Wednesday, 7 May 2014

[Newborn] Beautiful Little Henry, Newborn photographer Barnsley

Look at absolutely gorgeous little boy Henry, who came in for his newborn photo he totally and utterly made my ovaries hurt. And I totally wanted to keep him! 

Henry's Mummy and Daddy were the Bride and Groom at my 100th Wedding on 6th April 2013 - and now look they have their own little gorgeous baby! I love seeing my Bride and Groom's going from a couple - to a little growing family.

They brought in their own little props for the Newborn Session - including this flat cap, personalised box - and straw! Oh yes! We had straw!

I kept telling his Daddy, that he should start making these boxes for all the babies! TeeHee

Tiny little details, Tiny sleepy baby #Love

Here Henry is, wearing his own flat cap - resting on his daddy's flat cap that he had for the Wedding.

And we can't miss this photo - when Mummy came for her maternity shoot they already knew that they were having a baby boy - and already had his name chosen but it was a secret! 

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