Monday, 29 June 2015

[Blogging Challenge] Who I am, Who I'm not....

I've been feeling a little bit of writers block lately, so I decided what would be best was to sign up for the 7 Day Blogging Challenge by the fabulous Alex Beadon.

If you are a photographer (or business owner) and reading this - then head over to her website and sign up next time. She has her own you-tube channel and uses periscope on a regular basis so even better really!

So this blog is brought to you from the challenge.

Who am I?

For those of you who read my posts regularly you know who I am, for those of you whom are my clients you tend to know me even better having met me in person and know how I work.

For those of you who are new here - this is for you.

I'm Adele. I am a Photographer and Studio Owner and the main types of business I have in my diary are Weddings, Newborns and Cake Smash Sessions.

I love my job. If someone asks me to ask which part of my job I prefer, whether it is Weddings or Babies, I cannot answer just one. I LOVE Weddings, I love meeting my couples, seeing their journey to their Wedding Day and then witness them becoming husband and wife (and even those that go off to have babies!).

But I love photographing babies. I get them in when they are super duper squishy and tiny, and when they give the best cuddles EVER (ok, this is sometimes a lie, twin cuddles are awesome from the older kids too!) but - I do occasionally get wee'd and poo'd on regularly. Luckily not at Weddings.

Who am I not?

I'm not the cheap photographer. Don't get me wrong I'm not the most expensive but I'm not the cheapest photographer. I'm not the person people are looking for when they say "Can anyone recommend a cheap photographer who does Weddings / Babies etc" whilst I love people putting my name out to these type of enquiries in the hope people will realise that cheap isn't always great - but sometimes people either don't have the budget - or - don't treasure and cherish photographs as much as some other people do.

I try to look after my clients, and I feel a lot of my clients become friends and bring their children back time and time again - if I was a "cheap" photographer, it would mean that I wouldn't be able to give you the time that I do or the products I offer.

I do believe that time and experience is better than things being cheap. I'm not knocking the cheap photographers - there is enough work out there for everyone.

Who are my clients?

My clients are AWESOME. I have clients from all different walks of life. Single Parents, 2.4 "traditional" families, only children, or an entire tribe. Children with more than one mummy, parents who work in the forces, parents who are doctors and nurses, and parents who unfortunately, aren't working. But my clients love my work, how I am with their children and are happy to pay my prices.

My prices are transparent too - they are available online for anyone who is already enquiring! How easy is that for you?

Any questions - get asking!

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