Monday, 19 May 2014

[Cake Smash] Cora-Mae turns 2 and has FUN! Barnsley Child Photographer

Gorgeous little Cora-Mae first came into the Blue Lights Photography Studio for our Christmas Mini Sessions as a surprise for her Daddy, so when she came back for her 2nd Birthday Cake Smash I couldn't believe just how much she had grown in such a "short" space of time! I said to her mummy, she went from being "a baby-toddler" to a proper little girl!

We did our clean photographs first, which included having some biscuits too! But Cora-Mae definately made sure she saved some room for cake! 

One of the great things about 2-year old Cake Smash Sessions is that children are more aware of directions - so if you tell them that they can touch it - they will! 

Just look HOW much fun she is having!

After we had got super-duper messy, we popped her into our tin-bath to get cleaned up! Where she proceeded to splash water EVERYWHERE - there is no denying this little girl had fun.

She even told me she was "making pretty patterns" teehee! 

Cora-Mae didn't want to leave as she was having far too much fun! I took her downstairs as she really didn't want to leave - and when I asked her whether she was going to mummy or daddy, she wanted to stay with me! 

I do try and make sure each child has a super-fun time when they come for their photo's taken! 

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