Sunday, 5 July 2015

[Blogging Challenge] Table Planning Help!

Being a Wedding Photographer, one of the things I hear about that can cause the bigger nightmare is your Seating Plan!

So part of the Blogging Challenge is about finding an AWESOME website or item I can tell you about.

Top Table Planner is an absolutely fabulous website to help you plan! And not only this you can keep a track of RSPV, and what kind of meal options (if any) people have chosen, including veggie options too.

Top Table Planner has a free trial, but it means you cannot print off the plan, and you can only have a 5 table plan - so if you are having a big Wedding then you definitely need to sign up - but do not worry - its not expensive! 

I decided to have a little play with it - and oh my goodness it is so simple and amazing, that if you are planning a Wedding you need this in your life!

You can add tables, so you know what type of tables they are going to be like.

You can plan your ceremony room, and even your Wedding Breakfast regardless of what size of room or tables you are having.

You can sort table names, and also how many people you are having on each table too.

But one of the best things is - you can also input where columns are and the room size itself -  it will definitely help you with your table planning - without fail!

I would personally, sort your room our first before adding people. But you can import your guest list from Excel too - you can add male / female / children and VIPs (Bride and Groom of course). Move around the top table - move around people on the tables themselves. When you move your guests from the "unseated" list into your plan then they will no longer be left. This means if you have any single guests attending the Wedding, you can seat families together first, and then work around singles and couples where needed.

And don't think that every table has to have the same amount of people. Some tables may have 10 people, some may have 9. Or going for tables of 8, don't be afraid to squish an extra person on if you have a single person attending with other friends.

I hope you find Top Table Planner helpful with planning your Wedding Seating. Not only that its such a little amount of money but will save you SO much time and effort. And you can swap and change it up in case people you think will RSVP don't.

Wedding Idea's Magazine use Top Table Planner every year for their Award Ceremony! Now that says something!

Hope you found this helpful - let me know if you are using Top Table Planner for your Event! x

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