Wednesday, 28 May 2014

[Newborn] Handsome little Jesse, Newborn Photography Barnsley

Handsome little Jesse came into the Studio for his Newborn Photographs done - so peaceful - and so so cute - and look at all his hair! 

What I find funny, when looking back on newborn photographs and speaking to parents when they come back at 6 or 12 months sessions - is that there is always one of two things they did as a newborn that they still do now - I reckon this little dude will sleep like this!  

Cute Sneezy Face! 

And Daddy wanted to have a shot like I have of baby laid on daddy's arm. However little Jesse wasn't fully asleep as you can see - but in the quick blink of an eye we can pretend he is! teehee

If you are interested in newborn photography then please contact us via email at or call on 01226 872491

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