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[#WOW] Meet Tanya from The Lilac Teacup

Today we meet Tanya from The Lilac Teacup. Tanya has a complex heart defect and makes the most of every day - and running a business isn't easy! Tanya won her WOW for her business and here she tells us more about it!
A little bit about me: I live in Buckinghamshire and my boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first house together which is very exciting. I love wildlife, tea, chocolate, 80’s music and I also have a thing for pretty teacups and mugs, hence the business name! I have a very complex heart defect which I was born with. I don’t take life for granted and I make the most of every day!
How did you first set up the business?
I had been working in childcare since I left college but sadly a few years ago it became too difficult for me to continue in that career because of a deterioration in my congenital heart condition. I made the difficult decision to leave my job and find something that better suited my health. I began working with a friend of mine making greetings cards, invitations and personalised gift/party bags for children. As my friend’s family commitments grew we ended the partnership and I decided to set up The Lilac Teacup creating the kind of products I had been imagining for a while. The business was really born out of my love of pretty fabrics and home accessories. Working from home in my little studio also suited my health needs much better. I recently chose to begin stocking a carefully selected collection of homewares to sell alongside my handmade range. I think they complement each other nicely!
How old is the business:
I set up The Lilac Teacup just over 3 years ago.
Did you ever think you’d be running your own business?
No, I guess I never really had the confidence to believe I could run my own business and be my own boss. In some ways, my health issues forcing me to leave childcare were the best thing that could have happened although it didn’t feel like that at the time. I gave me the push I needed to do something out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t imagine not doing this now, I love my job!
Where are you based? Do you have a shop or are you just online?
I work from my home in Buckinghamshire and run my business online selling my products through my website. I do also have a lovely stockist, a beautiful gift shop near me that stocks some of my handmade products.
What is the most popular product sales wise?
My most popular product in terms of sales has been my personalised, framed art for children. There are four designs and each has been popular.

Everyone has a favourite product – what is yours?
My personal favourite of all my products are my handmade gift tags. There are several designs and I love how they all look, I really enjoy making them too! I always get lovely feedback from customers about these.

What is your newest item/product?
My newest products are the ones I have introduced recently to the website, a collection of lovely homewares. These are not made by me, but I love selling them.

What is the one thing people must know about your business?
I guess I want people to know that it’s a friendly business. I enjoy the communication I have with my customers and I’m always happy to help! I think the customer gets a far more personal shopping experience from a small independent business like mine.
What is your proudest business achievement?
Well having just become a WOW winner and still beaming with pride over it, it’s got to be that! I couldn’t believe I had been chosen by Jacqueline Gold and I’m still so thrilled that she is a fan of my little business!
What do you do when you aren’t working on the business?
I do need quite a lot of rest when I’m not working because of my heart condition so I do like to chill out with the boyfriend in front of the tv and I love reading magazines. I adore spending time with family and catching up with my wonderful friends over a cup of tea and cake. Another little pastime I enjoy is colouring in. It’s definitely not just for kids, I have a fabulous colouring in book for grown-ups and I find it so relaxing! I’m also trying to do more baking.
What five words describe your business?
Friendly, helpful, individual, pretty, homely.
Any big plans for 2015 you can share?
I would like to expand the collection of homewares I stock and I also have some new designs I’m working on for my handmade this space!

You can find out more about me and my business here:

How fabulous it is to read about Tanya, that regardless of her heart defect she is committed to her business and is doing well! Go Tanya! X

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