Friday, 16 May 2014

[Studio] Football Fan Harley, Newborn Photography Barnsley

Gorgeous little football fan Harley came into the studio when he was 3 months old for his photographs taken. Dressed in an Arsenal babygrow for daddy, you have to admit he looks gorgeously cute! 

Look at that cute smiley face!!!

Mummy and Daddy wanted some cute, naked baby photographs too - with some props, including the blue hat they had brought themselves.

Harley was being a bit grumpy, and Daddy liked the baby in arm shot - I managed to get him to sleep - and undress him (undressing newborns is so much easier) but as soon as we put him on Daddy's arms, he woke up! Nightmare! 

But some photographs with Mummy and Daddy we did. Not everyone wants photographs with their little ones, but if its something you want to do as part of your session - just ask! 

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