Friday, 23 May 2014

[Cake Smash] Sam Enjoying his Yummy Cake on his 1st Birthday!

Sometimes, when I do Cake Smash sessions, you get one child in who absolutely and utterly LOVES the texture, the ability to get messy - and of course, you get to eat CAKE!

Sam totally got stuck in and loved every minute of it! Just look at that gorgeous little face!

How many faces can a child have when you are dealing with a Cake? Just look at how much he is enjoying it! Some children don't like the texture as they are used to being "clean" - if you do book in for a Cake Smash session then all I can do is advise you to let them get a little bit messy and try new things beforehand.

And after that, we did some bath-tub shots - Sam was particularly "clean" for his "clean up shots - so we left his nappy on!

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