Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wedding Deals at Claires Accessories with their BOGOF Deals!

Currently Claire's Accessories has a great Buy 1 Get 1 Free on almost all items across their website! Not only a fantastic offer if you are looking for stocking fillers for the kids, but did you think of looking on there for Wedding Items and Accessories? I bet you forgot that its something they offer!
I've had a look through and picked out some items that you could use in your Wedding. 

The cheapest of the "two" items becomes the free one. So treat yourself, or even your bridesmaids!

Clutch Bags

Wedding Days always means that people are wondering where they can put their items. Whether its money, bank cards, mobile phones or lipstick! Have a look at these fab offerings.

This Gold Clutch Bag is £14, with the great buying of the Buy One Get One Free, if purchasing as gifts for bridesmaids its only £7 each! 

If Navy is your theme for the Wedding then this Navy Satin Evening Clutch Bag is the right one to compliment your bridesmaid dresses at just £12.
Grab yourself a beautiful bag for all your own bits and pieces with the lovely White Satin Clutch - on sale at only £10 (Was £22) and on Buy 1 Get 1 Free too! 

Hair Accessories

When looking for matching hair accessories for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself. Then this means it can get a little costly, but it doesn't have to be.

This Pearl and Crystal hair comb was origionally £12 but now only £5. If you have 4 Bridesmaids then that is £10 for all 4! Perfect! 

Fancy something a little bit different. This Black Crystal Headband would be perfect for an up-do with a the hair styled backwards over the silver of the band. Great if black is your theme. And only £3 each!

Want something different for your Bridal Hair then this statement piece of hair jewellery could be right up your street. At only £10!

If you fancy an up do or a side bun for your bridesmaids but still want a few extra little bits of bling then look at purchasing hair pins. Several are available at Claires, but I love these pearl ones. And on buy one get one free for a pack its the perfect time to get them!


Earring choices can be quite personal, it depends on what you like, and what your hairstyles will be like too. So I've just picked some idea's of what other people have had similar to.

Tear Drop Crystal Stud Drop Earrings £6
I've actually had a bride wear these and they looked beautiful!

Sterling Silver Vintage Style Circle Studs £9
This means you could get two pair or Silver Studs for the same price as one! £4.50 each! Wow!

They even have a Bridesmaid Earring and Necklace set for £16 and also available on BOGOF!


A lot of people try and keep necklaces if worn as an understated piece, depending on the dresses of both the bride and bridesmaids. Whilst there are some killer statement pieces on the website - these chosen ones are my favourite understated pieces.

Left to Right


Want a little bit to show off on the day, but no necklace or earrings needed then why not throw on a beautiful bracelet instead? Not going to wear it again - no problems with these prices!

And last but not least this Pearl and Rhinestone beaded bracelet is only £5.50

I hope you've managed to find some inspriation and don't lose a few hours looking online. Bear in mind when buying that it takes off the cheapest items so shop smart. If you have 2 Items at £14 and 2 at £6, you'll save £12 instead of £20. Click and collect is £1.99 under £9.99 or free after! Deliver is £2.99 or free over £25.


Taking the above into consideration lets look at if you were buying for yourself plus 4 Bridesmaids.

4 x gold clutch at £14
4 x pendants at £8
4 x crystal combs at £5
4 x earrings at £5.50
1 x Bridal clutch at £10
1 x Earrings at £6

18 Items Total Should be £146.00

Put all items in one basket... You'll pay £98 plus free delivery saving you £48

Click and Collect via 3 Orders and you'll pay £76.00 saving you £70!
Well worth splitting down! I looked at doing it between 5 orders but you only save an extra £1 so may not be worth doing for some people!

For Example

Order 1
4 x Gold Clutch £14
£28 Total
Free Click and Collect 

Order 2
1 x Bridal Clutch £10
4 x Pendants £8
1 x Earrings at £6
£26.00 Total
Free Click and Collect

Order 3
4 x Earrings £5.50
4 x Hair Combs £5.00
£22.00 Total
Free Click and Collect

Happy Shopping!

Use the Party Season to find your Bridesmaid dresses!

Looking for bridesmaid dresses can be a nightmare, you cannot get the right sizes, the right shade. Or the same style in the bridal shop doesn't suit everyone. Why not use this year's party season to find your perfect bridesmaid dresses at under £100 each. I've had a quick look at what is out there.

Our first dress in our High Street Party Dress Showcase is from Romans Originals and is £50. This purple embellished shoulder dress is available in sizes 10-20 and is an online exclusive.

This middle dress is from Dorothy Perkins! At £65 for this plum dress, available in sizes 8-18 whilst it is a "tall" dress, you could get away with having them altered and still keep the price under £100 per dress! Also available in other colours too!

And lastly for our first three, this Navy Chiffon Pleated Beaded Dress is such a beautiful shape and design from Quiz for just £59.99 and available in sizes 6 to 20.

