Thursday, 21 May 2015

[Studio] Elna 3 months

When people ask me what age is best to photograph if the Newborn Stage has been missed, then 12-16 Weeks is the next best age.  They still look like a baby but are more responding with smiles and other cute facial expressions.

And Elna was no different when she came in for her session at 12-Weeks old.

Elna came along to her shoot with Mummy, Daddy and her big brother - but our main part was to get photographs of Elna, looking new, and a total little cutie pie!

Elna started being a bit grumpy, but a snuggle with myself and she gave in and fell asleep! That doesn't mean the session stops there! Oh no! It is still possible to do some basic "Newborn" poses with older babies too! 

How much of a complete lovely is she! Absolutely adorable! Thank you to Mummy for bringing her to Blue Lights Photography! x

And thank you for this fabulous 5* Review on my Facebook page!

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