Monday, 27 April 2015

[Help] Pregnant and a Wedding Guest - don't get stressed!

Being a Wedding Photographer, I manage to see lots of guests at Weddings, but not only that - lots of pregnant guests. From those ready to pop - to the ones just starting to show. And let's face it - Weddings in the UK can be hit and miss with the weather.

I've had a browse and found some things that may just be your lifesaver for being pregnant in Wedding & Party Season!

This lovely V-Neck and Back Maternity Lace Dress is from Asda and is also available in Black.

I have seen many of these dresses, or similar around whilst browsing, within a massive difference in price range too! These are just £20! So if it's the only time you wear it you haven't lost a massive amount. You can find a similar lace dress, without the long sleeves in Teal from Dorothy Perkins for £28 or a similar one in Black from Red Herring  - but with a higher front neckline for £40.

One of the designs I see a lot at Weddings is Maxi Dresses! They help hide a multitude of sins, but also help keep you cool during the Summer Months if you are pregnant.

As most of the shops are stocking Maxi Dresses they are easier to come across, but you don't want something that is either too patterned or too plain.

That's why for me, this
Embellished Maxi Dress from Asda for an entire £18 is a bargin, and could be one of your Summer Staples. Not just for Weddings but an evening out with friends.

Another beautiful
Maxi Dress is from New Look this Black Maxi Dress has a beautiful crochet back in white contrast material - definately something that you won't find too boring and for £27.99 you'll be able to wear it for a chill out evening with friends.

Now this dress from Next is "The Ultimate Black Dress" and is Maternity Specific.

It definitely looks to be the Ultimate Dress. I can imagine someone buying this dress and it lasting them throughout most of their pregnancy - even if it gets shorter as time goes on - to team with leggings or jeans and you are on your way.

You can make this dress look as dressy, or as casual as you wish - and what more do you really want?

Oh go on then - a bit more colour! This Knot Front Jersey dress is £30 from Red Herring, and gives you a bit more of a pop of colour in that gorgeous Royal Blue Colour!

There are things out there that you don't have to look for in Maternity only shops - I hope I've managed to give you some ideas to make you still feel fabulous this Wedding Season. X

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