Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Studio] Newborn Alby & his Big Brother Loxley

When Lucy first enquired about a newborn session for her baby boy who was due, it was quite wonderful. The reason that Lucy lives in Nottingham and there are a million (ok not quite) photographers between her and myself which she could have chosen, but she chose me.

Lucy also know's one of my other customers too - so it's always lovely when clients come based on my work, and recommendations too.

Fast forward gorgeous little Alby arriving. I was a little worried, they'd come a long way if he didn't sleep, it isn't like I could just easily re-arrange. But I didn't have to worry. This boy loved his cuddles and settling back down into a sleep!

Alby's big brother also came, and whilst I was photographing him being good, Loxley was in the main showroom playing with the toys and eating crisps with his Daddy. According to Mummy & Daddy, Loxley doesn't smile "properly" and normally does a typical 3-Year old cheesy, eyes closed smiles.

No he DOESN'T look at that gorgeous smile he has!

I have had lots of expression funny baby faces in recently too and Alby was no different. I really need to come up with some captions!

The amount of poses, and images that you get from your Newborn Session all depends on how sleepy your little one is, and if having sibling or family shots too.

And the many faces of cutie big brother Loxley! Thank you Mummy and Daddy for bringing your gorgeous boys to Blue Lights Photography!

Thank you for this lovely review too! 

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