Tuesday, 16 June 2015

[Cake Smash] Pink and Purples for Ava's Cake Smash

I will be honest. Not all children who come into the studio like Cake Smash sessions. However, Ava was VERY excited as you can see from the photographs.

Our cakes are all made fresh by Nic from The Sweetest Things, and have lots of yummy cake and squishy buttercream. But it is normally the buttercream that kids either love or hate. If your child LOVES being clean and hates being messy - then even though we can use our spoon - chances are your child will much prefer a normal session or splash time session than a cake smash!

I absolutely LOVE photographing Cake Smashes as you capture the child's different reactions and the ability to watch them explore new textures and new play. They tend to "paint" with the buttercream on their hands even if they've eaten it too. We all like to have fun and play!

The different facial expressions from your children are awesome during a cake smash session. If you think that you will have less images from a cake smash session than from a standard or newborn session, a lot of the time unfortunately you are wrong.

As with Cake Smash Sessions, I try where possible to split it into three. "Clean - Cake - Tub". A few clean / family shots. Then Cake Shots and then when the little one gets bored, we get the tub out and have a splash and clean!

As you can see from these images from gorgeous Ava's Cake Smash Session, they do not have to smash all the cake for it to look like a great cake smash session as a little bit of buttercream goes EVERYWHERE!

Ava loved splashing about too! She is such a little cutie, I cannot believe how big she has gotten since I first photographed her when she was only 4 months old - and now look at her! Gorgeous little girl!

Please note I do not use bubbles in the tub - unless you provide your own.

Thank you for bringing Ava back for her Photographs!

I love returning customers and seeing them grow!

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