Sunday, 21 June 2015

[Newborn] Freya Four Weeks Old

When gorgeous little Freya came in to see me she was four weeks old. I always advise parents that we do try to get babies in within the first 14 days, however I will personally photograph older as I know some newborn photographers who won’t.

This is why I wanted to share Freya’s pictures with you.

Freya’s mummy contacted me after Freya was born to see if she could book in. Freya’s mummy had been poorly, so wasn’t booked in before. 

Sometimes things like this happen, and I am flexible. I just warn parents that babies may not fully sleep - or - can take a little bit longer.

As you can see, Freya really was as good as gold. She was well behaved and mummy chilled out whilst Daddy popped to work, and then came back towards the end of the session.

Freya slept just as well as some of my younger babies do, but it is always touch and go with older babies, but it is still always possible.

Newborn sessions are booked pre-booked due to myself only booking one newborn per day into the studio. If however you do have a newborn who has already been born, please get in touch and we will inform you of our availability.

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