Friday, 15 May 2015

The Girl Behind the Camera

Anyone who knows me will know that I really do not like having my photographs taken. Bit silly I know considering I am a photographer. So imagine my surprise when I find myself booking a photo shoot as I needed some professional head-shots for a press release. Yes you read that right! Me on the OTHER side of the camera!

I likened it to going to the dentist (I have a fear of the dentist) that you don’t really want to do it - but sometimes you just have to suck it up and go with it - and that’s exactly how I felt. After having a bit of a grown-up tantrum that I didn’t see why I needed them and Laura from CopyCat Costumes telling me to get on with it - and to contact Helen from Masque Photography.

Obviously I know lots of different photographers and as I know Helen mainly does Boudoir Photography she didn’t jump into my head straight away. Silly me! Helen is used to dealing with women and making them feel good about themselves - she really should have been the first and obvious choice.

Luckily Helen could fit me in the day after I enquired as I needed them quite urgently. I arrived at her home studio and we just generally chatted, and nothing was too forced. I couldn’t say I was 100% relaxed in front of the camera, but I suppose it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be! And definitely not as bad as going to the dentist! 

So I finally have some pictures of me - I don’t see myself rushing out for a regular photography shoot of myself - however - if the time comes and I need some more updated ones then I will contact Helen again begging her for her help! 

It now means that you are able to see me, the girl behind the camera - albeit you already see me anyway when I come in for photographs. And parents when you step in front of the camera and I tell you I know how it feels - I really honestly do!

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