Tuesday, 13 May 2014

[Studio] Sibling Love, Frankie & Jude, Studio Photographer Barnsley

Now there is one thing that I love getting in the studio - beautiful boys, however getting two beautiful boys in for one session - makes my job even better! 

Frankie & Jude came in for their session - and look at those gorgeous boys! Definately some big brother love going off - because did you know being a big brother is even BETTER than being a superhero! 

After I had done some shots of them both together, I started on doing some shots of little Jude on his own. Mummy didn't get any newborn pictures - but she wanted to capture the little gorgeous man on his own, whilst he was still a baby! 

Look at that gorgeous little face! And his brown hair with his little Teddy! Such a gorgeous little boy!

Thank you for bringing your boys to Blue Lights Photography! 

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