Thursday, 11 January 2018

Valentines Kids Crafts with Free Downloads!

Valentines Day is a great time to get Crafty with the kids, so here we've put together our favourite Valentines Craft ideas that you can do with the kids! 

 These Rainbow Heart Suncatchers are fab, and can be up for longer than just valentines day! You can view the full tutorial here

Who doesn't love to get a Valentines Card from your little one that will let you remember how little they were at the time. That's exactly what this Kissing Hand Card does! You can follow the tutorial here

This Valentines Craft is not only great for Valentines Day but for Mothers day too! A bouquet of handprint flowers no matter how big, or little your child is! :) View the tutorial here

Want a heart themed activity to draw the wildlife into your Garden then get the kids making these DIY Bird Feeders! Not only that it helps with fine motor skills too! :) See the tutorial here

Who doesn't remember making "secret pictures" when you were a child. Prep the picture for your little ones beforehand or get the bigger kids to draw their own and then get them to paint to reveal their secret picture! These can then be mounted onto a card, or to frame for a lifetime. Tutorial here

This thumbprint (or fingerprint) bookmark is something that is easy to make and do! Most people will have some if not all of these items to hand - making it a quick and easy gift for you to make! Full tutorial is here

This is too cute to do with little ones! :) Not only that it's super simple, who doesn't love cutting an sticking. I found it on Pinterest and then it was repurposed here on this blog. I have also made you a free downloadable printable for you to do this with the kids although ours says "I love you to bits"

This lovely heart wreath could be made in varying sizes this uses a large circle but why not make one by cutting out the middle of a paper plate instead? Full Tutorial Here

Handprint Crafts are always great for seeing how big the kids have grown over the years. This one is perfect if gifting to someone or making as part of a playgroup or nursery to send home with the children. Originally found on Pinterest. I've made you a Free A5 printable for this poem too :)

We've love to hear from you if you do any of these! :)

Top 5 ideas for a Valentines Night IN

Valentines Day seems to be one of those days that people love or hate. Sometimes its the fact that you want to spend time with your other half, but have your beautiful kiddies at home and no-one to look after them. So here we look at our Top 5 ideas for a Valentines Night IN.

Have an Indoor Picnic

Wait until the kids are in bed, whether you decorate via candlelight or fairy lights, put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic in the living room. You could even set up a safe indoor "firepit" and roast marshmallows too.

Recreate some firsts

Why not recreate your first date, but at home. If you went for a bite to eat, have the same thing to eat that you had ordered, snuggle down and watch the first movie you ever watched together and reminisce of where your relationship is now.

Plan your next trip

Planning on going somewhere whether it might be this year or next but get planning together. Discuss here you'd like to go, what you'd like to see an what memories you'd like to create and plan an amazing trip together.

Are you married?

If you are married then get out the Wedding Album and look over and talk about your Wedding Day. What were your favourite parts? What parts made you really nervous? What things did you have a big stress over that now when you look back on it didn't matter? Been married for a while? Why not write some new vows to read to each other for Valentines Day! 

Do Something Fun!

Why not do a "how well do you know each other" quiz, or  Mr and Mrs style Quiz. Or have a few drinks and play Cards Against Humanity or some other game that you love!

Whatever you do, make sure you just enjoy spending time together.

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