Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wedding Dresses on a budget Under £100

Getting married isn't the cheapest thing ever, I am sure you can all agree to that! Some people, however, have a very limited budget or don't want to spend a lot on a dress.

So I decided to have a look to see whether it was possible to get some form of "Wedding Dress" for under £100...

A big challenge I hear you say? Well that all depends on what you are looking for and what you class as a "Wedding Dress"

The "Typical" Wedding Dress
I am sure you wouldn't believe me if I told you whilst doing your shopping at Tesco Online you could pick up a Wedding Dress for only £80! But it is true.

This Lace Wedding Dress is an Online Exclusive and available in sizes 6-16!

The 'Long' Dress

Whilst looking at different retailers online, there are many different "long" dresses that could be used as Wedding Dresses, either with a little imagination or just with the right Jewellery and hair.

Bridal Sashes and Crystal Belts are easy to pick up on Ebay for as little as £10 (or cheaper if you have time to wait from China) but it's all about starting with the basics, and having the vision of what you could turn it into.

This Split Maxi Dress in White from Goldie at Topshop is £59 and is great if you are wanting something long - but not too plain.

Whilst plain from the front, the lovely drop back with the bow is definitely something to look at. I reckon this would also be perfect if you were getting married abroad on a beach!

The sizing according to online is mainly 8-12.

This long open back Maxi Dress from Jovonna at Topshop screams "Beach Wedding" to me - or a Wedding at home if you are one of the lucky people who can go braless on their Wedding Day.

Available in sizes 8-12 and for only £55 this embellished high neckline with the chain dropping down the back is beautiful.

If gold isn't your thing (it isn't mine) this looks like it could be removable. But you could team it with a pearl or crystal necklace for backless dresses - just google "Necklace for Backless Dress" to see what you can find.

For me, this beautiful long pleated V Neck Dress from Miss Selfridge is one that would need very little work doing to it to make it a beautiful Wedding Dress.

The Gold Belt is detachable - so you could change it for something else - such as a crystal belt or bridal sash.

It looks elegant, and depending on the type of Wedding would fit in with something low-key - or not. 

Another dress that would also be perfect for a Wedding Abroad. This dress is also machine-washable, which is definitely a big plus when most dresses are dry clean only. 

Available in sizes 10-16 and for only £55.

Who says that Wedding Dresses have to be white?

If you are wanting a bit of sparkle for your big day, then take a look at this stunning beaded dress from House of Fraser. The Colour is Nude, but I think this would fit in perfect with almost a chilled out, vintage Wedding. 

This dress comes in Small, Medium or Large and is only £80! For all that beautiful beadwork its a bargain!

The "Short" Dress

Who said that Wedding Dress' have to be long? My personal favourite would be a 1950's tea-length style dresses, pretty similar to what I wear to photograph Weddings in! So for me, the idea of a Short Dress (but not too short!) is definitely something to consider.

This Ivory "Chloe" Bridal Dress from BHS is £85 and as you can see isn't too short with almost a below knee finish. The high neckline but the low back are beautiful too - not matter what your age!

Available in sizes 10 and 14-22 this is a lovely dress for anyone on a budget!

Planning a Vintage Wedding then check out some of the Chi Chi Short Dresses at Dorothy Perkins.

The one I have shown is a beautiful lace neckline cap-sleeved dress however they do similar short dresses that are without them. in the same style. My favourite part of this dress is the open lace back, which is beautiful.

This specific dress is only currently available online in a size 10 or 16 and is £66.99! 


No matter what your budget, you can always find something for it if you look close enough and use a bit of imagination. 

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