Give your bridesmaids a little more cover this with Navy and Silver Embroided V Neck dress. Sizes are going quick. Currently sizes 8-12 in stock at Quiz for £64.99

This Champagne Sequin Cap dress is perfect if you arent wanting something long but are wanting to keep metallics in your Wedding. You could even use it for younger teenage bridesmaids. From Quiz and is currently a bargin at £39.99 down from £64.99 sizes 8, 10 and 16 left!

Quiz was one of the first places I tried for this blog post so a lot of the dresses are from there as they have some of the best party dresses I found currently. Next up is this Grey Embellished pleated dress in sizes 8-18 ar £44.99 saving £20!

This plunge neck Navy scalloped edge dress. Down to £59,99 saving £10 and available in sizes 8-18 its surely to be a show stopper and look beautiful on your bridesmaids.

Love the grey and silver but looking for something longer. This Maxi Dress with the small cap sleeves is up your street. From Quiz at £74.99 in sizes 8-20

Sparkle and Glam. Not for everyones Wedding but this black keyhole dress wouldnt look wrong at the right one. £69.99 in sizes 8-18 from Quiz.

The first dress is a Multi-way from Debenhams. These dresses can be worn at varying different ways so you can have all your bridesmaids wearing the same dress but wearing it different ways to give you something a little bit different. These are currently (09.11.16) £59.40 Each in sizes 6-20. Thats 40% off! Available in other colours with varying % savings, its worth looking at!

And this beautiful red floor length dress is perfect for Christmas Weddings! At £80 each available in sizes 8-16 from Jessica Wright at Debenhams.

Think out side the box this party-season and you might just find your perfect bridesmaid dresses!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Barnsley: Bonfire Nights

This weekend sees Bonfire Night upon us - so here are some of the bonfires which are happening in the local area. I've tried to include as many details as I could get my hands on :)

Friday 4th November

Carlton Club, Carlton
Fire Lit at 6:30pm - Fireworks to start at 7pm

Portcullis, Pitt Street, Barnsley
Fire 6:15pm - Fireworks 7:15pm

Old Bridge Inn, Monk Bretton
2 Firework Displays
Ticket Only Event £2.50 Adults Kids £1 (purchase in advance behind bar)

Hoyland Common Working Men's Club
6:30pm Fire & Fireworks

Fitzwilliam Arms, Elsecar
Starts at 6pm

Singing Man, Shafton
7pm Fire & Fireworks

Saturday 5th November

Locke park, BarnsleyGates open 6pm - Fire Lit 7pm - Fireworks 8pm. £5 a ticket on the gate. £3 Parking.
£15 Family Ticket (2 Adults, 3 children)

Athersley Rec, Athersley 
Gates Open at 6pm - Fire Lit at 7pm - Kids Fireworks 7:30pm - Main Fireworks 8:45pm

£1 Entry for Adults (50p for kids over 5)

Ings Lane, Bolton on Dearne
Gates open 5pm - Bonfire Lit 7pm

Adult £3 Children Under 12 £1

Woolley Miners Welfare Cricket Club
Gates open 6pm - Fireworks 8pm
£2 admission for adults £1 for children

Fairway, Dodworth
Starts at 6pm 

Penistone Show Ground
Start 6:30pm

£3 Advanced Ticket £4 on the door

Gates open 5:30pm - Bonfire Lit 7pm - Fireworks at 8pm
Adults £4, Kids £3 - buy online in advance 

Hemsworth Water Park
Fire Lit 7pm - Fireworks 7:40pm

Free Entry - Free parking at designated parking places.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

[Wedding] Guess How Much I Love You? Alice & Dan get married at Waterton Park Hotel

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Alice & Dan's Wedding at Waterton Park Hotel. They both first met me at one of the Waterton Park Wedding Fayres and Open Days before booking me for their special day.

I started with Alice, her 3 bridesmaids, mum and Nan where hair and makeup were all underway in room 66 with a massive view of Waterton park. Everyone loved having a look out of the window and seeing the hustle and bustle and delivery of items for the Wedding happening whilst it was all calm and controlled in the room. 

Alice's Dad, Terry, got ready when Dan arrived at Waterton to get ready too - before coming upstairs to see his daughter dressed up for the first time as a beautiful bride. And it was lovely for Alice and her Dad to be able to walk across the bridge for the Wedding Ceremony over in the Hall.

Dan was waiting for his bride upstairs, with his Best Man and brother Ben by his side. There was not a dry eye in the house from most of the guests which was lovely to see. Especially when the music started and Dan set everyone off waiting for his girl.

I love little moments like this between Dan and Alice - completely and utterly shows how truly in love they are! 

After the ceremony and some drinks and mingling, we headed outside to get the requested group shots from Alice and Dan to create their family memories.

For an October Wedding, the weather was beautiful. When we photographed Alice & Dan's pre-shoot it rained - a LOT. So to have a completely beautiful different day was great for them!

