Monday, 6 April 2015

It's a Myth! Newborn Babies sleep lots!

Being a Newborn Photographer isn't always as easy as it looks. When parents come into my Barnsley Photography Studio they expect that their little one will be good and fast asleep for the entire session - I mean, newborn babies only sleep and feed don't they?

Newborn Baby Awake

Wrong! They do a lot more too!

Not all babies like to sleep. Some babies like to time their growth spurt or alertness right for the time of their newborn session. Some even make sure that their day is going to be the day they get belly ache too!

But these are all the things that I am used to as a trained Newborn Photographer.

Whilst I love sleepy newborn babies, if they are awake, content and almost ready for a feed I will take some awake shots before we give baby a feed and let them drift off into a lovely sleep. Most babies, dependant on age, will sleep eventually. Afterall the squishy poses that most people like I need the baby to be sleepy for.

Some babies amaze me with their gaze, focus and tracking of the camera whilst they are awake, especially as they aren't meant to be able to focus so far in front of them.

Just remember - that when you come in for a newborn shoot - whilst we advise that newborn sessions generally last between 2-4 hours, some babies can be super duper sleepy and be in and our within 90 minutes - but in general - be prepared and get comfy - if you little one likes to be nosey you may be in for a long ride. But it's ok - just ask for the wi-fi code!

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