Monday, 25 May 2015

[Studio] Elliott and his Cake Smash

Total cutie Elliott came in for his Cake Smash to celebrate his birthday. I've known Elliott's Daddy for a long time - as we used to work together in my first ever job! But that just makes both of us feel really old so let's not mention that again!

We got a couple of photos of Mummy & Daddy with Elliott but he wasn't too fussed on them - he wanted all the limelight himself!

He was happy to pose, and was a little cautious of his cake first - as most children are - but as soon as he got a taste for it - boy did he get a taste for it!

I love seeing how children explore the cake, how they figure out the taste and texture of the cake. The good thing is that all our cakes are made fresh by The Sweetest things, and delivered to the shop - which means they're extra squishy - so even if your little one doesn't seem to "eat" lots - a tiny bit of buttercream goes a long way on the paper - and makes it look messier than it actually has been!
After the Cake Session its Splash Time! 
Kids come into the studio to have FUN and that's what they have with a cake smash session and then splash time! Splash time allows kids to get "clean" or some additional fun shots if they've not quite enjoyed the cake as much as expected!

Thank you Mummy & Daddy for choosing me to photograph Elliott's Cake Smash!

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