Wednesday, 21 May 2014

[Studio] A Mothers Love, Seb and his Mummy, Family Photographer Barnsley

Gorgeous little Seb came in when he was a tiny little newborn baby with his big brother and sister. However he was a tiny bit of a tinker, and mummy wanted some pictures with him but he wouldn't really sleep! So when Seb's Mummy contacted me to find out if I could do some shots of them together - even though she really doesn't like having her photographs taken - I said of course! 

Mummy also took the opportunity to get some more photographs of her gorgeous little man, now he is bigger! And I cannot believe how much he has grown myself! 

Putting hats on older babies, can be a slight nightmare, cos they don't want to wear them - lots of distraction to get this far! 

We finished with a few more shots of Seb and his Mummy - Nothing like a mother's love for her baby! 

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