Friday, 3 July 2015

[Blogging Challenge] Time you cannot get back

Being a newborn photographer, I get to see the most amazing little bundles of love come into my studio. Most babies come in before 4 weeks, with most coming in before 10 days.

So tiny, so teeny, so squishy and new.

And babies grow and change so quickly.

And when I have parents come in for 6 or 12 Month sessions quite a lot of people say "I really wish I'd had a newborn session" or along the lines of "We should have had some newborn pictures but before we knew it they'd changed so much".

And that is the thing - babies change SO much and SO quickly, but the moments when they are so teeny tiny you cannot get back.

Many newborn photographers myself included take photographic bookings for newborn sessions from 12-20 Weeks. This then enables you to know that when baby arrives we will fit you in as soon as we possibly can - normally within the first two weeks, unless baby is early / poorly or mummy is poorly too.

Some people don't like "taking chances" and don't want to chance or tempt fate. This is why some people leave it until 35+ weeks before booking in for a newborn session, or waiting until baby has arrived.

Sometimes, with creative diary planning, last minute bookings can be accommodated - but not always.

On average I shoot around 60-70 Newborn babies per year, and some months are busier than others - and this is normally when something has gone off. August / September are normally busy months due to Christmas and New Years - as is November due to Valentines day. It is funny to see how these things impact on pregnancies.

If you have questions, then just ask. If you want, and love newborn photography then don't leave and push it back - as sometimes when baby has first arrived and array of visitors and midwives - it is one of the things before you know it you've forgotten to book.

All of our bookings include one of our fabulous newborn and pregnancy packs which have relevant items, some freebies & samples and discount vouchers to get you prepared for baby arriving.

To enquire about a Newborn Session with Blue Lights Photography you can do so by going here on the website.

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