marry Andrew!

Collette's bridesmaids headed down the aisle before she was walked down by her Daddy to meet a tearful Andrew that it had finally come time to make his sweetheart his wife.

After their beautiful ceremony was over, we headed outside for group and family photographs. The weather, considering it was February, was clearly on our side if only a little cold!

After the groups were over everyone headed inside for a quick warm before Andrew & Collette, the new Mr and Mrs Whittaker headed back outside for some more photographs of them on their own.

A massive thank you to Andrew & Collette for allowing me to share your special day with you. It was such a beautiful day and I'm so glad I could be part of it. 

True love is like a pair of socks you gotta have two and they've gotta match. - Anonymous
Unless you are like Andrew & Collette and your matching pair of socks are either others odd ones! 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

12 Different ideas to try this Pancake Day

Who doesn't love a good pancake? And with pancake day quickly approaching whether you are a  sweet or savoury lover we've found some different recipes for you to try.

As much as we all love sugar on our pancakes or served with beef stew or corned-beef hash (yes, of course, I'm from Yorkshire!) if you are looking for something a little different to try this year then these are for you!

1. Savoury Crepes with Peas, Ham and Fontina Cheese,
Spinach Crepes 3. Kale Pancakes 4. Mushroom and Soft Cheese Pancakes
Savoury Pancakes with Ham and Cheese 6. Spelt and spinach crepes with avocado 

Happy Pancake Day!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Valentines Kids Crafts with Free Downloads!

Valentines Day is a great time to get Crafty with the kids, so here we've put together our favourite Valentines Craft ideas that you can do with the kids! 

 These Rainbow Heart Suncatchers are fab, and can be up for longer than just valentines day! You can view the full tutorial here

Who doesn't love to get a Valentines Card from your little one that will let you remember how little they were at the time. That's exactly what this Kissing Hand Card does! You can follow the tutorial here

This Valentines Craft is not only great for Valentines Day but for Mothers day too! A bouquet of handprint flowers no matter how big, or little your child is! :) View the tutorial here

Want a heart themed activity to draw the wildlife into your Garden then get the kids making these DIY Bird Feeders! Not only that it helps with fine motor skills too! :) See the tutorial here

Who doesn't remember making "secret pictures" when you were a child. Prep the picture for your little ones beforehand or get the bigger kids to draw their own and then get them to paint to reveal their secret picture! These can then be mounted onto a card, or to frame for a lifetime. Tutorial here

This thumbprint (or fingerprint) bookmark is something that is easy to make and do! Most people will have some if not all of these items to hand - making it a quick and easy gift for you to make! Full tutorial is here

This is too cute to do with little ones! :) Not only that it's super simple, who doesn't love cutting an sticking. I found it on Pinterest and then it was repurposed here on this blog. I have also made you a free downloadable printable for you to do this with the kids although ours says "I love you to bits"

This lovely heart wreath could be made in varying sizes this uses a large circle but why not make one by cutting out the middle of a paper plate instead? Full Tutorial Here

Handprint Crafts are always great for seeing how big the kids have grown over the years. This one is perfect if gifting to someone or making as part of a playgroup or nursery to send home with the children. Originally found on Pinterest. I've made you a Free A5 printable for this poem too :)

We've love to hear from you if you do any of these! :)

Top 5 ideas for a Valentines Night IN

Valentines Day seems to be one of those days that people love or hate. Sometimes its the fact that you want to spend time with your other half, but have your beautiful kiddies at home and no-one to look after them. So here we look at our Top 5 ideas for a Valentines Night IN.

Have an Indoor Picnic

Wait until the kids are in bed, whether you decorate via candlelight or fairy lights, put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic in the living room. You could even set up a safe indoor "firepit" and roast marshmallows too.

Recreate some firsts

Why not recreate your first date, but at home. If you went for a bite to eat, have the same thing to eat that you had ordered, snuggle down and watch the first movie you ever watched together and reminisce of where your relationship is now.

Plan your next trip

Planning on going somewhere whether it might be this year or next but get planning together. Discuss here you'd like to go, what you'd like to see an what memories you'd like to create and plan an amazing trip together.

Are you married?

If you are married then get out the Wedding Album and look over and talk about your Wedding Day. What were your favourite parts? What parts made you really nervous? What things did you have a big stress over that now when you look back on it didn't matter? Been married for a while? Why not write some new vows to read to each other for Valentines Day! 

Do Something Fun!

Why not do a "how well do you know each other" quiz, or  Mr and Mrs style Quiz. Or have a few drinks and play Cards Against Humanity or some other game that you love!

Whatever you do, make sure you just enjoy spending time together.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Our Top 5 Tips for Visiting a Wedding Fayre

January marks the start of Wedding Planning kicking back into gear with Wedding Fayres starting to be advertised again. So here are our Top 5 Tips for visiting a Wedding Fayre!

All Set up for Leeds I Do Wedding Exhibition 2017

1. Pick Carefully who you go with
Are you going to look, or are you going to book? Depending on your main aim for the Wedding Fayre will give you an idea of who is best to go with. Are you wanting to show off the venue to your parents where you are thinking of getting married at or are you planning on booking your favourite suppliers.

2. Be Organised
You will get given a lot of information depending on the type of Wedding Fayre you are going to. So make sure you are organised to avoid overwhelm! Here are a couple of ideas for yourself.

  • Get a document wallet that you can divide into sections by supplier. Then as you are given the information you can pop them into their relevant section making it easier to look through!
  • Bring different bags. Delegate a "Yes" bag and an "I'll think about it" bag. Therefore when you get home you just need to look through your "Yes" bag of information from suppliers you really liked.
  • Have labels made with your name, wedding date and email. Stick these on entry forms for competitions rather than filling it out at every stand.

3. Leave the Kids at Home
If its possible avoid bringing small children, especially to the larger Wedding Fayres. The bigger fayres can get very busy and you'll get frustrated that you cannot move with a pushchair. Alternatively, if your children are walking check out how big the venue is for the fayre as the children may get tired and cranky and there may not be enough rest areas. 

4. Stay Focussed
There will be lots of different suppliers offering different things. Keep True to what you want for your Wedding.  Make sure you have your budget set and thresholds set for each supplier you need. This will help you narrow down your suppliers even further.

5. Check the offers and Goodie Bags!
Suppliers spend a lot of money on booking stands and want to attract business. This can be with goody bags or competitions. If however, you have that supplier book, don't take all their goodies just because their look nice. Enter as many competitions as possible for the suppliers you are interested in too! Make sure if you don't have sticky labels you print your email address clearly so that if you have won something you will get the email! 

Happy Planning!
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