Tuesday, 9 June 2015

[Help] Using Favourites Online

One of the best ways when trying to figure out what are your favourite images to use - especially when you are choosing images for an album for portraits or a Wedding Album. When yu are logged into your gallery this is what you should see (or similar).

When you hover over an image, it will bring up a heart. If you click this heart it will change colour to red - this will put it straight into your favourites.
When you have started adding images you can see on the top left hand of the screen there is a "Favourites" and Gallery Name and then a number in brackets. This number is a quick reference to how many images you have in your favourite selection.

The other option, if there is a few on the page and you don't want to do them individually, is to click "select photos" at the top right hand side, and then click on images and these will get a "tick". Then you can click to "add to favouites" a quicker and easier way to do it!

When you click on the favourites listing it will then list the images that you have chosen into your favourites. You can add and remove from this screen. And then when you are finished - then you can send to me for design.

Just simply type in your details, and a message and hit send, and it will come straight through to myself for me to get designing!

Hope this helps! 
Any questions - just ask!

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