Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wedding: Do's and Don'ts when visiting a Wedding Fayre

Here are some do’s and don’ts when you are visiting a Wedding Fayre. Little ones some of these you might do instead, but if you are visiting a big Wedding Exhibition then you might want to follow these!

  • DO ask your Groom first if he wants to come with you
  • DO wear comfortable shoes for all that walking around
  • DO pick up the goody bags of the suppliers that you are interested in.
  • DON’T bring the kids if you can help it especially to a larger Wedding Exhibition they'll get bored pretty quickly!
  • DO Get organised and know which part of your Wedding you are looking for.
  • DO Print Sticky Address labels with your Name, Date, email and address. You can use these to stick on giveaway slips instead of filling out the info.
  • DO think about setting up a wedding only email account - but MAKE SURE you check it!
  • DON’T pick up the freebies just because they are free. They are there to attract business. If you already have your florist / cake maker / photographer then leave their goodies for someone who is interested in their business.
  • DO have a budget set. Set rough budgets for photographer, dress, flowers, cake etc and this will help you narrow down your chosen vendors.
  • DO Take breaks! Especially at the bigger Wedding Exhibitions. it’s a lot to take in and you need to digest and hydrate!
  • DO watch the fashion shows. Even if its for just for ideas.
  • DON’T pass by a giveaway for a service you require just because you are fed up of filling in your details. This might be the one you win!

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