We headed back to the hotel side of the Island for the Confetti shot before dinner was served.

We had lots of lovely time during the speeches, with lots of surprises in a little video Dan had put together with messages from Matt Lucas, Anthony Cotton and James Martin mixed in with lots of family too. Before partying the night away!

Thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Fleming for allowing me to share you special day! Xx 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Prenatal Nutrition: The Effects Of Caffeine and Green Tea

Pregnant women would be wise to limit the amount of green tea they drink during pregnancy, and should be careful about taking any green tea supplements. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has a host of health benefits relating to dental health, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and weight loss. But researchers have found, whilst examining the active constituent of green tea, the epigallocatechin's, or EGCG for short, that it may affect the way the body uses folate. Folate is important for pregnant women as it prevents neural tube birth defects in babies.

The problem of green tea during pregnancy is that the EGCG molecules are structurally similar to a compound called methotrexate. Methotrexate is able to kill cancer cells by chemically bonding with an enzyme in the body called enzyme dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR). Healthy people have this enzyme also - it is part of what is called the folate pathway, which is the pathway, or steps, the body takes to transform nutrients like folate into something that can be used to support its normal functions. 

But this chemical similarity means that the EGCG in green tea also binds with the enzyme DHFR, and when it does this, it inactivates this enzyme. When this enzyme is inactivated, the ability of the body to use folate is going to be affected. How much green tea is able to be consumed, or precisely how much folate absorption is affected, is unclear. Though the research article did say that drinking 2 cups of green tea a day can stop cancer cells (which is what methotrexate is targeting) from growing. 

The good news on caffeine drank during pregnancy, from coffee and tea, is that a moderate amount is fine. Two studies, one by Danish scientists who interviewed more than 88,000 pregnant women, and the other by the Yale University School of Medicine, had similar findings on caffeine during pregnancy. 

The concerns over caffeine were that it would lead to low birth weight or miscarriage. And this is still true of a very high daily intake of coffee. The Yale team found that drinking about 600mg of caffeine a day, which is about 6 cups of coffee, would reduce birth weight to levels that were clinically significant. The rate at which birth weight was reduced was established at being 28 grams per 100 mg, or 1 cup, of coffee per day. But they emphasized that this would not be significant for moderate caffeine consumption.

The Danish study found that drinking 8 cups or more of coffee per day (this would be about 16 cups or more of tea), would increase the chances of miscarriage, or stillbirth, by 60% compared to women who did not drink caffeine. They also found that moderate coffee or tea drinking did not pose significant risks. For those drinking half a cup to 3 cups of coffee a day, the risk of fetal death was 3% higher compared to non-caffeine drinkers. And for those drinking 4 to 7 cups of coffee a day, the risk increases to 33%. One cup of coffee equals about 2 cups of tea when comparing caffeine levels. 

The recommended amount of coffee drunk is up to 3 cups daily, or 6 cups of tea, by the UK food agency.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Beautiful Kind of Love, Emily & Sam, Waterton Park Hotel

My first Wedding of September saw me at Waterton Park for the Wedding of Emily & Sam. I started with Emily and the bridal preparations with her bridesmaids, flower girls, and a hive of hair and makeup under way. Everything was going to plan and I kept commenting on how chilled out everyone was, including Emily herself!

Before Emily, her Dad and Bridesmaids came downstairs, I headed into the ceremony room to see Sam, his Best Man Cory, and gorgeous little pageboy Finley. Before a highly emotional Sam got ready to see his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was beautiful and personal with three readings given by family and friends.

After the ceremony, we headed off outside for Emily & Sam's confetti photograph before we headed over the bridge to continue the drinks reception and photographs.

Sometimes, families are no longer together, and people worry how it will affect the dynamic of their Wedding Photographs. I ask all couples for a photograph list which means I am well prepared for these situations and it also means that the couple get the photographs that they want - but that the parents also get images that they'll be able to proudly display on their wall.

We finished off the group shots before getting some shots of the gorgeous new happy couple together before the Wedding Breakfast. The weather played ball better than some of my August Weddings which meant it was great for Emily & Sam!

Speeches were held before the Wedding breakfast, a decision made by Emily & Sam as Sam is not a big public speaker. I think it was definitely the best choice! Lots of nervous speakers end up worrying about their speech too much to not enjoy their dinner, or they get so super drunk that they can't remember it anyway!

After dinner when everyone was a little more relaxed Emily & Sam headed out with me for some more photographs when they were a bit more chilled out. Where Emily had removed her veil and Sam removed his suit jacket.
They are both such a lovely down to earth couple its been such a pleasure to photograph and spend their day with them and their family and friends.

After this everyone went inside before the evening reception started. With lots of fun, dancing and partying to be had!

Thank you Emily & Sam for choosing me to be your Wedding Photographer and allowing me to share your special day.

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